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If all commuter coffee looked like this, the world would be a better place. 😌 this is the pod by @lost_sheep_coffee , a cute caffeination station in canterbury. hop off the bus, grab your coffee, and head to the shops - easy. ☕️⠀

📍bus station, st george's ln, canterbury ct1 2sy⠀
☕️ their own⠀

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Doesn’t really get more new york than a facade like this @andreannu #caffeinecouture
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Crisp & delicious ❤️ @kimmyn_ in boston #caffeinecouture
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Lovely interiors by @the_lazyfoodie in paris #caffeinecouture
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Soho interiors with @ss0522 in new york #caffeinecouture
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We love a colourful breakfast place 💕 @lumadeline in california #caffeinecouture
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One of the most interesting coffee spaces i’ve ever seen ❤️ @lumixat in austria #caffeinecouture
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Situated in the heart of shoreditch, aida is a mix between a boutique and a coffee shop, offering menswear, womenswear and homeware with barista-style coffee and inspiring events in art, music and design.
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