Tyler Snyder
5 hours ago
ty_snyyy Sappy post beginning...now! dk, you make the room light up when you walk in it and you make me laugh til my stomach hurts. we went from strangers, to bff’s, to roomies all in a years time and i am so thankful for you. we fight like sisters and love like no other❤️ grateful for you, and all you help me with. xoxo, luv tyla. #boobitch
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3 days ago
saltypun This b***h just found the greatest halloween costume of all time 👻💀
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Stephen Huneau
5 days ago
ifhuneauwhatimean When the work week is f*****g you up, but you keep on smiling cause you don't want to show that you're slowly dying inside. (as well as i'm starting to look like casper the friendly ghosts stunt double and idk how to feel about it yet.) #saveme #boobitch
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Taryn Riley 🌸
6 days ago
xtarynx3 I am my own ghost, haunting the memories i love the most #boobitch
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Bel 🤘
2 weeks ago
bel4president I'm very busy and important 😂🏂☃️ 📷@marisahindemith #boobitch #preciouscargo #patrollife
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