Terri Rowland
terrirowland1234 Today is a big day for me!! i’ve just started a brand new 8 week fitness/ clean eating program that will take me up to my 48th birthday. 🎉🎈 some of you will look at this picture and say what are you doing that for you look great as you are. but the thing is, i need challenge in my life. not the kind of challenges that come from my kids, my marriage, my husband all of those challenges require more than just myself to make it work. this challenge feeds my soul, keeps me humble...it talks to me when i don’t want to workout or want to have that extra 🍩, yes i do have donuts sometimes, but the best part about this is i do want to workout and eat right. this weekend at the beach i met a great girl almost 18 years my junior. after getting to know each other for a bit, we had never met before, she looked at me and said (as she’s drawing an hourglass figure in the air and shaking her head like girl got it goin’ on!!! 🙋) i wanna look like you!! the best part about it is i was able to tell her let’s do it together and i can help you get it goin’ on!! i love ❤️ that i am able to inspire and motivate and share how life good feels when you fuel your mind, body and soul with exercise and the right nutrition. well, that’s my two cents worth of monday motivation for the day! ✨🤔😁 i’m here!! reach out and let’s get it goin’ on! my falling upwards challenge is waiting to add you to the group. are you ready to step out of your comfort zone?👏🏻☀️💪🏻🙆❤️ . . .
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Kelly Borzilleri 🇺🇸
2 days ago
hair_by_kellyb Today i wanted to do a more intricate style on anna for church since i had a few more minutes than i usually do to get ready. i did a game of thrones braid that daenerys wore in season 7. it was actually fairly quick to braid! i followed an excellent tutorial from @jennishairdays for this braid. check her out if you have already! i love how it came out and i will probably try to do it on a school day morning soon. #daenerysbraids #gameofthronesbraid #braidsforwomen #braidsforgirls #braidsfordays #braidsforlife #braidsforkids #braidsbyme #braidideas #braidinghair #braidingmommies #braidingstyles #braidsonfleek #braids4days #hairbyme #hairideas #hairstylist #hairstylists #hairoftheday #hairstylistlife #hairstylesforkids #hairstylesforwomen #spiralbraid #longhair #schoolhair #peinados #halfuphalfdown #cghphotofeature
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Victoria • CEO
4 days ago
victoriascreativestudio Salon international 2017 i london, fantastiska @patrickwilson in action 💁💜 massor med inspiration ✨ #braids #styling #saloninternational #london #inspiration #hair #hairstyle #braidsforlife
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4 days ago
lahammarfitness •happiness• . crossing my fingers for cooler weather this week!🤞🏼wearing my favorite sweatshirt even though it’s not chilly yet because it’s literally the most comfortable thing ever and it will become my new uniform! 😂 . leaves are falling! 🍂pumpkin spice latte superfoods in hand to fuel me today! and keep me away from sweets! 👊🏼🎃 . these are a few of the things that are making me happy today! what’s making you happy today? 😘👇🏼
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