Dr Isla Fishburn
2 hours ago
dr_isla_fishburn Adding extras to the dog's delicious #benyfitnatural raw food! feeding my dog's ecosystem one day at a time!
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2 hours ago
This is why we can't wait to launch our products to help man's best friend! 🐶❤️keep following us for release dates!
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José chirinos
13 hours ago
josechirinosfcv #maya #beagle en lo que se conoce como.. "operacion destruccion de juguetes" disfrutando su estadia en el jose'sresort #caninehealth #caninehouse #caninehotel
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23 hours ago
livewelltesting Calling all 🐶 lovers! this week, each purchase of a canine healthcheck genetic dna disease & trait test for your pooch will also receive a free jar of naturvet multivitamin soft-chews! ($15 value). hurry because the sale ends sunday at midnight! . . . . . #doghealth #dogowners #caninehealth #dogs #dogvitamins #lovepuppies #puppiesmakesmehappy #puppiesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #ilovedogs #doglife #pooch
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Heather Smith
barrelracertips It's alway good to visit with the gang at @silverliningherbs! 🍃 stop by their booth (no. 3540) at cowboy christmas in the las vegas convention center to stock up on everything your horse needs + ask about the new h**p seed/coconut oil - our horses enthusiastically approve! #silverliningherbs #cowboychristmas #booth3540
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Pamela McIlwraith
doggease A cranial massage is a fantastic way to help relax a nervous dog. i love seeing the calming results! any questions about canine myotherapy? send me a message today.
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Animal Behavior College
animalbehaviorcollege The pancreas is a v-shaped o***n located behind the stomach and the first section of the small intestine. it has two main functions: 1) produce insulin to help the body metabolize sugar and 2) produce enzymes to digest food. when the pancreas becomes inflamed from an excess growth of digestive fluids, it leads to a condition called pancreatitis. pancreatitis can occur suddenly (acute) or over a course of time (chronic). middle-aged (about seven years old) and elderly dogs are more prone to canine pancreatitis with female dogs having a higher likelihood of obtaining it than male dogs. genetics can also play a role. yorkshire terriers and miniature schnauzers are more often prone to have the condition. symptoms of pancreatitis in dogs the common symptoms of pancreatitis are abdominal pain, vomiting, decreased appetite and/or weakness. pancreatitis is very painful and not to mention serious and can be life-threatening. if you suspect your dog has pancreatitis, call your veterinary office and schedule an appointment. when you go in, the veterinary assistant will take your dog’s vital signs (temperature, pulse, and respiration rate). the veterinarian will do a physical exam to check for abdominal tenderness/soreness. next, the doctor will recommend running a thorough blood test that will measure levels of enzymes in the pancreas. if the two pancreatic enzymes, amylase and lipase, are elevated, it’s a strong indication your dog has pancreatitis. to further confirm the diagnosis, x-rays and an ultrasound may be done as well. #doghealth #caninehealth #doghealthtips #k9health
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Mango The English Bulldog
9thislandbulldog It's a bulldog thing. if you would have told me (@livinwithlacy) that this would be the change from one year ago, i would have never believed you. we miss coconut, and he taught us so much. we're definitely doing things differently this time around. we sure do miss his quirkiness. 💚 mango is already part of the family and as sweet as can be. thankful. for both the memories we have and the memories to come. #mangothebully #mangothebulldog #mangotheenglishbulldog #cashsbullbabies #mango #bulldog #bulldogsofinstagram #igbulldogfamily #englishbulldogs #englishbully #igbulldogs_norcal #igbulldogs_nevada #flatnosedogsociety #igbulldogs_community #instadog #igbulldog #squishyfacecrew #instabulldog #caninehealth #wrinkles
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2 days ago
k9_align We are seriously crushing on these two sisters 🐶🐶! #wcw
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Mani Monster
2 days ago
ommanimonster My first cold laser therapy session with dr. kat was today at @merlinspetshop. i did so good. in fact, i was pretty awesome. and i got lots of treats and massages and kisses! • #ommanimonster #coldlasertherapy #dogs #bullboxer #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #caninehealth #caninearthritis #naturopathy #dogislove #onelove
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