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Happiness looks lovely on you 😘 . hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are preparing yourselves (as much as possible) for the upcoming monday 😬 . πŸŽ₯ speed x4 swipe πŸ‘‰πŸ» for still πŸ–‹ dr. ph martin’s bleedproof white . . #simplyfashionablefebruary @sharonestevensdesign @scriptandhoney #motivationalquotes #motivation #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #happiness #happinessquotes #feelhappy #weekendvibes #weekend #modernlettering #lettering #letteringchallenge #letteringdaily #letteringvideo #moderncalligraphy #calligraphy #calligraphydaily #calligraphyvideo #brushlettering #brushlettered #brushletteringpractice #brushletteringvideo #waterbrushpen #waterbrush #waterbrushlettering
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Practice is the key to all the calligraphy things πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ–‹πŸ’• repetition & muscle memory are so important when you are trying to improve your pointed-pen skills, and if you’re struggling to even get the tools to work {or to get more than one or two strokes out before running out of ink or seeing serious ink blobs}, it’s time to change up your ink + paper combination & get some instruction on how to properly use those tools! - if you aren’t sure why you can’t seem to “get it” or you haven’t tried because you aren’t sure where to get started, consider one of our workshops around the us {& toronto} or our starter kit for at-home learning {links to both via my profile link}, then be sure to sign up via the link in my profile to be notified when we run our practice challenge again. - we want to help you have the best chance at success with this beautiful art, so don’t give up!
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Listening to queen + working on the perfect shade of green. 🀘
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There was a time when saturdays meant chilling out and relaxing, but now they mean working both on and in my business, meeting clients and skyping with rajvir. what do yours look like? ••• btw, would you like a tutorial on how to use a glass pen? like or comment below!
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Want to add more script styles to your calligraphy repertoire? good news! today we are offering 9 new alphabet exemplars with video tutorials! yep, i’m sharing 9 alphabet exemplars that include a pdf download plus professional, up close video footage of me creating every letter, upper & lower case. - and there’s more! in honor of the launch, we are offering up to 40% off all digital content in our online shop including our much loved calligraphy starter kit + video tutorial, the beyond beginner guide + video, how to write in a straight line video & how to create oversized signage. those videos/bundles, along with all the new exemplar sets, are up to 40% off, but the sale ends this thursday, february 15. click the link in my profile to head straight to our calligraphy classroom to get started or to expand your alphabet skills! - and be sure to tag your #calligrafriends below so they don’t miss out! {no coupon code needed, sale price as listed}
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Laura here, running my lhc brand for the past 16 years & loving all the crazy ups & downs...and time spent in my beautiful studio creating little works of art ready to land in mailboxes around the world πŸ‘‹πŸ» do you dream of running your own calligraphy business? or have you already started getting your logistics squared away but could use some helpful advice as you navigate this journey? our friends at modern calligraphy summit are sharing a free video series with tips on how to beat the comparison game, how to leave your 9-to-5, and what challenges many calligraphers face in their business endeavors. i’m honored to share my own advice gathered from lessons learned over the years along with some other wonderful women in the creative world! ✨ click the link in my profile to check out the free video series & be sure to tag any fellow calligraphers below who dream of becoming their own boss, too!
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If you’ve been wanting to learn the art of pointed-pen calligraphy, now is the best time to pick up our starter kit + video tutorial. our digital sale in honor of the new alphabets launch for up to 40% off includes our kit as well, so click the link in my profile to see all of our at-home educational offerings on sale through tomorrow 2/15 only. {gold pen rest sold separately}
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This is so striking to me. “i believe in you.” such power in a single sentence. i believe in you. thank you to everyone who ever believed in me. . . . #papercranecalligraphy #papercrane_calligraphy #moderncalligraphy #calligraphyph #calligraphycebu #gratitude #words #quote #michaelfaudet #handwriting #handlettering #pointedpencalligraphy #calligraphylove #calligraphydaily #dippenandink #photooftheday
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Dorota Letachowicz
„light my fire” after last workshops with @kaligrafiawdk
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Calligraphy + Design
Nothing better than waking up knowing it’s still the weekend πŸ’•protein banana pancakes topped with peanut butter are my go to breakfast. it’s honestly so. easy. i use @flapjacked protein pancake mix, bananas and peanut butter. the mix only requires water. if you are in a rush i need something on the fly, it takes me a total of 10 minutes while making my coffee in the am. and and super macro friendly πŸ˜‹ swipe πŸ‘‰πŸΌ to see the cute details of my new fave mug from @hobbylobby! this is a pumpkin spice americano brewed with my @nespresso maker and topped with pumpkin spice @curednutrition. simply and easily one of the best kitchen appliance purchases ever made β˜•οΈ anyone else now in the mood for a breakfast dinner?? i sure am πŸ™‹πŸ»‍♀️
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Pixels + Pens
Do i have any @taylorswift lovers out there?! did this piece for my sister who is equally as obsessed as i am! .. .. .. .. #calligraphy #beginner #calligrapher #lettering #calligraphymasters #calligraphydaily #letteringart #letteringdesign #handlettered #brushlettering #dailylettering #tombowusa
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Candice #thedashingletters
Did you know adding dimension to your lettering designs can be easy? to create this i used tombow # 743 dipped in # 443 to design base letters. the colors naturally ombré as the the secondly is cleaned away. then i went in with a tombow fude to add some shadow to the bottom right of all the letters! • flawsome: making awesomeness out of your flaws . . . . . #thedashingletters #flawsome #calligraphyvideo #hyperlapse #diylettering #oddlysatisfying #creatorsofinstagram #supportsmallbusiness #tnchustler #risingtidesociety #learntoletter #calligraphyaddict #calligraphydaily #letteringlove #dailydoseofpaper #tombowusa #brushletteringph #handlettering #windycitybloggers #chicagoartist #letteringsquad #diyproject
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Abby’s Art
Happy monday!
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