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Sundays dental hygiene class 🍗
🐾we love to chew on a raw bone
🐾great natural dental hygiene ->cleans plaque and reduces bad breath
🐾good for mental stimulation
🐾natural and primitive⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
🤷🏼‍♀️go on- try fido on a bone! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
❗️supervision required
❗️never used cooked bones- they can splinter
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Depois dos terceiros molares, os caninos superiores permanentes têm a maior incidência de retenção, sendo duas vezes mais frequentes no sexo feminino. a impactação dos caninos superiores ocorre com maior frequência no palato (85% contra 15% na região bucal). os caninos retidos no palato raramente erupcionam espontaneamente, inversamente aos impactados por vestibular, que podem erupcionar, embora ectópicamente. as opções de tratamento utilizadas para os dentes retidos são basicamente divididas em três grupos: 1) as conservadoras não-cirúrgicas, que visam a manutenção do elemento dentário sem qualquer abordagem cirúrgica; 2) as não conservadoras, que consistem na sua eliminação por meio de técnicas cirúrgicas exodônticas; e 3) as conservadoras cirúrgicas ou cirúrgicas conservadoras, que objetivam a manutenção do dente retido, mas que necessitam expô-lo a traumas cirúrgicos. o tracionamento dental pode ser utilizado com auxílio de fios ortodônticos transfixados na porção incisal da coroa dental por meio de perfuração ou acoplados a um bracket, botão ou tela, os quais deverão ser colados com resina composta na coroa dental, cirurgicamente exposta. atualmente, a laçada da coroa dentária pelo fio ortodôntico, tem tido uso limitado pela dificuldade em envolver todo o dente com mínimo traumatismo ao cemento e ligamento periodontal, necessidade de grandes ostectomias para sua exposição e pela possibilidade de extração acidental do retido quando da torção do fio. neste caso, foi utilizado a colagem de fio ortodôntico com resina composta diretamente ao esmalte dentário. esta técnica diminui o trauma aos tecidos moles provocados pelo bracket ou botão durante o período de tração. #oralsurgery #orthodontictraction #canineteeth #canineimpaction #impactedtooth #toothtraction
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To all my fellow dog lovers. today shelby had a tooth extracted 😢and we found out that another one was cracked but does not need to be removed. cause? antler dog chews. vet claims it’s the main reason for teeth breaking - so why are they sold? we’ve had many dogs and this is the first time such a thing has happened — and also the first time we bought them. so avoid at all costs. #healthydogs #canineteeth #whoknew #antlerchews
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So i got this lip lacquer by @elfcosmetics. i love how it makes my lips glow and so shiny. it’s not sticky or heavy on the lips. it doesn’t have any weird taste or smell. it really makes my lips pop with a burst of color when otherwise the color may be neutral to subtle .
it doesn’t dry my lips out as some products can, doesn’t make them feel tacky or coated .

yes, i know i got some canine fangs lol. i’m a meat eater, a real carnivore. my white teeth are thanks to my awesome dentist @haleighblackwell and @the.natural.dentist coconut mint charcoal toothpaste .
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Even when you’re a little banshee who refuses sleep for a week, you’re my favorite girl. •
parenting is no joke.
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I was going to call this post “teeth cleaning for dummies,” but hey book title people we are not dummies, am i right?
still, there’s tons of stuff i don’t know like how am i supposed to do right by my dog’s chompers and also how the heck did margaret atwood write “handmaids tale” like a 100 years ago and scare the bejesus out of us today?
so i talked to my vet and the internet and they all agree that we should be brushing our dogs’ teeth every day.
just like us, their mouths fill up w super gross bacteria that can lead to gum disease, and work its way to the dogs heart, liver and kidneys and damage the immune system, which always causes lots of bad problems and expensive vet bills.
so i bought a really cute pink baby toothbrush for hazel, but it didn’t get her the least bit excited about dental hygiene. then i said too bad i’m the mom and i own all the treats and she couldn’t argue w that and is now basically on board w the dental program.
on average, i probably brush her teeth 4-5/week, give her a raw bone once/week, and every 3-6 months, like today, hazel gets a non-anaesthetic teeth cleaning at the vet.
scroll to see how amazing and white those teef looked after the cleaning, and also how proud she was of herself for being so awesome during the torture (not really, she can be a little dramatic - see my ig story today - but they still gave her an a+). 😂
finding a toothpaste was a little tricky. you know i like organic products and def no sugar. i used to think greenies were cool, but honestly they are full of junk. scroll pics for the toothpaste i finally found and really like.
if this still sounds exhausting, i’ve saved the punchline.
my vet said teeth cleaning can add 2 years to your dog’s life.💥 that’s 712 more days to wake up w your dog’s head in the crook of your arm, lying on his back snoring and basically making your life worth living. 💗
how do you take care of your dogs chompers?
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The monkeys are back! the monkeys are back! 
vervet monkey tops. ethically sourced.

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Lunch bag art cont. this is my version of my son’s new super villain. note the mohawk headgear and the stitch detail around the mouth. i think he used the eyes of his pet frog. as a bonus, i’m posting the lunch bag that i forgot to photograph. he finally lost that fourth tooth, so he really wanted me to show off his canines. hence, the vampirian!
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Am i the only pup who loves getting their teeth brushed? ❤️ we use coconut oil mixed with doggie toothpaste to get these chompers extra clean 🐶💗 #roxiebaby #spoiledpup #puppyface #goodgirl #canineteeth #holisticpup #healthybabe
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Armani, 2018
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Good trying 😼
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