Shannon Crosby
3 days ago
_shannzz_ 🎶just the two of us, we can make it if we try, just the two of us... you and i🎶 #nebz #catladygang
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Roo and Two
5 days ago
rooandtwo All three soaking up the sun! king doz 👑, my lady lemon lane 🍋 & prince roo charles iii 🏰 . . . . . #sunnydays #lazypitbull #catsmeow #meowvswoof #catsvsdogs #snoozefest #catladygang #squad #dogsofvancouverisland #finallyasunnyday #dailymeow
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Leah Kremer
2 weeks ago
leahkremerfitness Morning coffee snuggles with tobey as i meal plan for next week. usually i am heading out the door at this time, but because of conferences, i don't need to leave for another 40 minutes! thankful for this little bit of extra time that i don't usually get to enjoy on the weekdays. side note, i'll definitely need to lint roll off my pants before i leave!
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Little Arrow
2 weeks ago
littlearrowshop 💕new 💕 cat lady keychains in gorgeous pastel iridescent glitter ✨😻✨ magical af keychains & fu heart earrings in pink glitter are also heeerrrre!!! 💝 all us orders ship free today only with code luvu - littlearrowstudio.com 🎀 #pastelfashion #catladylife #kawaiicute #valentinesday
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Leah Kremer
3 weeks ago
leahkremerfitness Happy friday! we made it! all of my students are either sick or tired today so we are taking it easy and doing some review and stations today instead of trying to tackle new concepts. for a long time, i was super rigid with my entire life and wanted everything to be absolutely perfect. i still like to plan things out, but it is also important to be flexible in things because we cannot control everything. this is something i'm practicing in all areas of my life- health, fitness, food, work, personal relationships. becoming more flexible has helped me to worry less, gain stronger relationships with myself and others, and be able to enjoy life more! what is something that you could practice being more flexible with?
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Diana Sylvia
3 weeks ago
_dulce_diana_ We fight now and then but we got us❣️#catladygang #joinordie
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