12 minutes ago
cherinaandfriends Heyyy, i'm a cutie cat named max and i love everyone and everything! ... jk i'm an asshole
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neko tigri
18 minutes ago
nekotigri I kissed her paw and she instantly cleaned herself. the sound of my heart breaking apart must have been heard even in brazil. (keep reading!!) ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ - hey guys! sorry for the last blank posts but i've decided to change a bit this profile because i want it to look more stunning from now on, but i didn't want to delete my old posts so i've just separated the old and the new ones with those three white images :). anyway, i'm keeping a theme from now on, and this is today's pic, hope you like it. have a nice day 😁
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Ryan Ed C. Cortez 🇵🇭⚡
31 minutes ago
imyanadamxx I don't understand our relationship. sometimes, we're friends. sometimes, we're more then friends. other times, i'm just a stranger to you. [ #vscoph #vscotravel #vscofashion #likeforlike #folloforfollow #ootd #ootdshare #styler #yansynthesis #style #look #shookt #catwang #blogger ]
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