Erin 🌻
45 minutes ago
erinslifestyleobsessions I've found that the best all-purpose cleaner is #drbronners. from hand soap to dog shampoo, i'll forever be a fan! dilute 1:10 with water in a separate bottle or jar for a clean ingredient make-up brush cleanser. what is your favorite way to clean your brushes? #makeup #greenbeauty #ecobeauty #cleanliving #organiclife #healthful #bekind #greenliving #realtechniques #masonjar #castilesoap #ecotools #alimapure
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Sarah Bolitho
3 hours ago
whistleandsqueak All set up at the mt claremont farmers market, bright and early! all the produce looks amazing and the ☕️ is warm and 👌🏻. have a gorgeous weekend 🌱💚
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HeritageStore CayceCures
3 hours ago
heritagestorelegacy Castor oil soap •clean skin with no residue •fragrance free botanical complexion therapy for sensitive skin •gentle #organic cleansing for the whole family •classic castile moisturizing beauty bar soap recommended by edgar cayce
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7 hours ago
ironlionsoap Save your scalp, nurture your hair and smell great all day long! as we transition into summer spending more time outside, in the sun and staying active don’t over look your shampoo routine. we all have different hair types and while developing this formula we insisted that we found a happy balance for all types of head hair! nearly all conventional shampoos and conditioners contain a silicone or wax that coats your hair leaving it sort of clean. there is a small passage to cross from clean to klean but the reward is a completely natural hair routine, and for many, the softest, silkiest hair they have ever experienced. #ironlionsoap #castilesoap #handmade #organicingredients #naturalhair #allnaturalproducts
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Garners Garden
9 hours ago
garnersgarden Don't forget about your hands! how many times a day do you wash your hands? now tell me, what the ingredients of the soaps you use on your hands? try our organic castile made with essential oils! #garnersgarden #handsoap #organicskincare #naturskincare #etsy #webuyblack #essentialoils #castilesoap
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BO Interiør
12 hours ago
bomoirana Kjent for sin kvalitet, allsidighet og miljøvennlighet er dr. bronner's castile såpe en av våre beste såper! den varer utrolig lenge og passer til det meste 😊 #drbronners #såpe #castilesoap #miljøvennlig #bomoirana
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Kahanananea~Aloha i Kou 'Ili
20 hours ago
dtuzon_kahanananea_soaps Well the 100%!olive oil soap is cut and will be cleaned up before the long cure. i hesitate to call it castile because it's colored with some organic cacao powder and a little rose clay and madder root. no fragrance.... just soft notes of the cacao #oliveoilsoap #handmadeonkauai #vegansoap #alohaikouili #cpsoap #artisanstylesoaps #longcure #moisturizing #castilesoap
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Janet Bonness Rak
20 hours ago
jbonnessrak Essential oil recipe for foaming facewash. one of my favorite recipes for my face and soooo easy to make! your face will ❤️ it! one drop at a time! 😊#essentialoils #yl #yleo #patchouli #ylangylang #lemongrass #castilesoap #sweetalmond #wife #furmom #nontoxic #healthylife #healthyliving #foamingfacewash
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Inner Harmony
22 hours ago
innerharmony13 Are antibacterial hand soap better than normal soap? . the discussion about antibacterial soap keeps popping up so i though i would like to talk about it. . in 2016, the fda issued a rule stating that over-the-counter consumer antiseptic wash products that contain many potentially harmful antibacterial active ingredients can no longer be marketed to consumers. . studies have found that 1) these antibacterial soaps do not clean better and normal soap 2) the chemicals may alter hormone development 3) may contribute to the development of antibiotic resistant germs 4) might be harmful to the immune system. . oh gosh! then which handsoap should you use? naturally derived organic plant based soaps of course! here's a simple and very economical natural handsoap that i have being using for years. . the brand is dr bronner. non of the no no chemical, just pure organic plant based ingredients. https://www.drbronner.com/ . what do you need for your diy handsoap? 1) dr bronner pure castile liquid soap you can get this from ntuc finest at $29.90 for 946ml bottle. 2) any forming bottle. you can recycle your old forming handsoap bottle or get this at diaso at just $2. . simply pour 50ml of the dr bronner pure castile handsoap in to a 350ml forming bottle and top it up with water. and it's done! it only cost you $1.60 worth of purecastile soap! cleans very well and is suitable for dry skin that are prone to itch. . i would strongly encourage you to give this a try! time to go natural! . inner harmony @innerharmony13 . http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/adult-health/expert-answers/triclosan/faq-20057861 #diysoap #handsoap #soap #naturalsoap #castile #castilesoap #drbronners #chemicalfree
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SD Kosmetik
22 hours ago
sd_kosmetik Kefir castile liquid soap made from 100% extra v****n olive oil. no sls no artificial colour no detergent no harsh chemicals all natural bungkuusss... kemasan 1liter untuk reseller kemasan 50ml untuk end user tersedia juga sabun cair tanpa kefir. more info wa 0813 8336 7488 ig: sd_kosmetik #soap #liquidsoap #naturalliquidsoap #castilesoap #castillesoap #kefirliquidsoap #sabunmuka #sabunmukakefir #sabuncairkefir #sabunalami #sabunnatural #sabunmandi #sabunmandialami #sabuncair #sabuncairtanpasls #sabuncairtanpadeterjen #sabuntanpadeterjen
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Needle Me Now✨
22 hours ago
needlemenow Washing with @drbronner soap is the first step to successfully completing a micro needling night at home. this soap thoroughly cleanses and removes all debris from the skin, and it's non gmo! @drbronner castile soap is absolutely amazing and a soap everyone should have in their possession. ☝🏼️we recommend the tea tree liquid soap as being the most antibacterial of the collection, but also for its many benefits, such as being an amazing acne fighter. 👌🏼 #drbronners #castilesoap
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Melbourne Handcrafted Soap 🌿
23 hours ago
barefresh.soap Happy friday friends 😃 we've titled our more floral soap lavender fields. containing essential oils of lavender grosso, litsea cubea and ylang ylang, this blend starts like it sounds with the additional grassy notes of litsea and a few drops of the sweeter ylang ylang oil 🌄 . have loved blending this one as it feels fresh, fragrant and uplifting without being too powerful 🤗🎑 . this blend is part of our variety sample kit we have available a online now. stoked to have received orders for our soap sample kits the last week. thanks for the support of our handmade craft! 👏 . #lavender #smellgoodfeelgood #handmadesoap #purple #addsomecolour #giftpack
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thenaturalhart Diy foaming hand soap with essential oils recipe👇🏼 safe, non-toxic, no s****y or questionable ingredients (like "fragrance" or the now banned fav triclosan 🙄), cheap & easy 🙌🏼 you will need: 🌿1 foaming hand soap dispenser (you can get these on amazon, container store or re-purpose one you probably already have around your house) 🌿purified water 🌿2 tablespoons liquid castile soap - we use dr. bronner's unscented 🌿½ to 1 teaspoon liquid oil such as almond, avocado, grapeseed, or olive (if you use coconut oil be sure it is fractioned and not solid) 🌿10 to 15 drops yl essential oil of your choice ~ we use thieves often (especially during cold & flu season and in the fall and holiday season smells so wonderful) lavender, peppermint or any blend you come up with will be fab i am sure how to: 🌿pour water to fill within 2" of the top of the dispenser. you need enough room for the other ingredients and to put the pump lid back on 🌿add liquid soap, oil, and yl essential oils 🌿slowly add more water if needed 🌿replace pump lid dispense soap as needed. use and enjoy! #diy #diyhandsoap #nontoxic #chemicalfreehome #frangrancefree
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