Felicia West
4 weeks ago
felicia.west Nov 16th, last year, i was due to have my little dude... but he decided to be stubborn and come a week late. so thanksgiving birthday for him this year! 🦃😂 i think i'm going to start a tradition of every year his birthday is on thanksgiving we'll celebrate with a pie instead of a cake. what do you think?
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Academy Art Museum
5 weeks ago
academyartmuseum Aam’s galleries are getting a fresh coat of paint in a lively new color for the upcoming exhibition, the caprichos: goya and lombardo. the exhibition opens november 21, 2017, we can’t wait!
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Annastasya Amanda
last month
annstasya_ What's up #etudiants! • my name is annastasya amanda will b**w up your excitement out of your hectic metropolitan days on #space7. because our closing day is coming up! so come and brighten up #space7 on november 4th and don't forget to bring your squad with you! • for more information, check our instagram @7thspace49 • space 7 : the etudiants affairment of metropolitan #space7 #comingsoon2016
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Anytime fitness maghull
last month
As promised, here is alex's day 1 of training. shoulders 💪. exercise 1- 4x10-12 reps on dumbbell shoulder press with a 90 second test in between sets exercise 2- 4x10-12 front dumbbell raises with 90 second test between sets exercise 3- 4x12 hammer lateral hammer raises 90 seconds rest between sets exercise 4- 4x10-12 behinds the head, smith machine shoulder press with 90 seconds rest in between sets exercise 5- 4x12 rear delt raises with 90 seconds rest between sets tomorrow is the almighty back day 💪💪 stay tuned to see alex's back session #bodybuilding #anytimefitness #anytimefitnessmaghull #anytimefitnessgym #anytimeanywhere #maghull #liverpool #liverpoolgym #247gym #24hourfitness #24hourgym #comingsoon2016 #bodybuilder #shoulderworkout #shoulders #bouldershoulders #mondaymotivation #guyswithtattoos #guyswithink #workoutvideos #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #gymmotivation #gymlife
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upcoming gujrati movies
October 2017
upcoming_gujrati_movies મળો ચલ મન જીતવા જઇયે ના મુખ્ય પાત્ર વસંત સંઘવી ને. જે સફળ છે અને પોતાની સફળતા ને તેઓ કોઈ કિંમતે જતી નહીં કરે. શું તેઓ એમના પ્રયત્નોમાં સફળ થશે કે નહીં? જાણવા માટે ફિલ્મ જુઓ. #youvsyou #gujaratimovies #newmovie #comingsoon2016
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October 2017
nulanguage ***new*** digital splat colorways🔥 dropping thursday ‼️ hoodies +skully= fit #nulanguage #newmerch #linkinbio #comingsoon2016
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October 2017
hoohksallaz I have burns on my right hand #comingsoon2016
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