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#mindsetmondaymm: train smarter, not harder
we all know that person who does almost nothing but train. they train for hours upon hours and give up other parts of life so that they’re able to. sometimes, they even take pride in it and shame other people who don’t buckle down and “get the work done”. at mindfulmover, we aren’t those people. we understand that people are human and that training is a part of the human experience. it isn’t the human experience. because of that, we believe in working smarter, not harder
smarter not harder means trying to get the most out of the least. it’s kind of like squeezing juice out of a fruit. instead of squeeze a lot of fruits (like training many hours), we try to get the most juice out of each fruit we pick. so instead of training all day with the only break we take being to make fun of people who aren’t as “disciplined” as us, we try to train less but still get as much improvement as we can out that time! more gains in less time? sounds better, right?
we favor this training partly because of the extra gains, but also because of what it let’s us avoid. what does it let us avoid? it lets us avoid sacrificing other parts of our lives
you don’t want to be that person who gives up the rest of their life in exchange for what training has to offer. you don’t want to be close to the end of your life and realize then that you missed out on having a social life with your friends and your family. and that while you’re amazing at what you do, you don’t have anyone to share it with. you don’t want to be the person who sacrifices their health by overtraining so hard that you end up with a chronic health issue and can’t even enjoy training the way you used to. you don’t want to be the person who gives up having other passions because someone shamed you and made you feel like if you weren’t constantly improving, you were wasting time
we focus on training smarter, not harder to avoid accidentally making those sacrifices. and we believe you should too so that you can get everything life has to offer!
what do you think about working smarter, not harder? write your thoughts down in the comments below!
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🔥fat burning workout🔥 ❓will you give it a go❓ 🎥 video will be up later
⚫️the main thing for f*t loss is a caloric deficit.
⚪️but if you want that extra burn 🔥 and you want to get fit, strong and healthy in the process.
⚫️bodyweight workouts are great! £$€ and free too!
thanks for reading dudes🤘🏻 ✅please share(it may help someone) ✅tag friends
✅comment (for future topics)

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Food again 😏 700kcals
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Get grounded.
i just posted a video on my youtube channel about the importance of connecting with the earths surface daily and i also put a 7 day grounding challenge to go along with it. i’m going to do a sea-moss & shilajit giveaway to one person who completes the challenge! -
rules: -first: go comment on my youtube channel saying you are starting.
-make a direct connection with the earths surface every day for 7 days straight. -that means bare skin touching the earth in anyway you want to. - tag me in your story, video or dm that shows me you got connected daily. - i want to see at least 4/7 days proof of you getting connected! - contest ends july 8th.
- at the end of the contest i will pick one person that i’ll ship a package of raw, wild seamoss & shilajit to. -
limited to north america!
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Wuujuuu amo volver a lo mío con toda. este lo hice la semana pasada dentro de mis circuitos. he estado cambiando cosas, por ejemplo estoy cero high knees por un tiempo, me he dado cuenta que sacar ejercicios por un tiempo y re introducirlos después, hace que ese ejercicio sirva tremendo después. como yo no uso programas establecidos (no me gusta, me aburre y me aniquila la motivación de entrenar) voy encontrando la manera de avanzar sin estancar el proceso, siempre toca estar con cuatro ojos a ver si las cosas necesitan un boost, un cambio o qué! (lo mismo pasa con la alimentación, no hay cosa que sirva los 365 días del año, siempre hay algo que trabajar...) y en fin, aquí ando añadiendo, cambiando, mirando qué funciona en este preciso momento de mi existencia jajaj #calistenia #calisthenics #bodyweight #bodyweighttraining #nogymneeded #nogymnoproblem #enjoyworkingout #freeworkout #travelportugal #travelblogger #travelandworkout #pushups #absandarms #chetsworkout #pushupsfordays #plyometrics #plyometricworkout #highintensityintervaltraining
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Did you really think
i was going to walk down like normal? 🙃
never settle for less. always...want more. don’t let a d**n thing stop you from getting you to your highest level.🤘🏼
@garyvee 003: clouds and dirt @kswiss kicks are beautiful inside, outside, and the message...it’s perfect. they come out july 16th but you can pre order right now by peeking at this link👉🏼 https://kswiss.com/pages/gary-vee-003-clouds-and-dirt
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Outdoor traing really is the best kind of training. an oasis in the city!
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25% bodyweight, 45lbs

the last few reps get tough!
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Der sommer ist da, der urlaub steht bevor und du bist immer noch nicht in shape? 👙 mit unserem 24 stunden fatburner, dem programm zur maximalen fettverbrennung, schaffst du es! ☝🏼 💪🏼 hol dir jetzt das jahresabo und sichere dir es gratis dazu. 😊

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When you didn’t know it was leg day until after you got to the gym...my mind and body “wasn’t ready!” #legday #strengthandconditioning #bodyweighttraining #squatjumps #enoughsaid #fitness #stayfit#getfit
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Day 2 of 365. #oneyeartransformation
who needs cardio when you're working in this heat...
15.4km clocked up today just at work alone carrying scaffold tubes in high temperatures outside and worse inside

bodyweight session done at 5.45am.. relax this evening
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