Billy Joe Villaluna Rafer
13 hours ago
callig_rafer Have you noticed what i've been writing since the first week of #letscolornovember challenge? yep! they're all about life. . it is my goal to remind you that whatever you are going through, you don't have to stop there and just watch. you have to act and live rightly in order to surpass those challenges. . here's another thing: this reminder is important, so as your life. πŸ€— . . ••• prang watercolors × @pentelphilippines wc tubes × uni-signo white × canson watercolor paper
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Letters by @chrlynnnnn
2 days ago
_allaboutletters You are stronger than you think. mommy @thea.ong 's style naman πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜…
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2 days ago
pineapplesandstrokes Made a typography of this, but i kinda dont like it just bc. πŸ˜… heres for the week 2 of #tchweeklychallenge #tchquotevemberweek #thecalligraphyhubchallenge #tchquotevemberweek2 @thecalligraphyhub ps. i made an error here, it should be believing in yourself. haysss. work made on haste.
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Che Balila
6 days ago
dripsblotsandsplatters I indicated on my profile that i "occasionally do brush pen calligralligraphy" and i do realize i post more of that than pointed pen but anyway... - - this is very programmer of me (i am one by day, btw) πŸ˜… - - #calligraphy #calligraphyph #brushpencalligraphy #brushpencalligraphyph #brushpenlettering #brushpenletteringph #handlettering #handletteringph #zigkuretake #zigkuretakefudebiyori #zigkuretakefudebiyorimetallic
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