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what does the acronym eat mean in the search engine optimisation world and how can it help get your website found on google.

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Want to increase conversions on your landing page? master these 11 essential landing page copy tips and get my free landing page copy template + full example. see link in bio.
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❤️hoje foi dia de animal kingdom!!☀️o sol estava trincando do jeito que gosto e fiz inúmeros stories dando dicas, vale à pena ver!! 🦋também fiz uma live agora, que ficará no ar por 24 horas, falando sobre minhas observações sobre a “ “empresa disney” e quais ensinamentos podemos levar pra nossa empresa como líderes! aperte o play e não esqueça de curtir, deixar sua opinião e dar dicas dos próximos vídeos que gostaria que eu fizesse!! -
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This is me- i will no longer be the woman who defends her thoughts, opinions or actions to herself or anyone else!⠀

this post is not just for you but for me too.⠀
i am guilty of apologizing for the way i feel.⠀
i am guilty for not speaking up.⠀
i am guilty for letting the opinions of others sometimes dictate my actions.⠀
i am guilty for over explaining myself.⠀
i am guilty of worrying to much about what people think of me.⠀
i am guilty and it is time to let that go.⠀

guilt does not serve me & it is time that i choose to take control of that.⠀

i have been thinking so much about this concept. i have read about it in books, heard the concept in podcasts and have read about it in my devotionals. it is time to really do some work on letting others actions dictate my worth and emotions. i do a pretty good job of covering it up on the outside, but i would be lying if i didn't tell you that it eats me up behind the scenes. ⠀

i have watched people take advantage of my kindness only to turn around and talk about me behind my back. this does not serve me! ⠀
i refuse to let the small minded thinking of others become my reality because the only person that it impacts is me. when i let others drive my bus, i don't take action, i don't serve my best, and i don't add value like i know that i can.⠀

i have come a long way in the confidence corner but there is always room for improvement and i knew this was it when all i have been hearing this week is to let go of the guilt because it does not serve you! you are beautiful, you are talented and you cannot make everyone like you and that is ok! ⠀

my job is to surround myself with an amazing tribe (which i already have) that accepts and loves me just the way that i am!!! ⠀

so wherever you are at in your confidence journey right now, you are not alone my friends! even the most influential people out there have their own struggles. don't let this be what stops you from living out your dreams!!! ⠀

choose to end the guilt and stop apologizing for being you! the right people are going to love you for you and that is the end of the story!!! ⠀have a great night my friends! mm
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If you want to get far in your career, you can’t think like everything else. .
take time to think for yourself. question the status quo. question processes that just don’t make any sense. and take the initiative to make them better. .
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The amazing feeling after a great workout when you know you gave it your all.💪🏼 don’t let circumstances pull you down, keep moving forward. do what you can, with what you have, where you are❤️
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What experiences did you buy today? travel plans?
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Be thankful for closed doors,detours & roadblocks. they protect you from paths and places not meant for you.
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Si hoy pudieses decir algo a una persona, ¿qué sería? 💭📝
últimamente he estado pensando mucho en las ironías de la vida, quizá por eso estoy divagando tanto. 😂😉
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There are only 100 days left in 2018!⠀
no matter what has happened this year, you still have one hundred more chances to crush your goals.⠀
that means i still have 100 days of writing left to do on that book i keep putting off...⠀
it means you have 100 whole days to ditch your bad habits, or pick up some new healthy ones.⠀
the question is, what are you going to do with these next 100 days to make them count?⠀
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Transformation tuesday!!! we all have them ... insecurities about our bodies: i’m too fat. my b**t is too big. why can’t i have abs like her’s? 
throw that self-doubt out the door and stop comparing yourself to others. love yourself for who you are because that’s what makes you unique! 
loving yourself means treating yourself right, so if there’s something you want to improve about your health and fitness, do it – but do it for you – not for anyone else. 
i’m starting a “slim down challenge” dedicated to helping a woman like you achieve their health and fitness goals. let me know if you’re interested by commenting below👇🏼
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