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I've been meaning to share two bath time favourites for a while so here they are. this ball of foam is genius, it's by @kidsstuffcrazy and you can roll it into a ball and play bath tennis with it (i kid you not) rob and i often have a game of hand bat and foam ball while bathing the boys 😬☺️👍🏼the other is the bubble bath by @childsfarm which i love because it smells divine but also actually bubbles really well which is really unusual for a natural brand (it's 98% natural) 🛀🏽 #kidsbathtips #happybathtimes #childsfarm #crazysoap #bathtimefun
12 138 January 2017
งานนี้แม่ๆต้องมา #😊 ผลิตภัณฑ์สำหรับเด็กจากอังกฤษ 🇬🇧 เริ่มขายที่ #tops #topsmarket 1 กพ. นี้นะคะ @childsfarmthailand #❤️ @bell_chinadolls @momybowy @misspimpaka @oak_smith @yadaoh @ningsaraichatt @mynameisbe @jan_siranuch #childsfarmthailand #childsfarm #จากธรรมชาติ #เพื่อผิวบอบบางแพ้ง่าย @khunonze #👍 #แม่ต้องมา #แม่ต้องมี
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Kids will be kids and no matter how much you try to keep them clean, they love a roll about in the mud! @childsfarm have a beautiful range of body products designed for children and suitable for those with sensitive, allergy prone or eczema prone skin! my son loves feeling like a grown up and having his very own bubble bath, shower gels and shampoo and i'm happy knowing it won't cause a skin reaction. available from @bootsuk and on my blog soon
65 110 May 2017
Super happy we've found bubblebath and moisturiser that doesn't make archies skin flare up, fun baths again 😁#childsfarm #organic #bubblebath #silly #happyboy
0 6 September 2017
Eva enjoyed her bath his morning with her @childsfarm bubble bath 😍 #babybathtime #babybath #5weeksold #mummyvlogger #mumof2 #childsfarm #babybathproducts
0 98 January 2017
Shiny and new 😍😍😍 #babiesofinstagram, #bathtime, #instacute, #childsfarm
0 21 October 2017
Bear hasn't been able to have a bubble bath before because he has such awful eczema flare ups, but @childsfarm sent us a fabulous little hamper which had their baby bedtime bubbles in. it's so kind to skin, even little ones with sensitive and eczema prone skin can use it. it was such fun have a super bubbly bath time. we even did some 'bubble painting' 💦🛁💙.
5 174 September 2017
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Mangans Pharmacy Sallins
Child’s farm products now in stock 😊 #childsfarm #childrenskincare #manganspharmacysallins
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Today i am swapping my #clinique products for #childsfarm !! i really hope that it helps with my redness on my face 🤞 will keep you updated 🙌💁‍♀️ 🧜🏼‍♀️#mummyblogger
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Nicole Coleen Mackenzie
I keep meaning to post about these creams but keep forgetting! all week last week before i went out at the weekend, my face was the best it’s ever been, and that’s thanks to using child’s farm daily and putting on vitamin e night cream all week. it leaves my skin feeling so smooth and gets rid of any flakes immediately. i haven’t long bought the bigger tub (all over body one) and haven’t got round to using it much (only in small areas) however i will try it more all over once my skin isn’t as broken, i’m always a bit wary using new things on broken skin and don’t want to cause anymore irritation. i wanted to show everyone these creams because i actually bought them myself due to seeing other girls posting about it and looking amazing after results! i’ve had a few messages from people saying childs farm hasn’t worked for them or it stings, which is so unfortunate because it is my saver. but please, if you can’t use childs farm, or want to give this a go anyway then do so - at least the night cream to try out, it’s been great for me. it’s superdrug’s own vitamin e cream and is about £2.99! ☺️ if anyone else uses it and feels the same, or does give it a go after seeing my post please let me know how you get on! #eczema #childsfarm #eczemasufferer #eczemarelief #vitamine #eczemahelp #nevergiveup
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Nicole Coleen Mackenzie
Huge thanks to @evytechnology_uk for sending me out some suncreams and aftersun to sample and review on my holidays this year! evy suncream is a medical foundation formula, recommended by dermatologists to people with eczema/allergies. evy did message me before sending me out some products to try and recommended i use the factor 30 kids formula first before lowering to 20. i do have my child’s farm suncream all ready for going away next month but what i’m going to do is test a different area, or one leg with evy in and one leg with child’s farm suncream on and see if there’s any difference in protection, and feel. i hate suncreams that leave you feeling wet and sticky, it makes me so itchy. i also can’t stand rubbing in cream i get so lazy on holiday so tend to buy a quick spray 😂 i’m excited to give them a try! for anyone going on holiday, i’ll let yous know my thoughts on both 😘 #eczema #sensitiveskin #eczemarelief #suncream #childsfarm #evytechnology
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Nicole Coleen Mackenzie
Went to monklands today for my first treatment of uv light but the nurse had a look at my skin and said it was far too active to start it today 😞 back tomorrow morning early doors for my first 27 second session, woo 😂👏🏻 my neck is actually feeling a lot softer today and isn’t cracking when i turn around which is a bonus because it was agony on sunday. used vaseline on it along with child’s farm the last two nights before bed which seems to have softened it a lot. just need to get rid of the cuts now. for some reason my arms are the worst they have been in ages, it’s so sore to bend my arms because my joints are so inflammed, something i suffered with often years ago, so that’s not good 🤔 i’ve packed on the paraffin so fingers crossed it’s clearer tomorrow. anyway, third time lucky at the hospital tomorrow i’ll start my treatment, after speaking to the nurses today i am being really optimistic about the uvb, and they showed me loads of positive results. tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life with clear skin 🤷🏼‍♀️ #eczema #eczemasufferer #eczemarelief #uvlighttreatment #childsfarm
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Mummy💜 wifey💍
Genuine share to help out any other mums who find themselves in my shoes- these are pictures of olly and his horrendous #eczema which you wouldn't even know he had to look at his face. it only got worse with doctor prescription creams, to the point my boy looked burnt!!! this is the improvement with the #childsfarm lotion used only, pretty amazing for a supermarket find 👌 #beforeandafter #beforeandafterskincare
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Dein Laura Gbabo
...because you need some freshness on your timeline.💕💕 and our little dise is picture perfect😍😍 latest addition to the gbabo's 😉 why do i feel like saying #wakandaforever after the last pic😂 . . . ready to sign those endorsements on behalf of her parents😂 tag baby brands.. *first pic is just how i mind my business in real life 🤣. . . . #babiesrus #pampers #huggiesbaby #molfix #cussonsbaby #vaselinebaby #babygirl #asda #asdalittleangels #dontstealmypics #palmerscocoabutter #britishvogue #organicbabies #childsfarm #goodbubbleuk #coliefuk #weleda #ourcutebaby #my3rdniece❤️ 💕💕#proudaunty
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Mui Thomas
So on the rare occasion that i manage to scrub my palms...instead of feeling comfortable and relief from getting rid of the dead skin, it actually bloody hurts! because i don’t have that cushion of comfort that my skin flakes give. tried rubbing some #childsfarm lotion. nada. mehhhhhhhhh here’s your #realityofhavingichthyosis. #harlequinichthyosis #ichthyosisproblems #scalyskin #theichthyref #hk
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Hailee Williams
Trying this on my super sensitive scalp #childsfarm #hopeful
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@childsfarm hair detangler is the only detangling spray that actually works on my daughter’s hair! she has very thin hair that is prone to knotting. after a few days of being bed ridden with flu and not brushing her hair we ended up with an extremely messy barnet 🙈 sprayed this in and used our tangle teezer and out came all the knots! we use this on her hair every morning and night and it smells gorgeous 😍 that’s why this has become my #t2mproductoftheweek for @talktomumsuk 👌🏼
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Mama, Eden & Me
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Abi Wilson
Wondering when a gp is actually going to take it seriously how bad charlie's eczema is and what a daily struggle were having trying to stop him scratching. this is what he has managed to do over the last 24 hours just from getting him bathed and dressed. as soon as his skins exposed he scratches, he's constantly telling me he's itchy and is trying to scratch through his clothes. we're still no further along for a referral to a determotologist which the gp assured me he did 12 months ago and didn't when we checked in october of last year and we still haven't had a letter after being promised a second time. he's creamed up with his steroid creams tonight, sudacream on the patches where his skin has bled and broken to stop it becoming infected and i've had to give him some piriton in the hope it may ease his itching so he can have one night of undisturbed sleep this week as he is regularly waking up in the night telling me he's itchy and you can hear him rolling around and bashing in bed trying to ease his discomfort. #eczema #childrenseczema #eczemarelief #gproblems #skinproblems #mumslife #dadslife #charlie #son #steroids #childsfarm #recommendationswelcome
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Bathtime For Mum
After almost destroying my daughter’s skin by letting her use my shower gel (not my usual brand) when kids version ran out, decided to give @childsfarm a go!! smells delish to start with and think it will be gentle on her gentle skin!! bad momma turns good momma 😍 #childsfarm #kidspampertime #lookingafterkidsskin #irishmum #mummyblogger #bootsuk
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Heather 🎀
Bathtimes often end in bubble beards these days...😂😂 isla loves her @childsfarm body and hair wash 😍 #islaelizabethrobson #21weeksold #4monthsold #bathtime #childsfarm #shnuggle #shnugglebath #igmum #parenting
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好多媽咪都因為bb嘅濕疹問題搞到心疼死但又手足無措, 唔知點算好. 其實處理濕疹問題除左勤力幫bb搽保濕之外, 記住一定要搵到原因! 有因先有果, 可能係遺傳, 天生少油脂層, 天生免疫力較低, 外來致敏源, 情緒, 或者食物敏感?. . 睇醫生一定要搵皮膚科, 有心既會幫你搵源頭, 一味開類固醇既就要再搵過第二個, 最好去驗血, 結果會令你意料唔到. . 記住記住千奇唔好比bb亂食排毒中藥同埋亂用草本植物!! 有可能令bb的皮膚爛之餘仲排極都排唔完. . 世上無濕疹神藥, 勤勤保濕同搵出原因, 皇天一定不負有心人. 希望各位bb早日好返晒! 皮膚滑滑!! . hk01新聞: http://bit.ly/2ekw6hs . whatsapp: +852 6582 4461 wechat: triossense fb: www.facebook.com/triossense . #triossense #triossense英國代購#triossense代購 #childsfarm #childsfarmhk #英國代購 #歐洲代購#代購 #英國集運 #集運 #團購#童裝 #童裝代購 #嬰兒用品 #嬰兒用品買賣 #嬰兒用品代購 #childsfarm代購
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The Secret Blogger
If anyone one has kids, this @childsfarm baby essentials kit is on offer in @tesco irl in the @crescentshoppingcentre limerick on offer at only €1.75, it retails for about €10. dying to try the moisturiser on my little one as iv heard it has cleared up eczema in now time which my little one suffers from 😃💜#childsfarm #babyproducts #babyeczema #bargainhunting #stockupwhileyoucan #momlife
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