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Just playing fetch with morrigan today :)
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Another video of boris playing fetch with his squirrel! i set up the ottoman as an obstacle because he likes leaping over it, as he demonstrates here. a few people have asked how i trained him to fetch. i think he had a natural inclination for it, which i haven’t seen with other cats i’ve had in my life. he always had a habit of carrying certain toys around and moving them to specific locations. he has a somewhat annoying habit of pulling fabric off the shelf in my craft room and making a nest for himself when i’m at work, and he usually “stores” his stuffed squirrel in the nest until i dismantle it πŸ˜‚. (side bar - i tried putting some old towels out for him but he flatly rejected that). anyway, to train him to fetch, i just watched for times when he was carrying a toy and rewarded him with praise when he walked near me with it. i gradually made him work harder for the praise until he started fetching. he ultimately was not hard to train. that said, he does associate the game of fetch with two areas: the living room and the bed, lol (when i’m watching tv in bed at night, we’ll play fetch ... he loves to leap on and off the bed). he won’t consistently play fetch anywhere else, although i could likely train him to play in new places if i wanted to. i think he simply associates the game with these specific areas and it hasn’t occurred to him that we can play elsewhere because his brain is small. or, maybe he’s actually memorized a very specific set of actions as opposed to really learning the fetching skill, if you know what i mean. he is also not receptive to fetching anything other than his squirrel and feather fish at the moment. anyway, i’ve trained dogs tricks before (long ago) and training boris was similar. with boris, i just have to cater to his terms and mood a little more than i would a dog. #morethanyouwantedtoknow #siberiancat #catfetching #cattricks
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Swipe left voor een nieuwe aflevering van circus oscar 🐈πŸŽͺ
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Max & julia. #catfetching#abbycat#max#julia#⚽time
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She could do this for hours! she's the only cat that plays fetch like this that i've ever had πŸ˜‚
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I think he thinks he’s part dog. #cat #catfetching #hecanbecute #sillycat #fetch
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Our kitty fetching her favourite toy ^^ #catfetching #cat #juova
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Leia a.k.a leli the doggy .. my cat is broken πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸˆ #fetch #catfetching #catsofinstagram #cat&dog #livingwithcats #doggycat #petinsider #catworld @cats_of_instagram @petinsider
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I wasn’t feeling well over night because i had eaten a quarter of a stick of butter πŸ™„ so i wasn’t eating my food and meowmy was so worried! i’m all better now because i’m fetching!!!
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My cat joseph !! his favorite play! he loves fetching like a dog 🐢 #catfetching
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Well this is embarrassing!! i wasn’t sure how fetch a ball yet and my big brother hamish had to show me how it’s done.

for the record, i’m a professional now! #tacoterrier #fetch #catfetching
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