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Throwback to what i was doing this time last year- finally graduating with a bachelor in medicine & bachelor in surgery (mbbs). it felt like a culmination of hours of studying, of call nights and ward rounds. it felt really good. .
it’s been a full year since then, since being back in pakistan- celebrating with my family and my friends and being back in my comfort zone. .
what people don’t tell you is how much learning happens after medical school. how much personal growth and development is dependent upon figuring out how you’re going to use these newly bestowed skills, how you’re going to do justice to the oaths you’ve taken and how to take those next steps towards achieving your future dreams. that path can be rocky, it can come with its hurdles (hi usmle exams), it can come with its frustrations (wish i’d done a house job) but in the end, standing here today and looking back on the last year there is also so much i have to be grateful for. .
i am thankful for the opportunities and meaningful interactions i have had since in the bay area. for being involved in work that speaks to me, and being lucky enough to have a family that supports my unorthodox approaches to life. .
i am lucky for having found people around me that boost me up, encourage me, believe in me and help me believe in myself in darker days. people to watch shows with or grab coffee with or even just be lazy with. people who are making this new (now old) place feel more like home. .
sometimes growth isn’t quantifiable, sometimes growth can only be seen on looking back, and acknowledging that while the leaps might not seem so huge, the bounds definitely are.
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Playing tourists 💃🏻
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Cochella 18, jk is it fall yet?
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I started journaling today. it’s weird. i don’t know if i am supposed to make up characters or talk to myself. do a dear diary, type of writing. the persona possibilities is overwhelming me tonight. so i think i need to create the habit of doing it and see where it leads. i’m thinking my anxiety can be thrown at paper and stick there - like mud to a wall. so before i try medicated-chelsea. let’s see if journaling my panic attacks could help with the steps to work through them. #hellojournal #hello #journal #diary #blogger #daily #goals #anxiety #panic #selfie #face #girl #insta #instagood ❤️👌🏻
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Nem todo mundo entende seu caminho, no entanto não tem problema, pois é o seu caminho e não o deles! #coaching #nutricao #motivacao #amorproprio #pictureoftoday #emagrecimento #godisgood #positividade #coach #blogger #fitness
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Post oficial #sorteio
quem quer ficar diva poe o dedo aqui que já vai fechar o abacaxi!!! kkkkk
a notícia é dupla e maravilhosa!!!
primeiro vai rolar sorteio de #transformação com a mesma equipe maravilhosa do #torriton @patiobatel que me atende!!! cabelo com a hair style @raphaelalongatti , make com a make up artist @maritodoroski.makeup , unhas de gel com a manicure #maramaravilha paola e para participar você têm que:

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curtir esta postagem; e indicar uma amiga nos comentários;

você pode participar quantas vezes quiser, contanto que não seja um perfil comercial e marque sempre pessoas diferentes;

o sorteio é válido somente para as chiques que moram em curitiba e o resultado sai no dia 14/05!
boa sorte! ♡ ♡ ♡
#sorteio #chiquedebonito
e se você quiser muito ficar diva e não ganhar o sorteio tudo bem!
tem prêmio para quem não ganha tmb😍
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maravilhoso né 😍🤩
toda sexta vai ter sorteio então fiquem ligadas!!! #bomfimdesemana #obrigada seguidoras lindas
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Greetings beard & coffee lovers!
coffee! smoked bbq meats! boutique beard-care products! barbers! beard & moustache competition! whiskey! bands! a whole heap of fun!
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