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L o w - w a s t e s e l f c a r e •• i’ve been slowly reducing the plastic in my self-care regimen and this is where i’m at. there’s probably way too many products in here but not all of these are in daily use. my current heavy hitters are my @meowmeowtweet grapefruit deodorant and my @deciem the ordinary arsenal. there was an overwhelming amount of products to choose from so for now i’m trying out buffet for anti-aging, the plant-derived squalane for hydration and a heat protectant for my hair, and the caffeine solution for dark circles under my eyes. let me know if you use any of these brands or if you have any questions about them!
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The possibilities are endless!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ who's joining the climate strike tomorrow?
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Zero waste, handmade sustainably, reusable and super soft! our new lemon facial rounds, along with the other available colors, are great for removing makeup, applying toner, are super easy to wash, and can be reused for years!
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My grandma has been making these natural loofahs from her garden for as long as i can remember. we use them in the shower but they’re also good for household cleaning if you find them too abrasive. next time i visit home i plan on finally learning how to make these myself. are you team loofah or team washcloth?
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Go for this lady 🙌🏼 tag someone who is going to the worldwide #fridaysforfuture demos with you from september 20-27 💙
follow 👉🏽 @clean.ocean.activists and help us raise awareness.
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Who do you want to b? 🧐♻️
the choice is in your hands as the consumer ✊
who do you choose?
👉 let me know in the comments below! 👇
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I’ve never actually bought anything from ikea. but finally, a company that is taking quick action! 👏🏼tag a company you want to see reduce their single-use plastics! 👇🏼 #doitfordavid
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The perfect hair trio! our zero waste solid shampoo & conditioner bars are so cleansing, an acv rinse is not required, but it is a great hair and scalp detox that we recommend using once every few weeks! this combination of all-natural products will have your hair feeling soft, light, frizz and tangle-free, and your scalp healthy, clean, and moisturized! they remove all build up, rinse clean, help with dandruff, are great for all hair types, work with hard water, and are completely vegan, cruelty free, palm oil free, contain no fragrance, parabens, or preservatives! #hairgoals
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So happy to say that after saving some money, i finallyyyyy have @dotcup back on my site!! 👏🏻.
for girls who are afraid of the plastic free period- it exists and it’s amazing. i haven’t used a t****n or pad in over a year.😱
to be honest, i never thought i would like a menstrual cup. but in reality, it saves me time and money, keeps me from putting harsh chemicals in my body, and saves the beautiful land we’re destroying to make these products that don’t decompose easily. oh and @dotcup has a buy one give one program, so in addition to all those amazing things, you’re giving a menstrual cup to a girl who can’t afford one herself. win. win.
what are your thoughts on the cup? have you tried it? are you scared to try it? do you like other alternatives better? let me know! 👇🏼
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