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0 43 January 2018


These few things showed up at my place the other day a great lego book with plenty of classic space style builds by @brickswithwings and these two technic sets i normally only build the version thats on the front but this one both the normal bike ans the futuristic flying bike are so cool 😊 #lego #legotechnic #afol #42063 #42063_bmw_r_1200_gs_adventure #bricksinspace
2 9 November 2017


Today is #nationalmoonday — the 48th anniversary of the apollo moon landing. fun #lego fact: lego released its first classic space-themed sets in 1978. since then, several astronauts have brought minifigures and space builds aboard their missions. lego and #nasa now have an official partnership called #bricksinspace, which helps kids learn about stem-related topics through building activities. far out! 🌕🚀👩‍🚀👨‍🚀
4 52 July 2017