2 days ago
ralphskittycorner This new kicker toy that ralph is cuddling is available in the etsy store as a three pack with two pillows. don't forget to enter our giveaway to win the valentine's day three pack by posting a picture of your kitty with the hash tag #ralphskittycornergiveaway and tagging us in the photo!
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Leah Kremer
3 days ago
leahkremerfitness Enjoying a glass of wine and some snuggles as i wrap up my day and get some work done. i'm prepping topics for my health and fitness challenge group for the week. i absolutely love sharing my own story and findings + learning from others what works for them. i've learned what works for me through many ups and downs. what kinds of topics would you want to learn more about in a health and fitness community? what kinds of things would motivate you to continue working toward your health and fitness goals?
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Porcelain Midnight
2 weeks ago
porcelainmidnight One of my rescue cats "curly bear" yes he sits like this all the time!! ❤😺
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Leah Kremer
2 weeks ago
leahkremerfitness We're all ready to rest up to feel better. he knew i needed snuggles the minute i walked in the door. thanks so much for the thoughts and well wishes! low grade temp and body aches have entered now so my positive affirmations have become, "i am well, i will wake up tomorrow and feel better, i will go to work tomorrow and will not need a sub." in all fairness though, my body aches are due in part to muscle fatigue from my workouts! dinner, tea, and bed for this girl to be on my way of these happening!
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Tessa Bvmbii
2 weeks ago
bvmbii__ I hope your sunday was as cozy and warm as jasper is! there's still snow on the ground here so we're all bundled up 😊😻⛄️ when did my little baby get so big and handsome 😩 @catladygang #catlady #crazycatlady #catmom #catladygang #furbaby #furchild #catsofinstagram #cats #cat #jasper #guccilapurr #handsomecat #dignified #cozy #cuddly #snuggleman #sundaysnuggles #lovebug #mamasboy #bvmbi #meow
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