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Ralph, letting me know what he thinks of monty sitting on my windowsill. #catsofinstagram #blackcats
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This kitten 🤗❤
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spyder lookin real suspect. him and his brother rampage are scheduled for another eye surgery. they were born without eyelids. while the entropion surgery was helpful, it was not a permanent fix because they have agenesis. if i knew this from the beginning, obviously, i would've gotten the correct surgery. i feel absolutely awful about it. however, i'll do whatever it takes. i do this completely on my own. no fosters, no volunteers, no help from bigger rescues, nothing. i don't crowd fund unless it's absolutely necessary. and this time it's definitely necessary. the grand total for all 3 surgeries (gage, spyder, & rampage) is $4,700. gulp. so i just set up a gofundme, i have venmo & paypal. #adultcatsrock #adoptdontshop #blackcatsofinstagram #blackcats #blackcatsrock #trapneuteradopt #communitycats #colonycats #brooklyncats #nyccats #nyc #donationswork #catagram #catsofinstagram #catsofoceanhill #spayandneuteryourpets #repost #cats
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Silent b&w
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I sure miss this jowly guy.
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Gus had important work to do outside. he checked the whole yard for critters. most appear to be hibernating. we got to watch a woodpecker which gus considered climbing up the tree to meet. they're so fast, he wouldn't have come close. but then grandpère came out to look at a leak we discovered in the well house. gus ran over to help. then he wanted to keep investigating but my nose was so cold! we did one more lap then i made him come in for lunch. oliver would like to remind you that it's monday so new case files have been posted at amberunmasked.
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Shout out to @petillustrated01 for my amazingly done picture of jax! it was done in such a timely manner and they were so great to work with!! i will definitely be getting some more work from them! if you would like to get a picture of your pet use code mypet00 at http://www.petillustration.net/ for 50% off!! #promo #petillustrated #jax #blackcats #blackcatsofinstagram #catsofinstagram
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