Quiet Parade
quietparade Our pal @elizabethbird_ on location at @makenew starring in her second quiet parade video. #nousetionsicitte #comingsoonish
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Sonia Acosta
2 days ago
curlydreamer08 Story time! 🤓 my plane to columbus today was one of those scary-small, almost toy-looking ones. no tv, no armrest radio, no wi-fi. nada. and i completely forget to bring a book or anything to listen to offline. couldn't catch up on any work either, because of course, it's all online. so i busted out my laptop, and opened up the latest copy of my third book that i've been working on very, very slowly over the last few months. it wasn't even the latest document, since that one is on google docs, but it had my chapter outline, so i just picked a random chapter i felt inspired and compelled to write, and went to town. the words just poured out of my fingers like water into a glass. i could feel the people beside me staring at me probably thinking what the heck is she #writing about so ferociously? and i managed to bust out almost 3,000 words in what felt like 5 minutes, but was actually about an hour and a half or so. this is what i'm learning about this dream and these books and these stories i so passionately and badly want to share with the world (mostly because i feel stubbornly certain so many people will see themselves and find comfort, relevance, and answers in my struggles). and that is the fact that this process doesn't have to be linear, and i don't have to finish today or tomorrow or even this year. as long as i keep cranking out these pages whenever and wherever i can, and i never, ever, ever give up, i will get there. i will get there. so in the spirit of celebrating this small but meaningful accomplishment, here is a tiny little #sneakpeek at what i was working on: chapter 5: chicago's not-my-man epidemic and the lesbian confusion. scandalous! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈 #myfunnysadlife #thefrogchronicles #excerpt 🐸🐸🐸 #aheartfullofstories #rawandunedited #dating #selfdiscovery #author #nonfiction #talkaboutputtingyourselfoutthere #followthefear #selfpublished #amwriting #workinprogress #comingsoonish #nevergiveup #liveinspired
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Amelia Oliver
4 days ago
authorameliaoliver Oh irys 😍 "i've probably spent eight hours m**********g about evan in the shower...like actively for eight hours." made by @kinky_n_smutty_book_addict #ameliaoliver #plantainseries #pokerface #comingsoonish #romancereads #lovetoread #s**t
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Olivia Wilde
5 days ago
oliviawilde #fbf behind the scenes of a vigilante, a movie that kicked my a*s and broke my heart every single day, and i loved every second of it. actors are weirdos. can't wait to show you this one. #avigilante #comingsoonish #kravmaga #postbabybalding
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5 days ago
charmpopular #comingsoonish #storyhour #thisisnotyourfathersmoth i'm putting out a call for q***r story-tellers because: if i don't do something new & challenging that forces me to interact with people, i'm going to go mad. again.
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Jill Zielinski
2 weeks ago
knitterella It's been a monday filled with computer work, graphic design work, pattern writing, and even a meet-up with my sample knitter @yarn.struck (combined with a playdate to boot)! hope your work week is off to a great, and productive start. 👍🏻🖥😘#falliscoming #manicmonday #knitweardesign
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Cori Lynch Mueffelmann
2 weeks ago
trublugirl Trying to figure out the best way to photograph cards for my store - shhhh! . #comingsoonish
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Arkane Aleworks
2 weeks ago
Emptying our first barrel today! look for it on tap soon. bourbon barrel darkest sour. #sourtothepeople #arkanebarrelworks #arkanegivesmewood #barrelofmonkeys #aa #beerporn #comingsoonish
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Christina Thomas
2 weeks ago
Meet gina. a self-absorbed, wanna be actress, searching for a husband. (basically me, but her name is gina, so not me) #nogame #comingsoonish
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2 weeks ago
himynamesshayna Focused on building the habits i need to be free 😊🎧 #musicsetsmefree #flawless #comingsoonish #newmusic
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