• Felipe Pierre
7 minutes ago
pierrefee O sol se pondo pode até ser bonito. mas eu preferia uma rodovia sem trânsito! 😌 #cominghome #highway #sunset
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Mallory Nicole
11 minutes ago
farmhouseandfrankincense Pulling down my bouquet from the mantle today has given me all the nostalgic feels from my wedding. . my life is so much different today than it was just 3 years ago and it occurred to me today that i never got to share my wedding day with many of those i now cherish most. so indulge me if you will as i b**w up your feeds with all the memories of that day. i'd really love to share it with you. . let's start with the classics. something old. basically everything in our wedding, including the wedding band i wore that belonged to joshua's grandma. . something new. my dress. which in fact, i hated, but that's a story for another day. the only thing i loved about it? that blue heart you see there. . something borrowed. yeah, we forgot this one. but i'm sure something had to have been borrowed. surely. . something blue. to be honest, i forgot about the whole darn old, new, borrowed, blue tradition. but my sister didn't. . that's my sister for you. she doesn't forget. anything. which is why she cut out a heart from my daddy's old work shirt and had my mother-in-law hand stitch it inside of my dress. sisters. always good for everything. . my dad has always worn a blue work shirt from the dawn of time. or least since i can remember. he's a blue collar worker with a literal blue collar and those shirts will always remind me of his hard work, his dedication to providing for us, and his passion to serve others. those blue work shirts will always feel like love and they'll certainly always feel like coming home. . πŸ“Έjason bafile photography
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Emily Bond
14 minutes ago
emilybond84 Last day of work done and dusted....now for a break #cominghome
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Jane Søby Pedersen
43 minutes ago
soebypedersen Sun rising over a snowy new york city. . had one of the funniest flight in a long time. sat next to vincent pastore (the sopranos) for a 12 h flight and ended up helping him selecting his next script/movie. he, on the other hand, firmly believed i was returning from a photo shoot in hawaii. how can you not like this guy. he is one of the kindest persons i have met. hours later i meet the flight attendant on the f - it’s a tiny world 🌍
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My Personal Life and Poetry
20 minutes ago
observing_eyes_ I'm coming home i'm coming home tell the world i'm coming home let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday i know my kingdom awaits and they've forgotten my mistakes i'm coming home i'm coming home tell the world i'm coming home .. .. i hate packing i hate packing i wish i could do it in one snapping wish me luck to the tight tuck, i have to fit in all my stuff i'm suffering, i'm stagnat, stuck, in a sitting, not doing much i hate packing i hate packing i wish i could do it in one snapping . .. i'm excited now i'm excited now i think my boredom has died out i am happy to experience new things to do like visit you snow's gonna fall far not few, all over me like it used to do i'm excited now i'm excited now i think my boredom has died out *a little mix up of "coming home," by puff daddy. first verse is by him. . . . . . . . . #poetry #poetryslam #song #chorus #lyrics #cominghome #puffdaddy #poem #writepoetry #writer #poet #poetssociety #poetrycommunity #instapoems #instagrampoems #poetsofinstagram #infj
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36 minutes ago
mokythelabrador Walking down this empty road 🚢‍β™‚οΈπŸ›£|
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55 minutes ago
unintelligiblebay They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. - andy warhol i’ve had a burst of optimism lately. last week felt like i couldn’t do anything and my self esteem was at zero, but this week i’m practising self-affirmation and self love for who i am, good and bad πŸ¦„ πŸ•§25 days until top surgery! πŸ™ŒπŸ» . . . . . . . #transmasculine #q***r #lgbtq #g*y #trans #transgender #nonbinary #freshstart #cominghome #pride #workingonme #transition #ftm #theythem #fall #vibes #piercings #shorthairdontcare #selvedgedenim #andywarhol #converse #edition
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57 minutes ago
chella374 Watch out, pmac family! you just might be seeing a familiar face around the place come mid-january. 😊 #cominghome
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