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Colby and his parents are so cute🖤
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Highschool~chapter 13~
the next thing i knew was colby shaking me. i woke up tears rolling down my face. colby snatched me into his lap hugging me tightly. i turned towards him and bawled my eyes out into his shoulder.
colby:"it's okay baby,i got you..." i started hyperventilating
colby:"i got you..." i moved my head back and slammed my lips into his and he kissed me back. kat and sam came running into the room. they must of heard me crying. kat hopped on to the bed and hugged me and so did sam. the one hug with me and colby turned into a group hug. they all let go but i held onto colby. he kissed my head and sam and kat left. i checked my phone. 3:30 a.m. i looked at colby and smashed my lips against his again. kissing him made me feel safe. after a few seconds he pulled away.
colby:"y/n,what happened?" i cried a little more. he hugged me tightly. i leaned my head on his chest and he laid his head on mine.
y/n:"i had a dream...that jake rapped me. that you left me. i felt alone and hurt." i felt a tear drop on my head.
colby:"y/n i could never leave you. i would never let anything bad happen to you ever again. we kissed for a little and then went back to bed. we woke up around 6:25 to get ready for school. i put on a black pair of ripped jeans,(slide 1)a crop top shirt,(slide 2)and checkered vans(slide 3). colby sat on the bed watching me get dress biting his lip. i kissed him and went to the bathroom to get ready. not long after colby came in dressed in ripped black jeans,a "take chances hoodie",and black vans. i put my hair in a high ponytail and brushed my teeth. colby kissed my neck and then we left the bathroom. we grabbed our phones and i grabbed my keys and left the house. i still had hickeys on my neck and colby pointed it out.
y/n:"oh okay. i don't care. people can stare all they want." i grabbed colby's hand and he smiled. when we got to school brittany came up to me.
brittany:"oh hey slut. oh i heard about you having s*x on the beach last night. colby's good isn't he?" she winked at colby and my face got so red. i tried running away but colby grabbed on to me and whispered in my ear.
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I love him so much :(
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I made this edit but it’s kinda bad because i made it in the car. #colbybrockedits #colbybrock #jakewebberedit #jakewebber #brennentaylor #brennentayloredit #samgolbachedit #samgolbach
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Name a better duo. i'll wait... #brolby #colbybrock #brennentaylor
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Edit vs original 🖤 this is up late because i wasn’t home and didn’t have good service lol
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[solby x ariana grande]
solby is my aesthetic even though the boys kinda find it weird 🤧 i’m trying to post nice stuff for now since it’s the weekend and stuff and i have some time before the start writing again oop.
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I watched jake colby and sam burn the angelica doll again and when jake’s phone rang the second time so did mine and i didn’t know the number. i have never been more scared of a phone call in my life

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Okay the first clip of colby saying “baby” makes me oooof 💀💀🖤
but i love these videos so much they make my day ! -
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Highschool~chapter 12~
colby:"y/n i...i love you." i was so shocked and just stared at him.
y/n:"colby..." he turned his head to face the water,his eyes shimmering in the moonlight.
colby:"it's okay. i understand."
i smiled and kissed his cheek.
y/n:"colbs,i love you too." he turned to me and kissed my lips. the kiss lasted for what it seemed to be forever.
colby:"i haven't gotten the chance to ask you yet because i've been so happy with you and everything,but will you be my girlfriend y/n?" i smiled. he finally asked me.
y/n:"colby! of course i would love to be your girlfriend!" i jumped on top of him and kissed him roughly. he pulled away and looked at me. i leaned back and got off of him. he pulled a box out that he had gotten out of the basket.
colby:"open it." i opened it. it was a locket with his name on it and a picture of us inside it. i started to cry and kissed him.
y/n:"colby i love you so much. i always have ever since we met."
colby:"y/n i've been in love with you since sam told me about you and showed me a picture of you." i pulled him into a kiss. by now it was just me and colby on the beach. i got back on top of him and we made out. ⚠️ s****l part⚠️
he licked my bottom lip asking for an entrance to my mouth. i accepted it and our tonges danced with each other's. he started to unhook my bathing suit but i stopped him.
colby:"i'm sorry..." i stared at him.
y/n:"what's there to be sorry about?"
colby:"for doing that. i just wanted you." i smiled and kissed him unhooking my bathing revealing nothing but my skin.
y/n:"i just needed to look at you for a second and realize that this isn't just a dream." he smiled and started doing his thing.
⚠️ s****l part over⚠️
i didn't it. again. we put our bathing suits back on and cuddled under the moonlight,mine and his hair blowing in the wind. i stared into his eyes while he stared into mine.
colby:"y/n, i'm so glad to finally call you mine. to call you my girlfriend. i love you with all my heart,no matter what." i smiled and kissed him passionately.
y/n:"colby i love you too. i can't even put how much i love you into words. you make me happy when i thought i could never be happy."
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