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The last time there was a sale was over two years ago y’all! 😱 that’s when i jumped on the train and bought my kit. and we’ve never looked back! 🌱
since then, we’ve added more than “just oils” to our home and we’re better for it. 🌱
we use young living’s dish detergent and know our dishes have never been cleaner. 🌱
we use the thieves household cleaner exclusively and have no problems breathing while we clean. we don’t have to open a window or get light headed because of the “fragrance” (aka: fake smells=no good for you chemicals) in the cleaners we used to use. 🌱
we no longer have wax melts giving this momma headaches from the fake “fragrance” which is just more fake smells filling the air. we also don’t have any plug-in fragrances which were problematic as well. instead we diffuse oils, which not only smell great but have real therapeutic value, meaning, we can diffuse oils that aren’t covering up smells but getting rid of them while benefiting our bodies at the same time! 🌱
i use the savvy minerals mineral makeup with the art line and my face has never looked better- i think it loves me again! 🌱
we use the kidscents line on our kids, the shampoo, body wash, lotion, oils and toothpaste. and i’ll just be honest and say i use the kidscents lotion as well 😉
we take young living supplements, knowing they’re made with the best ingredients, not just fillers with a little bit of what we need. 🌱
y’all, young living is the real deal. while this isn’t the total list of the products we use, you get the general idea. young living’s products are ingrained into our everyday. we believe in this company. we believe in gary young and the vision he had to build this company twenty plus years ago. we believe that young living is a leader in the health and wellness market and will continue to put out high quality products we will feel confident in both having and using in our homes. we will continue to share our knowledge with friends, coworkers, and anyone who will listen. 🌱
so, are you ready? let’s get you started! 👉🏻http://bit.ly/yllneff
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“focus so intensely on what you can control that you’ll thrive no matter what’s going on in a world you can’t control” @tonyrobbins #unshakeable ✊🏽
it’s no secret i’m a #teammillennial. i’ve built my entire life and all 3 businesses around building us up, showing you how to find your “thing” in life and teaching you how to communicate because honestly... since social media we are all a little bit s**t at connection. it blows my mind how few millennials are taking advantage of the current economy & building lives that are unbreakable financially, and unshakeable no matter what life throws at them. in a world where we are, what i feel, more privileged than ever and yet more financially doomed than ever, it doesn’t take much to look around and find the opportunities to get ahead and protect our future families & us, and our parents as we age and head into an uncertain future. we’re so obsessed with instant gratification we’re not willing to work hard anymore. yet we slog ourselves at jobs we hate because that’s what we were raised to do... by people who are often no longer connected with that’s happening now and in the future and teach us systems and mindsets that worked in the past. when @arbonne asked me to be a #re9prepwork ambassador i was so darn excited. why? because they’re recognising that us #millennials have unique needs. for our skin, lifestyle and lives. not only are these products #amazeballs and actually work, but $1 from each order is donated to the @arbonne charity to support teens. there literally is not more of a hipster, relevant and generous company out there that’s cool, classy & actually knows what they’re doing. i love you @arbonne aunz ❤️🙏🏼🌱 #hellohealthyglow #arbonne #millennial #onlinebusiness #givingback #vegan #plantbased #crueltyfree #changinglives #prepwork #thankyou #product #ambassador #grateful #istandbehindyou #arbonnelifer #intrapreneur #freedom #lifestyle #takecontrolofyourfuture #lovethislife
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If you know me, you know how much i love and use essential oils and oil-infused / clean products. i started with young living essential oils 3 years ago. i was looking for pure, therapeutic oils.

you see like so many others, i was deceived by what is actually sold at stores and on amazon. labels are misleading!! the fda only requires 5-10% purity to be labeled that. what is in the rest of the bottle? how pure is that 5%? i wanted to ingest oils. i wanted to know they would do more good than harm. i was searching for alternatives to natural health. my curiosity and my spirit led me to young living. i am forever thankful!! first, they helped me emotionally! *joy* essential oil blend was my first love. 💖😁💖 🤗💖 wow! did i ever need a pick me up in life. seriously, helped me with physical issues and sleep support. *panaway* was the first bottle i emptied. i added it to some coconut oil and rubbed it on my feet, legs, shoulders, neck and arms. i was hurting a lot. 😥 a diffuser by my bed with some lavender and cedarwood was magical 😴
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Shoutout to jennifer for crushing her 16 week challenge! 🙌💯 #healthyandhappy #nutritionalcleansing #changinglives #isabody
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$35 to start your own business but for a few more days it is 💥free💥 this business allowed me to quit my job and be home with the boys. so many of my business partners now earn a six figure income, free vacations or even as simple as getting their product paid for! it's about what you want. all with no inventory required, parties or monthly quotas! just sharing the gift of health & happiness with those we love & helping them get their life back!
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@sheis_chardae thank you so much for the love and support definitely thankful 😊😊💪🏿💯 #support #doinggreatthings #movement #fam #gsu #dallas #changinglives
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President of transamerica, victor sanchez at mastery summit
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There is a remarkable internship that is restoring hope and changing lives in the inner city. read more in our blog here:
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Integrity. hope. change. that’s what coaching is all about. 💕
i joined coaching for many reasons, but one of the biggest was for the community and friendships. after making the move to florida, i had been needing a new “team” to be a part of. and i know i’ve found the best one.
this weekend i flew to wisconsin to spend the weekend with some of my fellow coaches and teammates. we were strangers, who met in social media, and now are amazing friends and sisters. they are the happiest, funniest, and most positive group of women i’ve ever met.
several of us are hosting a sneak peek into coaching event this thursday and i’d love to have you join!
so what is coaching? it’s simple really. 🙌
it’s helping people transform.
it’s helping people think differently about themselves.
it’s helping people break bad habits.
it’s helping people live better.
it’s helping people learn to do hard things.
it’s helping people build character.
it’s helping people prioritize their lives.
do you see a common theme? helping people is our job, and all while also working on doing this for ourselves. 💕
you know that saying “find your tribe and love them hard”? well, i’ve found mine and never letting them go ❤️ if you want to know more about this coaching gig and community, please reach out to me so i can add you to our thursday event. no strings attached. just be a fly on the wall and listen to us spill our hearts. 💕
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Yessssss !!!!!!! look at these 💪💪💪💪 !!
these guys have been taking my pump classes for year's and the transformation is real and that's why they keep coming for more !!!!!!!!! love my fit-family !!!!!!!
"don't let my smile fool ya.....i go to work 😉"
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In a world with so much negativity we need to always make positivity louder‼️‼️‼️‼️
thanks @garyvee
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🚨red alert 🚨 this right here, these amazing people, this is the #dreamteam ! we have goals, big ones, that we are willing to do whatever it takes to get there 👊🏻👊🏻 our passion is to help people be the absolute best versions of themselves. .
here are just a few of the things we value:
❤️happiness ❤️inspiration ❤️accountability ❤️hard work ❤️positivity ❤️personal development.
i can’t tell you how much this group of individuals has changed my outlook and my drive- anything is possible, and we are going all the way up!! 🔥🔥🔥 and do you know what the coolest part is? we are all located in different states, but stay connected through our phones! i never thought a group of people who used to be strangers could mean so much 😘..
we love bringing new friends along the way who share our same passion and drive! if that might be you, i’d love to invite you to a team call tomorrow at 9pm. you can plug in from anywhere as long as you have your phone! message me for the link ☺️🤩.
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If you have contemplated repairing your credit or exploring the business opportunity, sat june 9th @ 12pm is the perfect time to come out and learn what the creditors and collection companies don’t want you to know! also, you'll witness amazing success stories. mind blowing!
please be mindful that seating is limited, rsvp by texting “save my seat” to “862-241-3627” see you there!
#wegetresults #creditrepair #financialfreedom #realtor®ï¸ #mortgagebroker #broker #partnershipswelcome #clientswelcome
if you are in brooklyn or surrounding areas #newyork #newjersey #pennsylvania
come out and hear from our top producers earning mutiple six figures!
come learn the facts about credit!

learn the power of credit.
learn how to increase your credit score.
pay your debt down.
how to rebuild your credit.
earn significant weekly income by helping others build their financial portfolio.
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Congratulations jamil!!👊🌟🎇 in his words…
"on left: 201lbs, sleep apnea, broke, tired, sick, upset, out of breath, sleepy, low confidence, had to wear my f*t clothes, depressed. on right: 168.8, confident, rich in spirit, strong, energized, positive outlook, better friend, husband, dad, sexy, happy. one decision ....changed everything."
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Sitting left seat and flying the airplane that gave me my first ever ride brought back some unforgettable memories, an experience unlike any other, the one that started my career in aviation! glastar 231ye will forever hold a special place in my heart ~ blessed to which roles from passenger to pilot 👨🏼‍✈️ •

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Love seeing these amazing transformation stories! she didn't just do it for 30 days and go back to her old ways, but changed her lifestyle!
here is martha's story...
"thanks to my coach, support from awesome group members, and my husband i would not have been able to be as successful as i have been. i have successfully completed several rounds of 21dfx and hammer & chisel, insanity max, core de force, and insanity focus week. i'm currently on shift shop and absolutely love that i'm starting to see the beginning of a six pack, which i've never been able to say in my entire life. my journey is not over for i have much more to accomplish." i truly do believe these are life changing programs. not just physical health, but for our mental health as well! #transformationtuesday #changinglives #healthylife
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A huge shout out to my friend zilah messica, who so honestly shared her momma struggles that so many of us feel but just assume is “how it is now”. i am beyond happy for you, and so glad you said yes to this amazing life style! 💕
zilah: “tears trickle down my cheeks when i talk about the mother and person i was for my family these past 7-10 years. i had read all the parenting books, taken all the courses. i knew about self-love, mindfulness, being present. and despite how much effort i put towards it, i just couldn’t muster enough energy to even get thru a full day, let alone a few hours being the parent or person i knew i was deep inside. even though i could fake a smile while in public, i spent all my days feeling groggy, lethargic, cranky, edgy, tired...walking around in a fog.
and today, my story has completely changed. a simple nutritional shift a few months ago changed all of it for me. i get restful restorative sleep every night—even when 1 or 2 of my littles wakes during the night needing attention. i awake feeling rested and energized at 4:30am for my 5am workout. i am calm and have mental clarity to lovingly manage a 3-yr old meltdown (while still being present for my 1 yr old and 6 yr old). i have energy to sing and dance and laugh with my children in the mornings before school. i have energy to do more running and playing after school and on the weekends. i have energy to manage the house or run errands after i put the children to sleep.
this is the first mother’s day that it feels real and so deserved. i am proud of the mother i’ve become these past few months and look forward to a life-time of laughter, joy, snuggles, engaging talks, and love with my family. i am so grateful and so blessed that this is my story today. happy mother’s day weekend to all of the mothers out there!!”
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