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Boy has it been a while since i carried my tent up into the mountains to scenes like this 😏 luckily enough i'll be setting off in a few days for some more well needed mountain time, camera time and me time! what's something that keeps you grounded? 💫
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It’s #conservationweek so don’t forget to get out at some point and enjoy the stunning flora and fauna that @docgovtnz look after for us all year round! kea’s are my absolute favourite native bird - let’s make sure we all do our part in protecting these little guys by only living footprints behind 🦶🏻🦶🏻get amongst it by checking out the @docgovtnz website for activities and events to take part in this #conservationweek #sponsored
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Can’t beat a good inversion layer!
cheers to the talented @bennymabazza for sharing this beautiful image with us!
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It’s been a while since my last post so here’s an update..i’ve been flat out working my but off, not many of you know unless you know me personally but i work full time and have a million other jobs so i’m always on the go and this year i’ve had no time for the adventures. i’ve made minimal time to go out on trips but when i have they’ve been unforgettable but for now nothing will be changing and i’ll still be working my but off. while i may be posting just know i’m in a bit of hibernation with adventuring, so bare with me while i get myself back into it ☺️ 📸: @talman
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One thing i loved while i was in dunedin was the new connections i made and the places i got to explore when i had the chance. dunedin is one of those cities with so much epicness surrounding it and its city. thanks @poncho_boi for providing good banter and radio adventures, here's to more to come?
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Milky way, ob hill, tae hut and the flag pole early on august morning. twilight in the evening is now so bright that we will not see dark skies like this again until next march @antarctica.nz scott base
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