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Aqua world oarai - aqua world oarai is characterised by its shallow cetacean tank and ridiculous live animal performances. in the first video, you can see a bottlenose dolphin frantically kicking its flukes to gain the required height for its reward - this is also an indicator that the dolphin was captured from the wild. the two following videos show how shallow the tank is for the aquariums false killer whales (whose flukes touch the bottom of the tank) and bottlenose dolphins - one of whom comes into contact with the pool floor during the latter part of the video. these two species, along with sea lions and a pacific white-sided dolphin, perform the same routine every day with little to no variation. a particularly scandalous trick involves a sea lion riding on the back of a false killer whale while holding a sign in its mouth. although aqua world oarai is a member of jaza (japanese association of zoos and aquariums), meaning it’s prohibited from acquiring cetaceans from taiji, its display of cetaceans is completely devoid of educational benefits and is simply a source of mediocre entertainment. - the aquarium also houses a number of shark species such as zebra, black-tip reef, white-tip reef, hound, woebbegog, hammer head and lemon sharks. the shark tank lacks sediment which is completely inappropriate for the bottom dwelling species. due to the zebra shark swimming in tight circles, the tank is clearly far too small for its inhabitants, especially considering zebra sharks can grow to over 8ft. - caption: @inherentlywild
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These are just a few of our cimi instructor's artistic interpretation of whale blows. whales can be fairly hard to identify if you don't know what you're looking for. most of the whale's body is underwater, leaving very few characteristics to compare. whale blows and flukes, can be two of the easiest ways to figure out exactly what species of whale you are looking at. read more at: #linkinbio #whale #cetaceans #marinescience
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Incredulous images taken by allison bone of type b killer whales hunting a weddell seal in antarctica. for nearly two hours, the pod produced waves aimed at pushing the seal off the ice floe. despite the repeated wave-washing attempts, the seal clung to the ice and only fell into the water twice. end result: the seal lived to see another day, and the killer whales swam off to find another meal. this hunting method is unique to the type b ecotype, as no other killer whales in the world do this. it is learned behavior; many years ago, an individual learned how to wave wash on his/her own and taught others the technique. calves and juveniles learn from successful, older individuals how to wave wash prey. these killer whales tend to prefer weddell seals over the more-aggressive leopard and crabeater seals. each orca ecotype is richly diverse and full of culture—just like human societies! caption: @sevenseasoffreedom photos: allison bone
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Cetaceans’ is the collective name for all whales, dolphins and porpoises who between them form a single group, known as an order. it's a huge group, though, comprising around 90 species, so let's break it down. to begin with, cetaceans can be divided into two categories; baleen whales, and toothed whales. baleen plates, or whalebone, are comb-like bristles that hang from the upper jaw of most large whales and allow them to filter-feed. when whales open their mouths, water and prey, such as krill or small fish upon which they feed, pour in. the water floods back out but the baleen filters out the prey for the whale to then swallow. blue, humpback, grayand right whales are all included in this group. the vast majority of whales and dolphins, however, belong in the toothed category, and they feed on prey in a similar manner to most carnivores. these include the beaked whales, the dolphins and the porpoises. the sperm whalealso sits here (the only large whale in this category) as do the belugaand narwhal. the dolphins form the largest group, and (rather confusingly) include the orca, or killer whale, as well as the pilot whales. marine dolphins can be found all around the world, varying in size and colouration, but rarely coming closer inland than bays or estuaries. there are a few species of freshwater dolphins, however, which are found in some of the largest of the world's rivers. sadly, one of them, the yangtze river dolphin, was declared functionally extinct in 2007. beaked whales are the least known of all cetaceans, as they principally lead their lives in deep waters. there are at least 20 different species in all. the porpoises are distinguished from dolphins by their stubbier beaks and flatter teeth. with such a wide range of skills, feeding habits, behavioural patterns and more, there's a whale, dolphin or porpoise to suit virtually every aquatic environment on the planet. source wdc edit @respectanimalrights read more on wdc page. cetacea facts and information. have a nice evening and pray for blue today. kimberly. #cetaceans #dolphin #relaxingvideo #thinkblue #cetaceanfact
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We are very excited to share that vancouver aquarium’s ceo has just publicly announced that cetacean captivity has finally come to an end at the aquarium. following the sequential deaths of the aquarium’s two harbor porpoises, mother and daughter belugas, a pacific white-sided dolphin, and rescued false killer whale, va fought hard against the park board to keep captivity. due to public pressure and only helen (pacific white-sided dolphin) remaining, the ceo made this historical decision. rescuing of whales, dolphins, and porpoises is still permitted, but those undeemed fit for release must be sent to another aquarium—unless va can persuade the park board to temporarily house them in the main campus’ display tanks. (perfect time to build a seaside sanctuary for unreleasable animals...) the rehab center is not at the same site as the aquarium open to the public. it has yet to be decided if helen will be moved somewhere else where she can be with others of her kind, or if another dolphin will be moved to vancouver. va has come a long way since being one of the first to keep captured orcas in pools, and has since been very involved in killer whale research. the aquarium still holds pinnipeds and sea otters captive, but this is a major improvement that should be supported. the aquarium can now focus more on research and rescue! caption: @sevenseasoffreedom photos: vancouver aquarium
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Remember, no day is a bad day when it’s #whalewednesday! 🐋✨ . . . 📸 = @waterproject 💙 #marinelife #ourocean #oceanoptimism
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Killer Whales / Dolphins
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Acquario di genova&oltremare
Surfing in surface🙃 - questa foto la amo ma insta rovina la qualita🤷‍♀️ - #quot cosa ne pensate delle strutture in italia con delfini? pregi e difetti? - #oltremare#riccione#delfino#delfini#animals#italy#photography#animals#dolphin#aquarium#seaworld#amoremio#happines#dolphins#laguna#nelmiocuore#follow#dolphinstadium#lagunaditaras#cetaceans#europa#like4like#nikonusa#acquariodigenova#blackandwhite#seaworldcares#wild#animals
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Cetaceans Passion™ | -kate🍁
『21 gennaio 2018』 ⠀ photography by: @seaconnect.photos ⠀ kalia and amaya, sea world san diego (california) ⠀ eng: hi everyone, i'm a new page about my passion: marine mammals. i'm just a 14 y/o italian girl, and a future marine mammals trainer. ita: ciao a tutti, sono una nuova page sulla mia passione: i cetacei. sono solamente una ragazza italiana di quattordici anni, e in futuro spero di lavorare con i mammiferi marini *^* ⠀ sfortunatamente sono stata una sola volta al sea world di san diego, varie volte ad oltremare e due o tre all'acquario di genova. non mi piace classificare i cetacei in base alla preferenza, ma devo dire che i miei delfini preferiti sono cleo, naù e goccia, all'acquario di genova, e le mie orche preferite sono / erano amaya (sua figlia kalia è adorabile *^*), takara, tuar, sakari, kasatka eee tra tutti gli individui che sono passati a miglior vita ammetto che mi è dispiaciuto troppo per la morte di kyara... e basta, spero che ciò che posterò vi piaccia, e di conoscere nuove persone ^^ a proposito, ho taggato alcune persone tanto per farmi conoscere! ⠀ #qotd // ⠀ #aotd // ⠀ -kate #cetaceanspassion #cetaceans #seaworld #sea #ocean #oltremare #acquario #acqua #marinemammals
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Lobosonda Madeira Whalewatchin
Below by lobosonda: “rare glimpse” striped dolphin (stenella coeruleoalba) are one of the fastest swimming and also one of the most illusive dolphin species to get close during our whale watching trips... photo taken by daniel jardim #madeiraarchipelago #madeiraisland #calheta #lobosonda #whalewatching #cetaceans #dolphins #stenellacoeruleoalba #toothedwhales #bowriding #visitmadeira #madeirabelow #ig_captures_nature #gopro #goprosession5 #goprophotography
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Did you know? gray whales have the longest annual migration pattern of any mammal on the planet, traveling up to 20,000 miles each year. every year in around october, gray whales make their way to the baja peninsula of mexico and the southern gulf of california, all the way from eastern pacific alaskan waters. as the alaskan waters begin to freeze over, their food supply migrates to more tropical climates, therefore they must follow where it goes. - in addition, gray whales come to warmer waters in order to breed. some females will often already be pregnant when they arrive and will be looking for proper protection for their soon to be newborn calf. the majority of females, however, are not already pregnant but are fertile and will eagerly be looking for a mate. - by mid february, the majority of the population can be seen socializing and giving birth at the mating grounds. this will continue until the end of march and most of the whales will migrate back to their feeding grounds in alaska. while some gray whales migrate seasonally, there is a small population that spends the year traveling through canada and california, rather than making a longer journey from alaska to california and mexico. - overall, migration is a very important part of a gray whale’s life. migration allows them to find abundant sources of food and to gather with other whales. it also allows them to reproduce in a safe, warm region for the sake of their newborn calves. - photo: @slatermoorephotography
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Helen the pacific white sided dolphin at @vanaqua -------------------------------------------- pacific white sided dolphin status: least concern pacific white sided dolphin population: 900,000 -------------------------------------------- #van #vancouver #vanaqua #vancouveraqua #vancouveraqua #vancouveraquarium #vanaquaria #vancouveraquaria #dolphin #pacificwhitesideddolphin #whitedolphin #mammal #animal #animals #animalkingdom #photo #photography #vanaquaphotography #vancity #rememberingchesterthedolphin #isupportvanaqua #cetacean #cetaceans #mammal #mammals #aqua #aquarium #water #pacific #pacificdolphin #helen #cityofvancouverbc
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For me killer whales are spiritual animals, there is something mystical in these magnificent creatures. #killer #whales #orca #black #and #white #freedom #cetaceans #whales #dolphins #ocean #water #blue #love #hope #peace #swim #spyhopping #veagn #planet #earth #living #zero #waste #photos #wild #mission #save #animals
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Silent whale watching enjoy silent sailing (apart from the whale songs) aboard andvari. animal and environment-friendly, the carbon-neutral andvari glides silently through the sea, causing minimal disturbance and maximum viewing pleasure - be it of minke, humpback, fin or even the enormous blue whale, orcas, dolphins and the sea eagles of skjálfandi bay in northern iceland. . find out more and book onto this once in a lifetime adventure with @northsailing . . . 📷: @northsailing #northsailing #eco #carbonneutral #cetaceans #humpback #iceberg #savethewhales #gentlegiants #exploreourearth #inspiredbyiceland #natureisbeautiful #wildlifephotography #hyrbid
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