Hannah Roberts
just now
hannahgraceroberts_ I'm still in shock that it was sunny for the duration of our trip to scotland, but nowhere looked more beautiful in the autumn light than this wee café in edinburgh, near dean village ☕️ @cairngormcoffeeco
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1 hour ago
thesoulsistersdxb Good afternoon 🌞 #latebreakfast#coffeelovers#niceplace#calmandpeaceful#shabarbush
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Dea Bressani
1 minute ago
deabressani_lchf.idea Bom dia! a vida é feita de escolhas... carbolândia correndo livre na minha frente e eu só no café. o que vale mais a pena, alguns minutos de prazer comendo ou o bem estar duradouro de uma alimentação saudável? foco!!! 💪👊 #força #foco #saudeemprimeirolugar #comidalimpa #eatclean #coffee #paleolife #keepitpaleo #ketolife #dietapaleo #lchfbrasil #dieta #alimentacaosaudavel #lowcarbdieta #lchf #lowcarb #emagrecimento #foconadieta #saude #saudavel #morning #coffeelovers #coffeebreak #paleobrasil #paleo #cetogenica #keto #jejumintermitente #intermitentfasting #nutricao
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Natalia Ferenets
3 minutes ago
nat.ferenets «для хорошого настрою багато не треба» принаймні мені🍊
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Léo Picelli
3 minutes ago
leopicelli To chegando a conclusão que eu deveria ter um instagram só para postar café 🙆🏼‍♂️
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B R Y . L E A W
5 minutes ago
brunch.bryan Watching travel man on @sbs_australia and was reminded of my 8am queue for these delicious new york monstrosities - "cronuts". croissant dough deep fried and filled with daily changing glaze (fig and chocolate today) definitely makes for a healthy breakfast. apparently they have 1,300 calories (more than half my daily caloric limit), but who's counting. and to top it off, another ham and cheese croissant. yum
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5 minutes ago
cu.tine “cat poti sa rezisti sa iesi cu mine in fiecare duminica la o cafea ?” ”suna a provocare, nu stiu, hai sa vedem” si de atunci iesim in fiecare duminica si vorbim despre ce e bun prin bucuresti.
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Coisas de Pinheiros
8 minutes ago
coisasdepinheiros Um bom café pra começar o dia. um bom café pra manter o dia. um bom café pra terminar bem o dia. 💙
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Manumit Coffee
9 minutes ago
manumitcoffee Really excited to get this little gift from @schlutercoffee this morning. these are 3 samples of potential options for a new house blend that we are working on for our barista customers. since we launched in june we he been seeking to provide an omni-roast coffee that works for both baristas and home brewers. this has not always been particularly easy as finding a coffee that works for everyone is not as simple as it sounds. however, thanks to our great and growing relationship with schluter we are now able to explore establishing a house blend that will work better for baristas and at the same time ensure that we can continue to provide beautiful single-origin house roast for our home brewers subscribers. the beauty of this new venture is that we will be able to provide better coffee more consistently for more people! bonus! but back to the new house blend - we have 3 options on the table: 1. burundi / colombia 🇧🇮🇨🇴 2. burundi / guatemala 🇧🇮🇬🇹 3. burundi / columbia / guatemala 🇧🇮🇨🇴🇬🇹 which do you think is gonna make the cut? place bets now...
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Maria Luisa De Solo
5 minutes ago
marialuisadesolo Buenos días!!!! ☕☕☕ #cafemañanero #morningcoffee #coffeelovers #latteart #cafeesvida #rosas⚘ #repost @leekangbin91 (@get_repost) ・・・ latteart & creamart .
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Daily Coffee Shop
6 minutes ago
dailycoffeebnu Você sabia que a daily é um estabelecimento pet friendly? reservamos nosso deck pra você tomar um delicioso café com o seu melhor amigo! nem eles estão acreditando... 🤗🐶❤☕ #vempradaily #coffeelovers #cafedomercado #dailycoffeebnu #petfriendly #cafedamanha #cafeblumenau
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