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He likes to watch me like this when i take a nap #cats #catmom #judgingme #creepycat
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Today was red sox day at work. so last night after amara had try outs for travel basketball we went to kohl’s because we both needed new red sox shirts. i tried a few different ones on and the one i liked i got a large. i didn’t try it on. i did try the medium and liked it but self doubt got in my head and i grabbed the large. -
this morning as i was getting dressed the large was swimming on me. i ended up going back to kohl’s to do an even exchange for the medium.
i know i have lost about 15lbs since last february but sometimes in my head i think i am still the same size. why is that? maybe it’s because i was wearing pants that were a little too snug and now they are fitting like they should be. maybe it’s because i would wear hoodies whenever i could to hide the muffin top (but let’s be real, it was still there).
i am still the girl who eats pizza. i am the still the girl who eats dessert. i am still the girl who is a carb lover that eats bread and pasta. but through the awesome nutrition program i have been following since may (right now it’s more 80/20 than 100%), eating when i am hungry rather than eating because its time to, literally increasing my steps from just walking to doing a second round on a program that i absolutely love has changed my mindset and the mental aspect of my journey, not just the physical. -
i don’t put the pressure on myself like i use to. i use the scale to gage how my body responds to what i am eating and the timeframe i eat my meals in (who knew 8pm would e my cut off time), getting enough sleep (yup 8 hours makes a difference vs anything less), and this is a biggie… doing a program where you workout 4 days a week vs 5-7! yes, the workouts are longer than i like (average 45 minutes) but it is doable for me to work into my schedule. once i get the sports schedule and my night job schedule (which is my 3rd job) i figure out what days i am going to workout.
now i am looking for 10 people to join me in a 21 day accountability group starting november 5th. if i have peaked your interest or you have been thinking of doing something but not sure what, we should talk!
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Binx is working on a svelt body too. πŸ˜‚ #thestruggleisreal #weightloss #catmom
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Got a cat with some attitude?!?! try this grounding and calming diffuser blend. and it will have a calming effect on the whole family!! **make sure you know the safety guidelines when diffusing around animals. if you have any questions, let me know! .
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Trying to be twins πŸ‘―πŸ’• #spyroandcrash #twinkitties #meow
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My grey is a cuddler. and she is just gorgeous! #greyisbeautiful #grey #catmom #catsofinstagram
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Cat boy and his cat momma

i’m always super protective of bryce, keeping him in my sights whenever we’re out and about

when he eventually does trick or treating by himself @life360 family app is something we will be using for sure! •

you can track where your child goes, set up a “safe trick or treating zone” that alerts you when they leave the area, and a pickup place when they are done having fun. •

this is something every parent should use to keep their kids safe •

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Doesn’t every adult take pictures with their cat? 🀷🏻‍β™€οΈπŸ˜» #firepointhimalayan #catmom #kittyboy
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She’s so pretty #nalathebengal #catmom
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