The Joy of Cats 😻 Heidi Bender
13 hours ago
the_joy_of_cats I will be live on facebook at 8:00 pm est tonight talking about the christmas box cat tree that we made this year. did the cats use it? facebook.com/thejoyofcats.
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15 hours ago
sabagoesplaces New tote + pin for the #causes that matter. ✊️✌️😸💖 #prochoice #profeminism #procats
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16 hours ago
jessica_grace06 1 year later and tony stark still isn't here for my cat selfies. #catlife #catladyforlife
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22 hours ago
diannahkillian This is becoming my very favorite time of the day. ❤ when i was a teacher, i stayed up very late each night grading papers and making lesson plans. i was always exhausted so i'd sleep in as long as possible before heading to the school each morning. i was always rushed, i never ate breakfast, and it wasn't the best way to start off my day. i'm learning to make mornings a positive start. i have to go to work much earlier now than when i was teaching. but, i make sure to set aside 15 minutes to read personal development while i drink my coffee and cuddle with the furs. i set my intentions for the day and set myself up for success. it's just another mind shift. sleep for 15 more minutes or use that time to start my day off right? so far, i'm loving my choice! ❤ here is my favorite quote from today: "you can only go as far as you grow." happy thursday! ❤
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