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Over the last 11 months @hughupsher and i have been working on a podcast showcasing our love for the reality tv show, dragons’ den/shark tank where we workshop unconventional business ideas week by week. the 1st of 8 episodes, “pie world” can now be found on itunes, spotify, soundcloud, most podcast platforms, and our bios! peace be the journey, we hope you enjoy it! 🦈💸 cover art by hugh #cashinjection #equity #marketshare #acumen #imout #dragonsden #sharktank #podcast #thesharkdankpodcast #daskapital #ktv #westworld #survivor #theweakestlink #supersport #mtngladiators #annehirsch #johnvlismas #southafrica
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“american dream (cash injection)”
glass syringe, shredded us currency; 2015 #americandream #cashinjection #itsallaboutthemoney #hollyballardmartz
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What if i told you that you could make that great money easily (without a big launch, a huge mailing list, a sales funnel, or any complicated tech?) (it's 100% possible.) what if i told you that i see you as being capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for? (you are.) what if i told you that you could be the one making great money (instead of watching other entrepreneurs in your niche pass you by?) (you can.) what i’m sharing with you in this message will change everything you thought you knew about marketing and making sales.

if you’re tired of having to work so darn hard for your money and you want an easier way:

how would you like to learn how i’ve used my “income infusion campaigns” to quickly make money in my business any time i want -- without having to host stressful live events, attend big networking events, or spend all day struggling to make sales over the phone?

this kind of effortless selling is not only 100% possible… … it is exactly how i have been able to achieve much success in my own business (especially once i gave up the exhausting live events i used to do!) but, it's not just me.

in fact:

my client robyn landis brought in $22k in 3 weeks.
i turned my $397 customer into a $21k client nearly immediately.
my client sue guiher brought in $13k from 1 referral.
my client tanya mundo brought in $3k in 45 minutes (and $18k total her first time around in the intensive, and an additional $21k total when she did the intensive again as an alum!)
my client catherine trebble turned a $650 customer into a $24k client in 7 days. (and banked a total of $48k during the intensive)
i brought in $14k with only 3 emails. then $9k with one 30 minute talk. then an additional $7k with 1 phone call.
my client lori hardegree brought in $9k in just a few days with 1 simple rinse-and-repeat template.
my client lisa montanaro brought in $12k with just 1 30-minute phone call.
my client carol ann desimine brought in $6k with just 3 emails.
there are so many more i could share with you. but doors are closing in 3 days. get all the deets here: shesgotclients.com/incomeinfusion [link in bio]
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Just checked into my room at the park hyatt tokyo. very poor standard for me but at £935 a night you can’t really complain #yougetwhatyoupayfor #cheapischeap
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Working capital is important for any business, but it can be crucial for small and medium businesses. a merchant cash advance or mca is one of the simplest ways to ensure that you have enough working capital when you need it. whether you want to grow your business or keep it running smoothly, a good working capital can make all the difference.
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Do you do a daily turnover? do you need help to grow your business? email us for for quick unrestricted cashflow shannon@cashflowcapital.co.za #cashflow #funding #retailers #restaurants #dailyturnover #growyourbusiness #money #profit #stockpurchase #renovations #cashinjection #cashadvance
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Trying to take a selfie.
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No words necessary
6 37 August 2018


These little people get to live out my dream of stumbling upon a giant glass sphere filled with money. #cashinjection
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Good to see one of these in london. i have one in the caymans.
4 29 July 2018


Zitronenkuchen mit finanzspritze - geldgutschein für das erste 🚗😂😂#cake #food #car #birthdaycake #carcake #lemoncake #junkcar #present #cashinjection #moneypresent #18birthday
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