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This cutie... is officially sleeping through the night and done night nursing. he only wakes up around 5:30/6 am for his morning milk and goes back to sleep! that’s it! 18 months of nursing and we are almost done. he fought it... and we aren’t completely done yet but i’m ecstatic to finally be sleeping through the night myself!
all your breastfeeding mamas waiting for your turn to sleep! don’t worry it’s coming! i’ve officially nursed, weaned and night weaned 3 babies in the last 6 years! phew!
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Let your baby explore different locations and atmospheres. new experiences can be great for accelerating growth. — emacity shop co-founder
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Throw back to last thursday.... #tbt
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The wonders of the holiday season are all around us. πŸ¦ƒπŸŽ„
we took the kids to the @thelivingdesert it was such a fun adventure. ✨
they have holiday lights and an awesome model train set up. we had so much fun we may have to go back before the end of the season! πŸš‚
the big kids loved it and the littles were in awe!! ✨
my oldest is really developing her photography skills and snapped this great shot of nixon. πŸ“Έ
what are some of your favorite late fall / early winter family destinations?πŸ—Ί
p.s. this cute outfit is available now at @costco we got it as a gift and nixon loves it!!
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Some of the decor shots from my girls birthday! this theme was so fun and i loved making it pretty simple. thanks again @remedy_coffee ❀

sarah stapleton : cakes
cameron lee craig : graphic designs
courtney brice herman: chalk board art
chelsea koerten : unedited pictures (because she’s my homegirl)
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That little grin πŸ₯°
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I started a blog...
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Do you know what a baby computer calls his old man?
data! — random joke
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Literally my face this morning when i saw the trucks delivering the christmas decorations to old town!
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Happy 2 months to my littleπŸ–€πŸΌ(3 days late). our days are filled with talking, drooling, cuddling and sleeping. he loves lights, looking at top knot buns and himself in the mirror lol!
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Remember my last post where i talked about working mamas? well today is one of those days that i absolutely hate work because my baby took his first steps today and they weren’t to me!!! they were to daddy and aunt @klj___._ 😭😭😭😭 leave it to finn to just completely learn to walk in one day😭😭 so sad i’m missing this right now. don’t mind me crying alone in my cube. #lookmanosleep #tenmonthsold #wheresmybaby #firststeps
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“engagement & mental stimulation for children may be one of the most fundamentally important aspects of his/her future success. as parents, we need to take ownership of this by engaging our children in activities they truly enjoy: the arts, music, maths, tech, reading, cosmetology medicine, sports etc.” — emacity shop founders
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