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Elle Miller
July 2017
ellemillerart Rocketsteve. lil orphan arnie. tiny tim. sir sleeps-alot. purrsonal nemesis to fluffernutter. some smelly stool thought abandoning tiny kittens with freshly opened eyes in the woods was a cute idea. this little guy was the only one a friend of a friend of a friend could find and i am taking him on as my own. he barely weighs a pound (if that tbh). of course you should expect kitten pictures in the near future, but right now he's a babybaby and big on sleeps and clumsy play so not as many as you would think. my family visiting from texas leave tomorrow, so i will be back to work on paintings. i am also working on building a blog. it will mostly consist of more coherent thoughts, my trials and errors, follow along my little art journey as i finally officially step into the world with it, along with other bits and bolts. /endwalloftext #catladystatusactivated #kitten #4weeks #rescue
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January 2017
beezlebrox Guess who has a 4 cat household for the next 3 months? #catladystatusactivated
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