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Jennifer Sloan
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clayworksbyjen This is apex! although he's a very intelligent robot, he's a bit confused about what he has in his hand. he has a lot to learn and can't wait to get out into the world! apex is the first robot i've created with pearl ex mica powder. he has just enough shine but unfortunately photos don't show as well as i hoped. i will definitely be experimenting more with mica powder in the future! this guy will be available for purchase in my shop next friday october 27! #apex #robotsculpture #robot #rustbucket #handmade #ooak #comingsoon #etsy #artistofinstagram #polymerclay #clayworks #claysculpture #fimocreations #ilovetosculpt
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Julia & Britt
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redhatterbookblog #currentread mistaken by @nicoledauthor will be out on oct. 26th!! . add to your tbr 👉🏼 goo.gl/n5uwuw . chris i was doing fine. i own a successful tattoo shop. i have good friends. just fine. and then she comes back into my life and pops up everywhere. she betrayed me in the worst possible way and now i can't escape her. what's worse, i'm not sure i want to. . amy everyone makes mistakes when they are young... nearly fifteen years later and i'm still paying for mine. i've managed to keep moving forward and have found something resembling happiness. everything is thrown off course when a friend needs my help and i'm hurled right into my past. now i'm forced to face the man that was once my best friend, my lover, my everything. haunting blue eyes and all. #newseries #meettheadamsons #comingsoon #bookstagram
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3 minutes ago
1 week to the launch! be the first to follow @filmbossmag + tune in next friday to what will soon become your 1st go-to source of movie news + reviews. can't wait for you to check out all the cool infographics and your host adrian perez! @adrianperez.co #onlinemagazine #movienews #countdownison #1weektogo 🙉✊️
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1 minute ago
johnalwest_ Life hits you, and bam you feel like your life is falling apart. see my problem is i take on the pain and stress of everyone around me but sometimes i forget to realize and remember that it's god that puts certain individuals like myself in these positions because not only are we strong enough but also brave enough to speak about these type of things without the fear of failing because failure isn't an option. the title 'arrival' was a previous idea i had for a project i never completed or released and i'm glad i didn't because it is now that i know that the true me has arrived. from all the events, and lessons that have occurred over the past 5 years have really taught me so much about life. with this project being in the works i have decided to make this a mixtape to show how my writing and song structure skills have improved, while giving you a taste of what to expect from an album. plenty of times i said this is my "last" soundcloud project but in all honesty this is truly my last completely free project. i've been doing music my entire life and anyone who knows me knows that i mean that in the most literal sense. so for everyone who has supported me along this journey be on the look out for my mixtape 'arrival' coming soon !! #music #soundcloud #artist #art #rapper #singer #dancer #songwriter #comingsoon #rnb #pop #hiphop #rap
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Eléonore Cass
1 minute ago
ele_cass Cass | ethically and tailor-made in high-end workshops in india, with organic cotton, bamboo and lotus fabrics. #comingsoon #sustainablefashion
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Anna Wappler
5 minutes ago
annawappler Valami kèszül...#comingsoon#pumpkin#autumn #nofilter
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