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Finch farm cowgirl. this mare had my pick of the foals this year. purely based on personality but she’s a cracking long legged, beautifully conformed chestnut filly too. it’s the year of the chestnut. i decided. #calicopony #finchfarm #cowgirl #mare #chestnut #idecided
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Finch farm mascarpone ( massimo quality / calgary gnz / carthago z / alme z / farabi xx / gallup ii )
this filly has been awarded highest point score for queensland on the ace group on their recent tour of australia.

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Pretty girl gets all the kisses β™‘ #aponi #calicopony #paintedpony #mygirl #itstoocold #horselifeirl
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{moments} calgary gnz and mathew kidston after completing their second clear round in the toowoomba royal grand prix. it was this stallions first ever grand prix and after colic surgery a few years back it’s been a long road to get here. the finch farm team took their time bringing him back to the top. but he’s there now after pulling off a second in his grand prix. #highfive #calgary #finchfarm #calicopony
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Notice that thing on my face? it’s called the first day back at school smile πŸ˜€ #thestatue #thegelding #finchfarm #downsframing #calicopony
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Splash πŸ’¦ #equestriad #calicopony
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It’s blatantly obvious when humans have a connection with their animals, and it’s also blatantly obvious when they don’t. you can tell genuine love and affection from a rider when the horse reciprocates that love, and it usually travels through to their performance as a team. here are mattea and ‘charlie brown’. the connection between a horse and rider captured in a photograph. #davidsonequestrian #charliebrown #calicopony
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Mathew kidston riding finch farm class act ( calgary gnz / cassini ii / lire news xx ) on their way to equal first in the 4 year old class today at toowoomba royal today.
1.15 m am7 under 20 points
1st kirstie ansell vakarra champagne
2nd robert moffatt cortina b
3rd mathew kidston finch farm carlsberg
4th gemma creighton gizmo
5th gemma creighton kinnordy guiscard
6th mathew kidston finch farm corsage
7th alison ford elijah
8th cathy graham twidale chantilly
1.25. am7
1st merrick ubank aladino
2nd brett warren vertigo tph
3rd sam overton diamond b corvina
4th tim armitrano killy billy castanoo
5th merrick ubank mt robinson statement
6th mathew kidston finch farm c*****r
7th tom tarver. grand coeur 36
8th resolve c jodie berman
1st cameron moffatt dolly varden
2nd little v rebecca gillan
3rd cameron moffatt bellhaven secret
4th chris holland elsa
5th jasmine holland purbeck finale
1.40 m
1st merrick ubank warrego landadon
2nd sam overton point break
3rd kirstie ansell balou
4th brett warren sobraon park coldplay
5th shane davidson idol d
6th merrick ubank alantinus
7th mathew kidston finch farm lasall
8th tom tarver popeye
4 year old double clear round class = 1st mathew kidston finch farm class act = 1st thomas madigan la chance = 1st shane davidson quaide d
5 year old double clear round class = 1st shane davidson jaybee vision = 1st tim armitrano alba de lyser z = 1st mattea davidson channelle d

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Mathew kidston riding finch farm corsage ( calgary gnz / tristram xx ) on the first day at toowoomba royal.
congratulations to the ground crew at rasq on the improvements of the surface.
graeme watts is course building wayne shepherd is judging with vicky lane and janie davis pencilling.
1.10 am5

1st kylie zabel dusty girl
2nd clem smith the jackpot
3rd kirstie ansell vakarra cayerado
4th kirstie ansell vakarra champagne
5th april lovell esscort dominator
6th gemma creighton gizmo
7th robert moffatt cera brisbane
8th maria doright syndicate ii
9th robert moffatt cortina b
10th lucy hunkin bellhaven cassarlie

1.20 am5

1st robert moffatt sausalito
2nd clem smith sangster
3rd gemma creighton candela vh slagerhof
4th mathew kidston finch farm corsage
5th tim armitrano killy billy castano
6th gemma creighton kinnordy guiscard
7th brittany ireland joepiejee de muse
8th tom tarver grand coeur 36
1.35 am5

1st clem smith alite
2nd merrick ubank alantinus
3rd kirstie ansell balou
4th brett warren sobroan park coldplay
5th brett warren vertigo tph
6th jeremy whale caprio
7th mathew kidston finch farm lasall
8th jack schouten original sin
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#simplyequineau #calgarygnz
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Everyone do yourselves a favour and follow my friend katie @calicopony. while you’re there check out her story. not only is she by far the best equine (and sometimes bovine πŸ˜‰) photographer you’ll ever come across, she also has amazing taste in earrings ☺️🐴 #whatevermakesyouentire #entireme @entire.me #calicopony

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Soooo many ponies πŸ–€
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{equestriad 2018} it’s not just the riders that eagerly await the cross country #equestriad #calicopony #equestrian #equestrian #equestrianstyle
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A few shots from equestriad 2018 #equestriad #calicopony
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Now that's a bed head!
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