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По результатам опроса, победила прическа #2 🙌 🎵 Обратные косы 🎵 Памятка по плетению: 📌 косу плести туго, 📌руки держать максимально близко к голове, 📌 пряди вытягивать сразу по ходу плетения, 📌если сильно пушатся волосы, брызгать немного водой. 🤓 Немного удивлена, что победила эта прическа 😳, но всегда очень интересно узнавать мнение подписчиков! Спасибо Всем, кто оставил свой голос! 🤗
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Issa throwback. i always want braids but can never be bothered to get braids done 🙊
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💜 Косы на резинках 💜 Обожаю эти косы 😍 Кто ещё разделяет мою любовь???
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This is how we take out the elastics at the end of the day, clipping them out with a seam ripper (you can also use a small pair of scissors or nail clippers) prevents pain to your child and damaging their hair. i want to start filming more tutorials for you! so comment on any of our posts that you’d like to see a video for, or comment on this post with any requests! 💕 also.. please subscribe to our youtube channel, link in our bio, so you don’t miss any future videos! 🤗
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Crown braid for my beautiful model taylor @tay_fiiii who has medium length hair ❣️ thank you for contacting @braidalchic to style your hair 😘 • • • • @braidalchic #braidalchic #braidalchicbraids #hairvideo @hair.videos #hairinspo #crownbraid #dutchbraid #braidsfordays #hairobsessed #hairthusiast #hairstylesforgirls #braidsofinsta #braidsobsession #braidstyles #braidslife
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Today we are joining the braiding community with the #braidsandbutterfliesproject to help raise awareness for self harm. 🦋🦋 we are going to be taking the next few days off from posting, due to a mini-vacation 🙌🏻 so i hope you all have a wonderful weekend 💚 adorable butterfly clips from @sophiajeweldesigns style inspired by katie, @sophies.hairstyles & tiffany, @easytoddlerhairstyles
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Double 3 strand pull through braids into a low ballerina bun 😍 this gorgeous bun band is from @feltforbabes they’re having a sale today! use code: humpday for 20% off your entire purchase! 🌸
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Today we are joining a special birthday twin for abby, @ways2braid we chose this style to recreate! we want to wish you a very happy birthday, i hope you have a wonderful day! 🎂#happybdayabby💜 thank you to mariel @curious_strands & julie @jules4_pj for inviting us! cute bow from @honeybees_co
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Happy friday! 🙌🏻 today we did a dutch lace headband into a low messy bun, we were inspired by tiffany, @easytoddlerhairstyles 💕 i hope you all have a lovely weekend! adorable bunny bow from @sophiajeweldesigns 🐰😍
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Salon 77 West
Lookin like a b**e with them braids! savannah’s got skill @hair_by_savannahlorraine #braidsfordays #braidedbabe #stylistskill #pleasantonstylist
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1 year ago, cruising adventures. hair twin for life 😘 #bahamas #whitesauce #oasisofthesea #braidsfordays don’t worry lester we see you 👌🏼
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Get Braidified
What do you all think of our new blue background???? 🤩🤩 check out the front view of braid b**e @minidolls 💜💃🏻💜💃🏻💜💃🏻💜💃🏻
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Lovin’ hannah’s hairstyling for ski day! . . . #skihair #braidsfordays #pippilongstocking #lovemydaughter
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💕 today’s hairstyle is a zipper braid. 💕 i’ve not done one in a while but still love how it looks 😍 gorgeous big bow from @craftyhandsbowsandgifts id love to wish jacinta @jacinta_hairstyles a very happy birthday #jacintasbdaybraidtwin and carrera a very happy birthday @frances987 #carrerasdoubledigit10thbday thank you to @tindrashairart and @frances987 for organising and thank you to mariel for inviting me 😘💕 #loolooshair #bunchesofbraids #hairrfeature #cghphotofeature #blondebraids #blonde #blondhair #schoolbraids #easyhairstyles #cutebraidsforkids #daughter #daughtersrock#birthdaytwin #birthdaytwins #braidingcommunity #braidideas #momlife #peinados #tangledandtrue #hairlove #cghzipperbraid #zipperbraid
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They say all good boys go to heaven, but bad boys bring heaven to you. #cateyepro #braidsfordays #mactwig #nosering #saturdays
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LEVEL | salonspa
Style | alyssa ————————————————————— @aveda @thesalonpeople @levelsalonspa #aveda #thesalonpeople #avedaflorida #avedaartist #levelsalonspa #hydeparksalon #tampacolorist
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Braided my little sisters hair today ❤️💙 #braidsfordays #twistmepretty #braids #littlegirlhairstyles
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