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“mary is always in the vanguard of humanity…by her assumption, she goes ahead like her son to prepare a place for us. she participates in the glory of her son, reigns with him, presides at his side over the destinies of the church in time, and intercedes for us, to him, as he, in his turn, intercedes to the heavenly father…mary always seems to be the advent of what is in store for man.” - fulton j. sheen from “the world’s first love” (1952)
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๐Ÿ“ฟpray the rosary๐Ÿ“ฟ
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Today we celebrate the founding of the society of jesus. the order grew out of the activity of ignatius, a spanish soldier who experienced a religious conversion during a period of convalescence from a wound received in battle. after a period of intense prayer, he composed the spiritual exercises, a guidebook to convert the heart and mind to a closer following of jesus christ. on august 15, 1534, at paris, six young men who had met him at the university of paris and made a retreat according to the spiritual exercises joined him in vows of poverty, chastity, and a pilgrimage to jerusalem. if this last promise did not prove possible, as it did not, they vowed to accept any apostolic work requested by the pope. in 1539 ignatius drafted the first outline of the order’s organization, which pope paul iii approved on september 27, 1540.
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Wednesday 15th august:
today is the feast of the assumption of the v****n mary, so the bible reading i chose for this morning was the book of revelation 12: 1-6. hearing this description helped the young one understand the imagery we often see in the catholic church, of mary with the crescent moon and serpent at her feet. i spoke about how intriguing it is to read not only the words that appear in our churches, but also the pictures, they have deeper meaning to our faith. we also looked at some of the works of art with today's feast as their subject - titian, botticini, rubens. all of this inspired arabella to make a small drawing of mary.
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Today we celebrate the feast day of the assumption of mary when god assumed the v****n mary into heaven following her death. today is a holy day of obligation meaning get to church today! given all that’s going on, all i can say is virgencita, ruega por nosotros! pray for us! it’s also my tía abuela maría’s birthday who’s up in heaven probably eating some ice cream or serving it up to everyone! •

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La asunción de la virgen maría

el papa pío xii definió como dogma de fe la asunción de maría al cielo en cuerpo y alma el 1 de noviembre de 1950.

la fiesta de la asunción es “la fiesta de maría”, la más solemne de las fiestas que la iglesia celebra en su honor. este día festejamos todos los misterios de su vida.

la asunción es un mensaje de esperanza que nos hace pensar en la dicha de alcanzar el cielo, la gloria de dios y en la alegría de tener una madre que ha alcanzado la meta a la que nosotros caminamos.

este día, recordamos que maría es una obra maravillosa de dios. concebida sin pecado original, el cuerpo de maría estuvo siempre libre de pecado. era totalmente pura. su alma nunca se corrompió. su cuerpo nunca fue manchado por el pecado, fue siempre un templo santo e inmaculado.

también, tenemos presente a cristo por todas las gracias que derramó sobre su madre maría y cómo ella supo responder a éstas. ella alcanzó la gloria de dios por la vivencia de las virtudes. se coronó con estas virtudes.

maría cumplió perfectamente con la voluntad de dios en su vida y eso es lo que la llevó a llegar a la gloria de dios.

en la tierra todos queremos llegar a dios y en esto trabajamos todos los días. esta es nuestra esperanza. maría ya ha alcanzado esto. lo que ella ha alcanzado nos anima a nosotros. lo que ella posee nos sirve de esperanza. maría tuvo una enorme confianza en dios y su corazón lo tenía lleno de dios. ella es nuestra madre del cielo y está dispuesta a ayudarnos en todo lo que le pidamos.

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Bible verse of the day, "rather, blessed are those who hear the word of god and observe it." luke 11:28

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Such a handsome minor. oops, i meant miner. at least i think he’s over age. regardless, he gave me a chunk of gold. woohoo, i’m going to wendover!
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“a great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.” rev 12:1
“mary's role in the church is inseparable from her union with christ and flows directly from it…  the immaculate virgin, preserved free from all stain of original sin, when the course of her earthly life was finished, was taken up body and soul into heavenly glory, and exalted by the lord as queen over all things, so that she might be the more fully conformed to her son, the lord of lords and conqueror of sin and death.” ccc 964-966
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Asunción de nuestra señora al cielo๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜
al cielo vais, señora, 
y allá os reciben con alegre canto.
¡oh quién pudiera ahora 
asirse a vuestro manto 
para subir con vos al monte santo!

de ángeles sois llevada, 
de quien servida sois desde la cuna, 
de estrellas coronada: ¡tal reina habrá ninguna, 
pues os calza los pies la blanca luna!

volved los blandos ojos, 
ave preciosa, sola humilde y nueva, 
a este valle de abrojos, 
que tales flores lleva, 
do suspirando están los hijos de eva.

que, si con clara vista 
miráis las tristes almas de este suelo, 
con propiedad no vista, 
las subiréis de un vuelo, 
como piedra de imán al cielo, al cielo.โคโคโค #asuncióndemaría #virgenmaria #madrededios #madrenuestra #catoliquerosoficialuse #catholic #catholicism #catholicchurch credit to @catoliqueros_oficial
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Happy feast of the assumption of the blessed v****n mary! don’t forget to go to mass today! it truly is not just an obligation but an honor to go receive jesus in the eucharist and honor the assumption of mary! swipe left for some of our awesome gift offerings!๐Ÿ˜Š #zieglers #fczieglerco #catholicartandgifts #catholic #christian #assumptionofmary #feastday #catholicism #catholicchurch #catholics #avemaria #mamamary #jmj #bvm #motherofgod #romancatholic
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