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prinsessanbanan Glöm inte vatten när ni tränar i värmen. jag blev apsjuk i förrgår. ute och stökade i solen hela dagen och sen 2timmar på gymmet gav mig sån vätskebrist att jag fick feber, frossa och yrade😱 efter resorb och en hel del vätska så är jag helt återställd nu men fy vad sjuk man blir.
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alexniigata 奈良大会出場者名簿出ました✨ 僕のカテゴリーミドルクラスに35人にいますね! 結構多いね. 僕は25番号になります。 奈良大会は7月16日行うので、それまでに良い仕上がりしたいと思います💪#nara #奈良大会 #bestbody #bbj #ミドルクラス #bodyfitness #bodybuildingmotivation #bodybuilder
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4 minutes ago
prinsessanbanan Nu kommer tjejerna vara kungligt klädda när vi tränar😍👌🏻@mini_holly_dollystyle_fp @umbreon_lover15 och @mini_molly_dollystyle_fp
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Sarah Grant
8 minutes ago
sarahgrantifbb .... and pre-workout kicked in with a bang!!😁😁😁 insane session + amazing pump = happy me😂💪👌 happy #flexfriday !! 💪💪💪 - - - - - - #flexfriday #flex #friday #pumped #preworkout #lovethisshit #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #physique #bodyfitness #ifbb #fit #fitness #happy #girl #instafit #instafitness #healthy #lifestyle #gym #fitnessfreak
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Bernice Sangers
11 minutes ago
bernicesangers ✨do your thing and dont care if they like it✌🏻✨ foto by @rubenbaars model: django&brera 💕
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🇸🇪50yr Bf Athlete 2 be
11 minutes ago
sandyann67 Morningwalk when the nature delivers. #humble #thankful happy midsummer🇸🇪🌻
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Lauren Pure Elite Pro
10 minutes ago
laurenjcfitness The universe mirrors what you put out, so take time to put out love, light and pure intention and the universe will respond by giving you exactly that back and present you with the opportunities you need, exactly when you need them. raise your standards and the universe will meet you there✨ #fridaythoughts 🌏💭 on another note. i forgot to upload the recipe for the protein ice cream sooo here it is, just in time for you to enjoy over the weekend😇 •150g of yoghurt (i use alpro for the best macros) •a sprinkle of xanthan gum •10-25g of any flavoured protein •@myproteinuk flavour drops •couple of handfuls of ice and blenddddd until it's into a thick gloopy icecreamy substance👌🏽 pop in the freezer for 20-30 minutes, take out, add some @waldenfarmsinternational syrups and enjoyyy🍦 you can add fruit to the blend to make it even yummier but to get the best macros i stick with the above ingredients👍🏼
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