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A question i get a lot is "are you buddhist?" i will try to reply to this now. 😊
i am a 19 year old girl. i was born in a multicultural country in europe. i have friends with different religions, but i've never really been religions myself. when i was 14 i got interested in buddhism and mindfulness and i started this account. at that time i didn't really know much about it to be honest. i was going through a difficult time, and i started to read books about buddhism and mindfulness and found that i really found help in what i read, and wanted to share what i learned with others. so i continued to post on this account. this account really means a lot to me, i am so so glad i chose to start it, more than 4 years ago. it has helped me a lot and i hope that some of you also have found help in it.
so back to the question. am i a "buddhist?" i don't think we always need to label ourselves. don't get me wrong. if you believe in a specific religion that is totally okay. if you want to call yourself a "buddhist" or a "christian" or anything else, that is good, i support that. but it is also okay if you don't. i am a very open minded person and i have respect for all religions. but for me personally, i don't feel like i belong to a specific one. i believe in kindness, having a good heart. i believe in always working with yourself to be the best and kindest version of yourself that you can be. when you really think about it, the essence of all religions is the same. kindness, a good heart, is the essence of every religion. we are all one. we are the same. no matter what religion you believe in. this account is made to share wisdom and to inspire. whether you call yourself a "buddhist" or anything else, or you simply like me don't like to label yourself, you are welcome here. i hope you find peace and inspiration somehow. all the love, always. ❤️ i wrote this a year ago, and today i wanted to repost 😊
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”the time to practice is now in our everyday lives, but we put it off to some future date. this is not real training. real training means using the problems we face as we go about our lives and not postponing these challenges to some distant future.” - @karmapa @kagyumonlam @karmapa chenno #buddhism #wisdom #quotes #meditation #tibet photo @olivieradam07 / www.olivieradam.net
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Day 1 in thimphu, bhutan🇧🇹 la✈︎sf✈︎seoul(korea)✈︎bangkok✈︎bagdogra(india)✈︎paro(bhutan). la✈︎サンフランシスコ✈︎ソウル✈︎バンコク✈︎バグドグラ(インド)✈︎パロ(ブータン)...の飛行経路で、ヨガ姫ブータン王国入り致しました👸🏻🇧🇹
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🔸🔸🔸🔸 the naro photang. venue of the naropa festival. #naropafestival2018 #hemismonastery #thrillingtravel #travel -
this stupa like pavilion was made in 2016 near the hemis monastery. called the naro photang, it is now the official venue of the naropa festival. 2016 was the year of monkey and the grand celebration of the birth life of saint naropa. in this year, the 6 buddha relics were donned by the successor his holiness gyalwang drukpa. however, this year being the regular year, only one of the relics was taken out for public display. this was the crown of naropa and it was kept for 5 days in this stupa for the public to pay their respects to.

i personally loved the whole white stupa enhanced with the vibrant prayer flags standing tall against the black mountains of ladakh. quite a serene yet vibrant view.
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A number of new friends have reminded me of the wisdom of listening to my "inner voice." not only is this rejuvenating, but i also find that it generates new ideas that might otherwise go unnoticed. this quotation from the buddhist monk and peace activist thich nhat hanh (now 92 years old!) captures this idea beautifully. speaking of wisdom, i continue to work h*****n my book, "wisdom all around us." #thichnhathanh #wisdom #philosophy #buddhism #wisdomallaroundus #icwlh #thichnhathanhquotes
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⭐️☯️ yin and yang tribal pendant and necklace☯️⭐️
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yin and yang symbolize inseparable and opposite forces that co-exist to represent balance and harmony. the duality of yin and yang is present ubiquitously in our everyday life and the natural world.
keep your yin and yang balanced with this rustic pendant necklace. the pendant is designed with authentic tribal influences and is made with faux-bone animal-friendly resin.
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Reflect your way to enlightenment 🙏 #dharma koan 11 " watching macbeth ( 4 images) " © 🕉 www.aumphotos.com 2018 part of a series
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from a buddhist perspective, macbeth is consumed by greed and attachment to power as is lady macbeth. he is unafraid to k**l sentient beings. ultimately #karma kicks in and he meets an ignominious end. 😥
the rose theatre is a pop up showing shakespeare this summer in britain's favourite city, york, beside the castle where in 1190, 150 jews took their own lives during a period of ethnic tension. the first image shows a solitary figure beside york castle at sunset, symbolic of macbeth's lonileness, self-induced suffering and impending death. macbeth is by olivier winning artistic director @damian.cruden, who also directed the railway children at york before it toured around the uk.
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I am inspired by light. i am inspired by transformation. i am inspired by all that surrounds us. and, i am inspired that i get to wake up each day and see the world for all its beauty, no matter the pain & suffering that surrounds us too. #buddhism #consciousart #unicornheart 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
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wenda20160729 44:54

#心灵法门#观世音菩萨#观世音菩萨心灵法门#卢台长#卢军宏台长#宗教#佛教#佛法#学佛#念经#改变命运#心靈法門#觀世音菩薩#觀世音菩薩心靈法門#盧臺長#盧軍宏臺長#學佛#念經#改變命運 #xinlingfamen#guanyin#guanyincitta#masterlu#buddhism#hope#karma
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Kotahalu mangalya | i made a few friends last night at a big girl party (kotahalu mangalya), these adorable children followed me around all night after finding out i could speak some sinhalese, dancing their little butts off with me, copying my dance moves and introducing me to their parents and when we said our goodbyes they yelled “don’t forget us rosie” in sinhalese ✨
i’ve been to a few big girl parties and the first time it took me a while to understand what was being celebrated, it’s actually a party to celebrate a girl becoming a women with her first period, the whole town gathers to prepare a party, traditional snacks, rice and curry, alcohol and music. the girl, who will sit inside all night while guests enter the house to see her showering her with gifts of money and gold, some of these people she will have never met in her life. before the party she will have gone through several days of rituals, seeking guidance from astrologers, staying within the home (away from bad spirits), seeing no men, a flower bath ritual, exiting out the back door of the family home and re entering through the front door “as a women” cracking a coconut on the floor and deciding her future on the way the coconut has cracked. she is now a women and the whole town knows. little different to what i know, but i thinks it’s also beautiful that it’s a celebration of something so natural, not something to be hidden🌸
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In order to be the most transparent, we have adjusted our target goal for our @indiegogo campaign. originally, we estimated the cost of office rental space much higher. we have since found a space that is more affordable. since our new goal is now $7,500. our percentages for the costs of things are the same, only the dollar amount is different. it’s because of this that we are now within $67 of hitting our 5% overall goal. we’re also so close to having 100 of you follow this journey. thanks to every person who has contributed, shared, or liked our campaign. kop jai 🙏🏽 📸 by: @sillylittletara
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Smile! one of the 216 huge faces looking over you at the fabulous bayon tempel at angkor thom, ancient capital city of the khmer empire.
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