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I feel like this took me an ungodly amount of time. it is the last day of #thedailymarker30day challenge and i thought i would end it with my suffering (my hands and wrist are yelling so bad at me right now and i’m only typing this message with my pinky lol), from taking hours on one little a2 size card that will probably go in a drawer somewhere and never again see the light of day. but i had an amazing time coloring this month, as always because i’m slightly obsessed with it, and i thank @kathyrac for hosting this challenge and just being the sweetest ever 🥰 love you!! ❤️❤️😘😘
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supplies- @ginakdesigns bold and blooming stamp set; @ginakdesigns warm glow amalgam ink; @prismacolor colored pencils; @ginakdesigns kraft cardstock; @thermoweb foam tape
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[werbung] geburtstagsgrüße aus der neuen kollektion von #florilegesdesign
den holztürstempel finde ich besonders schön 😍
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From #artisandesignteam member aurèlie fabre (@autour.du.papier ):
“hello! do you want your ribbons to always matching your projects ? use stampin' blends to tint white or ivory ribbons of the color you need! stain, cut and knot! simple and fast!”
"hello! envie de rubans toujours assortis à vos projets? utilisez les feutres à alcool pour teinter des rubans blancs ou ivoire de la couleur dont vous avez besoin! teintez, coupez et nouez! simple et rapide!" #adttipsandtricks #techniquetuesday #stampinup #papercrafting #handmadecards #cardmaking #blendscoloring #colorribbon #crafting
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