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Staring way down into the fjords.
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@iamhael combines ingenuity with soft, beautiful light to create this #week2challenge feature! join our fb group (link in bio) to be featured next!
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Stay patient and trust your journey. photo inspired by @jon.snip been feeling super outgoing and creative lately and have been pushing myself harder to improve my skills. everyone’s journey is different so don’t let the setbacks discourage you from your true potential. always be pushing yourself to be a better version of yourself.
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「 08/23/19 」
i feel like absolute c**p today but at least its friday today 🥴
basic picture (from may😳😳) bc im out of ideas for the 29473848 time, hopefully this weekend something good will come
↳ qotd: have you ever been to a flower field? if so which one(s)? i have only been to a sunflower field once :,))) & i didn’t even take that much pictures oop
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There may not be a single focal point in the photo but for me, editing this rainy inlet was more about working on color; the right hue and saturation for both the blues and the greens. still tweaking, still exploring possibilities. any critique is welcome.
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We made it to friyay!! here’s to an awesome start to the weekend!
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I could hear the ocean and the sound of the seagulls while reviewing these pictures. from a foggy day strolling around reykjavík.
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