Katie Chan
14 minutes ago
katiesay_hi I graduated with a first in medical engineering say wott🤭. #miracles #happen #yeaboi #byefelicia
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17 minutes ago
The boy @ls3_slowguy said not today copper. #byefelicia 🏃🏽💨💨💨 the superhero is: @kingzxsexr 💪🏽 spotted @bullets_broads_and_hotrods
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Shaunna Dunmore
18 minutes ago
shaunna_dunmore This is 33! here’s to another year of being the best person i can truly be! . . in my 32nd year i made the decision and efforts to change a lot of things in my life. am i perfect? absolutely not, but i’m working on myself and that counts as something. . . a year ago i wouldn’t have posted anything like this on my social because i would be afraid of what others would think of me. but i’m not perfect, i am human. so why would i only share my highlight reel? that wouldn’t allow you to relate and connect with me through my trials/tribulations and ebbs/flows of life. we all go through it. . . and if you’re going to judge and criticize others for making changes to the quality of their life then #byefelicia - go ahead and unfollow me because you’re not my kind of people. . . if you want to change something, than change something. it is that simple! you may just find yourself living a happier life with a completely full heart knowing you made the right decisions.♥️ . . i’m on a quest to live the absolute best and healthiest life i possibly can, and if you want to join me, then amazing, i can’t wait to introduce you to the team. if not, than that’s cool too - but don’t just sit back and watch those around you improve their lives when you could be too. #justbeinghonest happy monday! make it count! #birthday #thisis33 #33yearsyoung #happy #noregrets #birthdaygirl #hipreplacement #reallove #selflove #reality #fitfam #monday
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Chloé Annais Towey
25 minutes ago
chloe.t1111 Byeeeee 2017 you’ve been a bit of a d**k 💁🏻 . . . . #2018#l4l#happygirl#cya#amout#onwards#upwards#byefelicia
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Abi Levine
25 minutes ago
abilevinecht You may be beat up and bruised from 2017, but you learned so much. take a moment to think of one thing you learned that made you a better person. next: crush 2018! it belongs to you. ❤️ #byefelicia #hello2018
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Christodoulos Christodoulou
40 minutes ago
chris.p.christodoulou ...yeah i might seem so strong yeah i might speak so long i've never been so wrong... #byefelicia
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Kadey Chambless
51 minutes ago
I make enough money to spend on myself so don’t get any ideas. #byefelicia
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