4 hours ago
siamkittycats Buttercup was dumped with her 2 sisters in front of a local noodle shop street vendor here in bangkok. unable to care and provide for their needs the street vendor surrendered the trio to some office workers. for weeks they’ve gone under rigorous treatments for ear mites, ringworm, and malnourishment 😿 and we are proud to say that today they have received a clean bill of health 😺 we are searching tirelessly to find their forever homes, will you help? tag someone you think should adopt buttercup 😻
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Alex Wolfe
8 hours ago
thesnoogster Jeff was a lime dip virgin... before i made him trap stray cats with me and then give them lime sulphur baths when it turned out they had ringworm 😂🤣 i'm laughing because everything is horrible. . . . #iamtheworstwifeever #tnr #chicagotnr #reacuecats #rescuelife #catladyproblems #catladyprobs #ringworm #ringwormsucks #limesulfur #rotteneggs #everythingishorrible
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thehoneybreak 💫 dōTERRA
22 hours ago
thehoneybreak Thanksgiving weekend (post-travel) feels 👆🏼😴💤
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Natalie Rachel
22 hours ago
When you're trying to eat your porridge in peace but there's a cat 🐱😊🙈#cat #catsofinstagram #catlady #catladyprobs #catlover #tryingtoeatinpeace
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Elizabeth Marchini
23 hours ago
lizmarchini Zoey loves her new bed. . . . yes that is an old reusable shopping bag, which apparently is more comfortable that all the actually cat beds we own . #catlife #catsofinstagram #cats_of_instagram #catladyprobs #adoptdontshop #crazycats
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art_of_emily As you can see, i have total control as i try to do a project. #cat #diy #project #nature #twigs #tryingtowork #catladyprobs
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Life Of K Bear 🐯
When you’re cuddled and you hear someone knocking.... #aintnobodygottimeforthat #🙅‍♀️
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Erin | Cotton Stem
cottonstem I mean.....we all know it's true, guys. 😻 where i go, they go. where i sit, they sit. where i try to relax, they knead my squishy places, face-nudge my hands, chew on my hair, swipe their bodies on my black pants, bring me single socks to show their hunting prowess, howl at imaginary prey, and they sometimes climb the drop cloth curtains right before bed. 😳 and yet....if it wouldn't push me alllllll the way into crazy cat lady town (...or....am i already there and don't possess the self-awareness to know it...? 😬), i would add one or seven more to our home. i love them so! does it show...? 😉 are you a dog or cat person? or both?! . (ps-these beauties are ragamuffin kitties named tilly, faye and june, and we chose this breed because of their sweet, gentle nature. sometimes cats + tiny kids is no bueno, but these girls are like docile dogs in fluffy cat bodies. it's nuts. best kitties ever! ❤️) . http://liketk.it/2txs1 #liketkit @liketoknow.it #ltkhome @liketoknow.it.home
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Emily Crooker
mumapadura ‘thanks for waking up at 5:30am to feed me, mom. i’ll be going back to sleep now’ #fuzzyjerk #stilltired #catladyprobs
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