Christy Nault - Master Trainer
4 minutes ago
_thehappinessdiary_ Pro tip: throw out your scale 👋 #byefelicia ✨stop placing all your focus on numbers.✨stop comparing yourself to others.✨ have you ever had a really great week of exercising consistently and eating healthy, only to hop on the scale and feel immediately defeated by the number you see? do you on occasion actually feel proud of your progress only to walk into the gym and see someone who in your head appears way more fit than you and suddenly those negative thoughts about yourself take back over? i do. but i do far far less than i used to. you have to remember - someone else's appearance does not negate where you are or how far you've come in your health journey!! if you don't make a conscious effort to stop comparing yourself to others you will never find inner peace or happiness. try shifting your focus on how you feel rather than what you see. do you feel healthy?? do you feel strong? energetic? happy? balanced? 👈 these are healthy goals to strive toward. we are all a work in progress, but we have to make sure we are putting our energy and focus into healthy areas. a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body. self-love should always be priority. 💟☮️🕉 let me tell you a little story that helped me get over comparing myself to others...😛 i'm a personal trainer. i am constantly surrounded by other trainers who are more fit, more ripped, leaner, have bigger butts, etc. etc. one day i was comparing myself to another trainer and was feeling down about myself...until i heard her talking about her weekend. she was telling a client that she went to a chicago bulls game and brought her own chicken b****t and broccoli in a ziplock bag. she then proceeded to tell her client that she's avoided seeing her family for months to abstain from "cheating" on her diet. i just stood there and thought about the super amazing, fun weekend i had with friends and family filled with good food, drinks and joy. i suddenly felt very okay with myself. you guys - pizza is so good. i don't want to give it up. ever. and wine. obvi. live a life that makes you happy!! 💓balance 💗happiness 💖self-love numbers mean a whole lot of nothing. ✨ substance > superficial ✨
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Duaa Osman
4 minutes ago
duaadiddy And this is why i can never be friends with trump supporters. #byefelicia
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8 minutes ago
dique.art For a long time in societal history, ya treated women as less sustainable for being emotionally fluctuant once a month. for being physically hindered. jokes on you: given this, we accomplish all ya do and then some; so wassup? #thefutureisfemale #byefelicia
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Sophie Buser
7 minutes ago
sophiebeastly Lol! 😂😂😂 here's some peanut butter for your jelly #byefelicia #quityourbitchin #enjoytheshow #jealous
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Hayley Kniesel
19 minutes ago
hayley.kniesel I have a fear that people will come into my house and i think it smells like dog. i love having dogs in the home, but i do not like how they smell. 🐶 every few weeks i put a mixture into a parmesan shaker (dollar store): baking soda, 15 drops purification and 15 drops lemongrass 🍋 🌱 i then shake it all over my carpet and let it sit for 10 minutes. then vacuum it up. the baking soda absorbs the stink while the oils zap ⚡️ the stink 👋🏼 #byefelicia i absolutely love how "clean" and toxin-free my home is. i feel comfortable letting my baby on the floors. i clean his toys with a no bleach really inexpensive thieves cleaner. i'm planning a clean-home class on sunday night on facebook. let me know if you want to join! ✌🏼
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21 minutes ago
ladypatsfan My vote is no. you leave to charge money, you made your bed. #byefelicia
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Richard Austin
23 minutes ago
iamrichxrd Grainy. speaking of grain, i just made rice. not saying that to toot my own horn cuz anyone can make rice. if you can't then you should probably get on that. that's a basic life skill. how are you going to adult if you can't make rice. like you will never be a contributing member of society if you can't. you know what, stop reading this. you disgust me. come back when you can make rice. or even count to ten. #byefelicia
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Linda Perez-Fisz
32 minutes ago
billiardschick There it is! i had a few people in my short lifetime try to do this to me. i can count them on 1 hand. #eliminate #toxicpeople #byefelicia #toohappytobeputdown
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