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He’s already outgrown his binky and replaced it with a mouthful of words, including “boops” (boots). 😂 it makes me so happy i could die. the other thing killing me is that he won’t fit in his boops this time next year. 😭 #nevergrowup #benjaminbear #23months #ltkfamily http://liketk.it/2ulot
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Dear followers, thank you so much for all your lovely creations last two weeks for our #dlsvalentine theme! tomorrow (saturday february 24th) a new theme will be announced so stay tuned! with love from your dls host of this week, martine | @typotini 💝 . give these artists a like! @creative_jo @karl.scrib @lttrs_b_yvnn @inhetatelier . . #dutchletteringsquad #valentine #lovequotes #lovecreativity #hearts #heartshape #heartshaped #artsandcrafts #craftyhearts #letteringchallenge #letteringleague #communityovercompetition #letteringcommunity #handlettering #hartjes #creatief #creativiteit #liefde #valentijn
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Yea, it’s kinda hard to read the “competition” part of this... but that is most definitely the point. my recent spike in #calligrafriends has made this ever so clear to me. community over competition, friends!! there is more than enough business out there for all of us to love on each other and share the knowledge and words of motivation. 💪🏼♥️ #communityovercompetition #community #communityfirst #calligraphy #lettering #letteringcommunity #calligraphycommunity #tombow @tombowusa #tombowbrushpen
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I’ve always been a travelin’ soul. my whole life i’ve yearned for far off places filled with adventure and possibilities. growing up in central kansas i often felt trapped. i wanted to escape the mundane and run off to see cities like paris or explore rome. in college i got the chance to do just that. i studied abroad in england and traveled all over europe for 6 months. . after college i got married to the love of my life. our first year of marriage we made travel a mega priority and visited over 16 different places together in that year alone. the next year he decided to join the coast guard. our first duty station? hawaii. 🌺 . when we moved to oahu last year we bought our very first house together. 🙂 in designing our guest bedroom/my office space, i thought long and hard about what i wanted on the walls. while my adventurous lovin’ soul adores putting photos of our travels up on our walls, something was missing. . home. not the home we know right now as oahu, hawaii, and not the multitude of future homes we’ll live in cities yet unknown. but our first original home. lawrence, kansas 🌻 . where we both went to college. where we met and fell in love. where our marriage began. where our church community changed our lives. . you see in getting the opportunity to finally “escape” kansas, as my teenage self would say, i realized that kansas gave me more than i ever knew i needed. it grounded and prepared me for my future. it gave me a loving home with family and friends who mean the world to me. and no matter where we go in the future, no matter what crazy destination god calls us to visit or live, i always want to remember where it all started. . kansas 🖤🌻 . now tell me, where is home for you? and how has it changed you? 🌎🏠 if you wanna make your own custom map of the place that means the most to you you can over at @mapiful! #mapiful
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In honor of @byfordfilms and i booking our flights back to this incredible country for two amazing weddings in sydney + in the blue mountains! so stoked to explore more of australia! — also, thank you again for alllll the love from @kylie_morgan_ & i’s launch of @wildlyunwritten ! we are so excited + grateful to everyone who was interested that allowed us to sell out quicker than we ever expected, so follow along for future @wildlyunwritten workshops! ☾
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#paintbranches nr 12, a bright and warm-toned rowan branch. we're almost at the end, just three more to go! . . used: @royaltalens and @winsorandnewton paints . . #paintbranch #communityovercompetition #artcommunity #instaart #arttag #creativesoninstagram #painting #painter #art #artchallenge #positivevibes
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Artist feature/shoutout📢 . today is for the amazing rachel @rachellettering. i love her colorful creations! 😍 scroll through the pictures to see a few of her works, visit her profile, and give her some ❤️ . . . . check out some more awesome artists over at #tsd_shoutouts and my “artists” story highlight in my profile. got someone you admire? dm me! thanks for spreading #communityovercompetition with me! 🤗❤️ . . . . (i am jumping on board with #shoutoutsaturday and #featurefriday #followfriday because i've been itching to do this for a while now but felt pointless to do it since i only have small followers. so i will give shoutouts to people who has a smaller number of followers than me but deserves more followers than me. 🙌🏻 i know followers in social media is not all important in life but it still nice to give a shoutout once in a while. 😊 #communityovercompetition, right? 💪🏼) . . . #calligraphy #moderncalligraphy #brushcalligraphy #handlettering #handlettered #lettering #letteringpractice #handwriting #handletteringpractice #calligraphypractice #dailytype #handtype #handmadefont #brushlettered #brushlettering #calligrafriends #letteringco #greattype #typespot #brushtype #letteringleague #letteringco #typographists #script #modernscript . #tlt_loveourtribe @theletteringtribe
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Exciting news - we're hiring interns! spring and summer 2018 positions are now open, and we'd love to work with you. if you're hardworking, reliable, and love all things wedding, wellness, and lifestyle, you'd be a great fit for our team! send your resume and cover letter to sayhello@beinspiredpr.com to apply.
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If you have followed @sincerely_annamarie and i for awhile, then you have probably noticed some “sponsored” posts in our feed. your likes, comments and interactions with these posts means so much to us and here is the big reason why! i cannot thank @social_native enough for each and every opportunity they have given us! #socialnative #iamsocialnative
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Nora Gray Boutique
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Let’s be friends! join women follow women weekend follow loop created by @thatlovelymomlife_ to connect ladies, moms, small shops, and bloggers! . 1. follow your hosts: @thatlovelymomlife_ & @dbdesignsshoppe 2. tap on #womenfollowwomen3 3. follow everyone under the hashtag 4. comment 🍍 on everyone you follow . do not follow to unfollow. it’s not nice and we use the app to check. do not use our hashtag on your photo, or alter our caption. . click link in hosts bios @thatlovelymomlife_ or @dbdesignsshope to join our telegram group! . #womenfollowwomen #weekendfollowloop #communityovercompetition #supportoneanother #momfollowloop #momcrush #momblogger #bloggers #smallshops #letsbefriends #community #womenarestrongertogether
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Jordan Williams, Founder
It is the perfect day for interviews followed by running errands with my sweet hubby. i can feel a target trip in my future, but first we have to deal with comcast...cross your fingers that goes well for us! we decided to simplify a little bit and turn off our cable service since we have netflix and hulu and never use the cable channels, and i am feeling so happy about all of the small adjustments we are making this month to simplify and find joy and content. ⠀ ⠀ also, did you see our post yesterday? we have something really exciting releasing monday morning and can not wait to share it with you! <3 until then, enjoy your weekend friends! ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #weddings #weddingplanning #weddingplanner #bride #groom #fineartwedding #isaidyes #ido #chicagowedding #chicagoweddingplanner #dailyview #weddingdetails #destinationwedding #weddingideas #weddingphotography #communityovercompetition #thedailywedding #luxurywedding #creativepreneur #creativityfound #designisinthedetails #dowhatyoulove #makeithappen #target #love #blog #blogger #weddingblog #risingtidesociety #wahm
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The Crystal Society
We’re with her! ✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼#thefutureisfemale #girlboss 📸: @levoleague
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Poppy Design Co LLC
🌸🌼🌸🌼🌸 garden roses are beautiful and smell amazing, but check out the tulips and mini carnations in this wreath! 😍😍 so pretty and underrated! this photo is from a shoot at a photography conference that my talented friend @leahhopephotography lead. she takes beautiful photos, check out her insta 😊
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Pretty Fabulous
Just because i'm working over the weekend, doesn't mean i'm not taking a little downtime to 1 | flip through magazines 2 | watch a favorite tv episode here or there 3 | enjoy some tea and a good book on the couch what about you? what are you doing to relax and give yourself a few minutes of downtime this weekend? #lisasiefert #socialmarketing #socialmediamarketing #socialmediamarketingtips #socialmediamanager #communitymanager #digitalmarketing #blog #digitalbranding #personalbranding #socialmediaconsultant #marketingtips #marketing101 #growyourbusiness #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneur #workhard #prettyfabulousdesigns #indesign #communityovercompetition
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Diamant Events™️
Santa maria del secreto chapel is a charming little chapel hidden in a very special beach in riviera maya. #allyouneedislove #secretjewelcelebrationsvenue #destinationweddings #rivieramaya tap once to reveal the famous brazilian designer who created this gorgeous “rincón de flores” at the capilla.
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✌🏻stacie carr
Sharing different heartbeats and one love - - over 9000 km couldn’t keep alana and andreas from being together. after meeting in san diego while andreas was traveling, they dated long distance for three years. finally they are together forever, having said their vows just last week. this beautiful, incredibly in love couple plan to start their life together in copenhagen, andreas home town. who else adores a good love story?! so happy to have met you two. until our paths cross again✌🏻 - - - - #destinationweddingphotographer #canadianweddingphotographer #vancouverweddingphotographer #intimateweddingphotographer #communityovercompetition #emotionoverperfection #vancouverelopement #wanderingphotographers #rockymountainbride #dirtybootsandmessyhair #creativenetworkarc #loveandwildhearts #adventurouswedding #oarsandbeanies #vancouverwedding #adventurouslovestory #mountainbrides #photobugcommunity #junebugweddings #elopementcollective #featurepalette #bohemianwedding #banffwedding #huffpostido #portraitcollective #pnwedding #bohobride #staciecarr
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Callie Rainey Photography
As far as friday introductions go... i’d like to talk about “my beeeest fraaaaand” (think of the song and laugh with me). this photo was taken in a season of my life that was almost a surreal dream. i was working weddings almost every weekend and right alongside my best gal pal. pensacola was a lot of emotions for me, the sweet, the frustrating and the growing. i lost friends, i gained friends and true friendships blossomed. i was reminded of this photo of myself just this past week, when i felt “in the dumps” about starting over... in the business world and the “friend-dating” world. but my friend reminded me that i “hustle,” i have joy worth giving and i have a passion for this “job” and that i shouldn’t give up. so i’m grateful for many things right now. for being able to do something i am passionate about and call it a “job.” i am grateful for the opportunity to start fresh no matter how scary it may be. i am so grateful for @mayci_h in my life and always encouraging me, bettering me and pushing me. so hi, my name is callie. i love being a photographer. i love meeting not only “new” people, but people that crave to be relational and be a community together. i like making people happy and sharing my passion. we just moved to north carolina and i am excited. just simply excited for this unknown. let’s do this!
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elisabetta white
Me, hugging @louiseperryweddings (i think) with other fellow wedding planners in the background. 😍 competition is good but support is even better.☝🏼 over the last 2 weeks i've had support, encouragement or even just lovely banter in one way or another with some amazing colleagues (you know who you are ❤️). some of them are also destination wedding planners, and yet, not one of them is more than a phone call or message away to help you when you lose your balance, have a laugh when you need a distraction, or remind you of why we do what we do. community over competition, always. it's the only way forward in an industry like ours, where some colleagues want to do it all, where people will undervalue their services by undercharging in order to get that booking, where 'serving only your ideal clients' goes out of the window because "you know, they'll pay me money." > look up to those that do it right. > look up to those who choose to be themselves and not a copy of others. > look up to those that are real and transparent, not constantly bigging themselves up. > look up to those that choose to struggle by focusing on *their* clients rather than everybody else's, knowing that it will pay off in the end. > look up to those who value their time and services; that know when to say no; that can recognise when others are taking advantage of them; that will do their thing even when blogs and magazines make them feel like they don't belong, because their style is not modern enough, fine art enough, on trend enough. don't copy them. just observe them and strive to be as authentic and real as them. . you might not see it now, but it will pay off. always. || 📸 via ukawp.com #ukawp #communityovercompetition #businessadvice #lifeasaweddingplanner
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C A S E Y O ' H A R A
Eeek! 🔥🔥 . check out these phase 1 results! holy smokes, a lot can happen in 30 days, just think 🤔 how you can change your body and your life if you stop procrastinating and just freakin go for it! and this is only 1/3 if he way through, just imagine what you can do in the full 80 days! . 80 different workouts, simple and laid out portion controlled nutrition, daily accountability, and results! . it's the last call as my february love yourself challenge kicks off monday and i have only 2 spots left! . for the details fill out the application at the link in my bio! (these spots are gonna go fast!) . where do you wanna be this summer? happy, confident and healthy, or jealous? 😀🙋🏼‍♀️ - - - - #saturdayvibes #tiuhq  #vegetarianmeals  #healthyishappy #beforepics#tiuholidayhustle #bbggirls #tiuteam #veganlife  #theknotohio #tiubride#hiking #fitcouple#deathbykayla #sweatforthedress #transformation #girlswithmuscle  #fitnessjourney#sweatingforthewedding#communityovercompetition #weightloss#spartanrace #pittsburgh #moutainlife #weddingworkout
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Angelica Johansson
Let’s be friends! join women follow women weekend follow loop created by @thatlovelymomlife_ to connect ladies, moms, small shops, and bloggers! . 1. follow your hosts: @thatlovelymomlife_ & @dbdesignsshoppe 2. tap on #womenfollowwomen3 3. follow everyone under the hashtag 4. comment 🍍 on everyone you follow . do not follow to unfollow. it’s not nice and we use the app to check. do not use our hashtag on your photo, or alter our caption. . click link in hosts bios @thatlovelymomlife_ or @dbdesignsshope to join our telegram group! . #womenfollowwomen #weekendfollowloop #communityovercompetition #supportoneanother #momfollowloop #momcrush #momblogger #bloggers #smallshops #letsbefriends #community #womenarestrongertogether
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✨if the week had you a little wonky like this, don’t worry y’all—it’s saturday! satur-freaking-yay!✨
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Dina Brenci
Over coffee this morning on the boat, the conversation quickly shifted to questions about the past, our history of humanity, and where we are headed next. there is so much war, violence, mistrust, and anger in our history and i can't help but think if those people truly loved themselves and others, we wouldn't have had to suffer through all of those destructive patterns. that being said, the past is the past and all we have is right now in this moment! let's commit to change. let's love ourselves and others for who they are and what they are and focus on a new humanity. #abouttime ⠀⠀ • • • • #lifecoach #mentor #love #communityovercompetition #femalepreneur #lovemybiz #creativebusiness #bloglovin #ontheblog #savvyblogging #bloggergirl #womenintheworld #beyourownboss #creativehappylife #womenhelpingwomen #pursuewhatislovely #pursuepretty #thehappynow #myunicornlife #seekthesimplicity #theverydayproject #lifeisbeautiful #stylemepretty #boatlife #imonaboat #boating #bvi #abouttime #newworld
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Let’s be friends! join women follow women weekend follow loop created by @thatlovelymomlife_ to connect ladies, moms, small shops, and bloggers! . 1. follow your hosts: @thatlovelymomlife_ & @dbdesignsshoppe 2. tap on #womenfollowwomen3 3. follow everyone under the hashtag 4. comment 🍍 on everyone you follow . do not follow to unfollow. it’s not nice and we use the app to check. do not use our hashtag on your photo, or alter our caption. . click link in hosts bios @thatlovelymomlife_ or @dbdesignsshope to join our telegram group! . #womenfollowwomen #weekendfollowloop #communityovercompetition #supportoneanother #momfollowloop #momcrush #momblogger #bloggers #smallshops #letsbefriends #community #womenarestrongertogether
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ЦВЕТЫ И ПОДАРКИ авторские.
Приблизительно так выглядят ваши букеты до того как я возьму в руки Цветы и они будут вставать каждый на своё место🙌🏻💓 . Я уже не раз говорила и ещё раз повторюсь, что создание букета - это как картина маслом, тут нужно прочувствовать сердцем, а потом «писать» применяя основные знания как фундамент👌🏽 . Я тоже учу этому девочек, индивидуально, чтобы разложить все по полочкам. Вы научитесь чувствовать в первую очередь. Любовь к каждому цветочку🌸 это особая медитация, когда разглядываешь каждый лепесток, стебель, листик, веточку, улавливаешь запах🤤 . Возьму пару девочек на курс в марте 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 8(967)769-99-27
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