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So many people are focused on their physical appearance they fail to nurture their inner self.
our wellness group also focuses on your internal wellbeing physiologically and mentally. the exercise and the clean foods are fueling your body systems, the stuff we cannot see and what we take for granted. it also releases those happy hormones in the brain so we feel good about ourselves, it helps to relieve stress and anxiety. we also need to feed the brain with yoga, relaxation and meditation. in our group we often talk about personal development and learning more about yourself, helping you to become a better version of you.
if any part of this sounds interesting come and join us, we would love to have you onboard.
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I know i have been radio silent this entire trip to portugal 🇵🇹 i promise to come clean about it all! i am going to go live tonight after my flight home.
see y’all soon. ———————//—————
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I've been feeling a little like an imposter. ⠀

despite this feeling apparently being a "normal" experience as an entrepreneur, i want to come clean.⠀

part of my story of how i became a life coach⠀
involves falling out of love with dance,⠀
and walking away from the source of ⠀
and goals⠀
for my⠀

if you know my story, then you know i spent the next few years stumbling around, consuming self development books, dreaming up new visions for my life quarterly while never nailing down my next "thing."⠀

nothing has ever filled my life the way dance did.⠀
nevertheless, i found life coaching. ⠀

i don't need to tell you about the thousands of dollars i invested in other ventures. nor do i need to tell you about all the agonizing i went through.⠀

none of these things are why i feel like an imposter.⠀

i feel like an imposter,⠀
because i started dancing again.⠀

on a weekly basis, i head down to this small studio,⠀
and every week since september i take a ballet class.⠀

and ya know what - i still love it. ⠀

there, i said it.⠀

i still love to dance, and i will never stop.⠀
there is still a part of me that dreams of performing.⠀

my dream never died.⠀

and i had no regrets about leaving the dance world for as long as i did.⠀

and i'm not trying to become a professional dancer again, ⠀
but i thought you should know -⠀
i'm dancing again,⠀
and loving every sweet, sweaty moment.
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That #beautycounter glow got me feeling good inside and out!

countermatch serum, eye rescue cream, and moisturizer
illuminating cream highlighter (all 3!)
blend of dew skin (#2) & tint skin (honey)
color intense lipstick (little black dress)

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Ok, so two things: 1). new blog is up live ♥️ 2). i’m about to come clean with something i’ve foolishly tried to hide for so many years. some of you here may already know (or figured it out) but for those who don’t know or may be unfamiliar with hearing loss, i’m finally opening up about my disability and why i’ve been avoiding the conversation all these years. i want to thank @mkrshoots and @tracydungo for making this scary transition possible and wayyy more exciting. it’s so important to talk about it. disability, both physical and invisible, are important issues to shed light on. how are we supposed to understand each other better if we just ignore them? my goal is to help end the stigma behind disabilities and to celebrate diversity in all industries. will you celebrate with me? please take a moment to read my story up on itsdaniellemarie.com #linkinbio i would love to hear your 💭 and thank you to everyone who never doubted or questioned me because i’m a little different 🙃 #diversity #disability #fashion #disabilityawareness #comingclean #ontheblog #mystory
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Leroy was nervous. he had pushed chris too far. leroy didn’t have any sweat glands, but somehow he was drenched! chris poured two cups of tea and sat at the table. leroy couldn’t look at him, a lump had formed in his throat... he felt awful. “so”, said chris “you want to be straight with me and tell me what’s been going on?” leroy took a deep breath and let it all tumble out, “i don’t want to go back to the attic. i’ve seen so many things that i never knew existed. special holidays, the different seasons, dance classes, cooking, playing in the lake.... and.... i’ve met so many people. i know there’s so much more out there. i can’t sleep for a whole year knowing that. i’m different now and i can’t go back to who i was before. i want to stay.” 💀❤️😢💔 #leroy #leroyloveslife #skeleton #skull #bones #bff #change #changedforthebetter #changedforgood #fomo #tea #teatime #comingclean #thetruthcomesout
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\\informative post/new music alert//🎤a huge thank you to all of the @bandtwango supporters for helping me fund this project. it’s because of you that i am able to do this. if you pre-ordered one of the packages on bandtwango, you will be receiving your incentives no later than spring of next year. i can’t wait to share this music with you guys. if you are a bandtwango supporter, thank you. if you have ever come out to a show, thank you. you keep me going and you keep my music going. we have some crazy things in store for 2019, and this is just the beginning. buckle up and join this ride with me.
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Happy remembrance day to the uk today. thank you to all british military servants, alive or passed, for your service. they died so that we might live, lest we forget ❤️ also, a shoutout to @poshbrats for this gorgeous remembrance bath bomb. i’ll post the review on my blog soon 🙌
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Chocolate chip on my lip and doing an acoustic cover of one of the first “punk” songs i ever related to. 90s throwback.
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17 and coming clean for the first time 💖🎈🤘🏼
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This was so hard to post 😂 i love taking photos of everyone and everything but myself and when i have to be in pics - i love flattering angles and horrible lighting. but here it is, the photo that started it all. it’s very bitter sweet because i love this photo and hate it all at the same time. i love it because it reminds me of an amazing road trip i took with my wonderful sister and best friend @butiambatman_ . but when i saw myself in this, i felt sick. do i look like that? how did i let it get this bad? what the sweet f*** happened to me?? it was in this moment i decided to do something about it. i’m now a month in and 11lbs lighter than i was here. i’ve got a long way to go but i’m posting this here to remember my reason why. i’ve got this ✊
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After writing about and acknowledging my addiction, i have decided to take action and start my recovery journey! not any other day, but today! so here is day one of my recovery journey to sobriety ❤️ #day1 #soberlife #recovery #addiction #healing #startingfromsomewhere #911 #november #2018 #breakthrough #comingclean #recreating #creatively #betterlife #mypreciouslife #onelife #mybestlife #takingcharge #iamboss
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Here’s me looking moody back in september cause i am contemplating a big (ok maybe medium) shift & quickly wrote all about it tonight instead of packing for tokyo. please click over to the blog to see what i am talking about. would love your thoughts 🙇🏻‍♀️ and if you don’t get that far then you might want to be sure you follow the og me @lydialauer to keep up w/ our forthcoming 10 days in japan✌🏽 #mivida #momlyfe #comingclean #simplify and thank you @mamma.karin for the discourse on the subject xx
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