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You are brave.
i think the best compliments out there aren’t about your appearance, but about your character.
this little chalkboard almost always has an encouraging word or phrase on it. the world try’s to tell you what you aren’t and it’s great to have a word or two physically written out to tell you what you are daily. you are brave, you are worthy, you are loved, you are strong, and you are valued. let’s continue to speak truth and life into others, everyone is fighting their own battles.
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I’m giving a big hearty “thank you!” to my former kharis wedding couples for letting me tell their story - with free mini sessions!!😍😍 i don’t take it lightly that these couples allowed me to step into some of the most intimate moments of their lives. they have openly shared their joy with me and treated me as more than just a vendor, but rather a friend with a camera. i wouldn’t be able to do what i do, literally, if it wasn’t for them. 😭❤️ the first of these mini-sessions was tonight and if it’s any indicator what the rest of them will be like, it’s gonna be good. 😍😍 taylor & jade got married in may 2016 and it was such a joy to see them and laugh with them again tonight. my photography style and vision has changed drastically since their wedding (my third ever i think!) so it was really cool to have them in front of the camera again! more of these coming soon because they’re drool worthy.
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People and businesses are always growing and evolving. back in 2016, i quickly threw together a rebrand for myself, and it never felt quite right. of all people, i know the branding process can’t be rushed, but i didn’t listen to myself. ⠀
this past weekend, i listened to myself. inspiration came from out of nowhere, and i spent all of saturday putting together a brand that’s a more mature reflection of the direction my business is going in. ⠀
the style doesn’t veer too far off from what i currently have established. i didn’t want to go in a full rebrand direction, but i wanted my branding to feel more like, well, me. ⠀
now to finish my website before i change my mind again! #designerproblems
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I always forget how pale i am until either 1️⃣ i see a picture of myself with bare legs or 2️⃣ i get a sunburn. but with thinking about number 2️⃣, i’m always on the hunt for the best, reasonably priced sunscreen that’s also not filled with chemicals and doesn’t feel gross going on. i don’t ask for much, right? do you have a favorite sunscreen that you’ve found though?? let me know in the comments below so i can try it out!
📷: @kimberlyraquel_
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I'm just over here, obsessing over this ceremony set up. i love the idea of using a runner down the aisle! also the floral design by @belovely_design is so perfect 😍 have you guys checked out my blog post filled with gorgeous inspiration like this?! link in bio! photograph @lizstranburg planning @featherandrockevents lighting @lumos_co rentals @openaireaffairs
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So this little guy will be graduating his tiny-tot preschool program this wednesday! 🎓#mcm it's not the end, just the beginning!!
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Room with a view. (📸 @tigmitrading )
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Hands deep in greenery! me all day. i fought through all the spiders + grasshoppers today in my foraged greens. i only killed three spiders with my snips haha. (poor spider, i can’t imagine the terror!) it kills me to think about the ones that got away 🤢 🕷
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This meridian hill dc #engagementsession was perfection! see more on the blog! #happylittlebrides
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These two were married yesterday and it came and went way too quickly. what a sweet and joyous celebration it was... what a wonderful day seeing two good friends become husband and wife!! ahh! can’t wait for their wedding to hit the blog this week! 😍 #forevermize #stephaniekaseweddings
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Vero was one of the most aesthetically pleasing places i’ve been - i would definitely recommend it as a relaxing vacation destination! also @zaful has really affordable suits! 🌷
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Regrann from @happilyhafsa - we have so many new faces here and i’ve been wanting to do a friday introduction. then i saw my gorgeous friend @victoriaharris.co do 3 truths and a lie and i thought, yassss!⠀

the game is simple: i’m sharing 3 truths and a lie about myself below. all you have to do is figure out which fact is a lie and share in the comments. i’ll be sharing the answer on my stories so follow along to see if you were right :) here we go friends.⠀

1- i am a wife to an incredible husband and a mom of two beautiful little boys. my three guys are the centre for me and no matter what i do, making sure they’re happy and taken care of is my biggest and most important priority.⠀

2- i absolutely love skiing. it’s one of my favourite activities. i go regularly and i really don’t think there’s any other feeling in the word comparable to flying down a ski hill, especially at night.⠀

3- i truly believe that every one of us as a gift, and a responsibility to share that gift with everyone. we are all beautiful, regardless of whether we fit society’s definition of what counts as beautiful and boy, are we strong. i love #communityovercompetition and connecting with all of you here. ⠀

🐪 ⠀
4- i once drove through the sahara dessert to reach the elusive town of timbuktu and slept on a rooftop under the stars. it was one of the most magical experiences of my life. ⠀

so, which fact do you think is a lie? share your guess below and also tell me one thing about you that i don’t know ♥️⠀

happy friday dear friends. i’m excited to see you in my live, today at 2:30 talking about makeup and skincare, and the things we can do for ourselves that make us feel beautiful on the inside and the outside. ⠀

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Currently obsessed with this color palette
photo + art direction @narciso_rodriguez
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Facts: i feel like i was born to be a boy-mom. i secretly had more fun staging the boy themes than the girl ones! our 4th of july tassel ( i’m making it over in my insta stories) looks super cute with a ton of different themes.
honeycomb balls in shop .
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Day 8 of #10ways10days had me climbing the walls of my apartment rather than braving the scorching weather outside ☀️😓
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Throwback to last week’s maternity session makeup on the gorgeous @maddie_moseley16 💙 glowing mama to be!
lip color 💋 is - @nyxcosmetics lip liner in nude & @maccosmetics lipstick in honey love
#baileyupchurchmua #maternityshoot
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...and who you do it with! 🥂
we are so proud of our partnership with @careercontacts 🥂
in the coming months, we’ll show you exactly what we mean when we say #collaborationovercompetition and #communityovercompetition , and how amazing things happens when #womenempowerwomen 🥂
cheers to the next chapter 🥂
we’re happy to have you on this journey with us!
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