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All i’m saying is that if my husband really wants to impress me when he proposes he’ll have my ring hidden at the bottom of @wholefoods brown box😉
drove to bham today to hit up @traderjoes & @wholefoods aka my happy place for some groceries. did a haul on my story if you wanna check it out!! also had to grab lunch bc honestly who can resist the hot bar @wholefoods . here’s what i got & usually get bc i’m a creature of habit & firm believer of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it⤵️
⭐️bed of romaine & spring mix + rosemary sweet potatoes + roasted cauliflower + steamed broccoli + shredded carrots + oil free garlic hummus + grilled salmon + pickled red onion⭐️
if you’re anything like me & hate how soggy dressing makes lettuce (i like mine crunchy) try using a thick hummus or avocado as dressing so things stay firm & flavorful. also i’m obsessed with pickled red onion & cannot find it at any stores so that’s really sad for me. this salmon was a huge portion too, like this was only half so i’ve got some to eat for dinna too. finally these sweet potatoes are straight up fire & roasted in olive oil instead of the normal canola oil i’m used to seeing. you go @wholefoods i love to see the switch!! okay guess this concludes my love letter to the ever so delicious & customizable brown box. have a happy monday bbs💗☺️
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Happy monday! i just got back from whole foods and totally took advantage of the buffet while i was there to put together this flavor packed salad! mixed greens with chickpeas, artichoke hearts, rice stuffed grape leaves, marinated feta, roasted red peppers, kalamata olives and broccoli. i drizzled in some olive oil, a squeeze of lemon and black pepper. i hope you’re having a great day!
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Made the mistake going to @wholefoods hungry and riggt after the gym 😭💸💸💸 .
brown box lunch :: roasted turmeric sweet potatoes ... bok choy.... seasonal mushrooms ...broccoli w/ peppers & roasted garlic
... house hummus + some chickpea salad of some sort w/ a side of their super food soup👏 worth it $$ happy friday friends.
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And the saturday post workout brown box tradition continues! currently waiting to get my hair did 💇🏻 and going ham on this box. which was somehow only $8?! holla 💸💸
all the goods with shredded kale, purple cabbage, homemade hummus, grilled chicken, shredded carrots, red quinoa, cauli rice tobuleh, and that avocado dressing doe! what are you saturday rituals?
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"just give me all the veggies and hummus you have. wait, wait✋🏼i'm worried what you just heard was, 'give me a lot of veggies and hummus.' what i said was, 'give me all the veggies and hummus you have.' do you understand?!?" 💁🏻obviously stopped at @wholefoods 😎🤘🏼
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Thank u so much for this bueatiful gifts on the eve of our wedding day... we loved it a lot thank u so much... 😍😘😊#techtraveleat #somuchlove#bakesbae #brownbox @techtraveleat @rakheesibo @bakes.bae
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Throwin’ it back to when i treated myself to this little brown box full of all the goods from @wholefoods . very rarely do i splurge on hot food bars bc they’re expensive af 💸— $8.99/lb to be exact. if you want tips on how to strategically plan your box so it doesn’t break the bank then pls stop reading bc my advice would be to pack a lunch 😂
but here’s how i construct my box:
1. load up on some greens 🥬 (i.e. spinach, spring mix, kale). i try to get something i don’t usually have at home.
2. add some sort of grain, legume or root vegetable (i.e. rice, lentils, potatoes, squash) and a protein (i.e. tofu, tempeh, veggie patty, falafel). i pick these first in case the only vegetarian protein option is sesame tofu or something w a really distinct flavor, ya gotta pick things that don’t clash!
3. the fun part — pick your veggies! again, i try to choose things i wouldn’t normally make at home.
4. finish it off w some pesto, hummus or guac! this helps everything come together 😋
5. don’t forget to grab lunch dessert!! i’m a sucker for the @wholefoods vegan chocolate chip cookies 🍪
|| spinach + spring mix + basmati rice + falafel + beets + asparagus + vine ripened tomatoes + sundried tomatoes + jalapeños + cashew pesto ||
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@wholefoods brown box saving my life again!!
seriously😅 i haven’t had a refrigerator since i moved into my new apartment & mannn has it been hard! but we are finally getting one today & i am so excited! i can’t wait to go grocery shopping, fill up my kitchen, & cook some new/exciting things for my blog🤩 woo woo!! happy tuesday everyone(: #justineeats
my #brownbox : spinach base, rainbow quinoa, roasted sweet potatoes + corn, brussels sprouts, vegan chinese mushrooms, tempeh + eggplant, roasted broccoli with garlic, pickled cauliflower, beet poke, hummus, & parsley 🌈🌿🌟 #realfoodadvocate #tastetherainbow
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