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A coming-of-age event can empower your child to move with confidence and determination toward adulthood; have you begun planning one? #marcavia
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Community can change your life. it challenges you, it evolves you, it loves you, it questions you, it supports you. there are people out there who will bring you up. if you haven’t found them then don’t give up. they are out there and you need them! just be patient 🧑.
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Had every intention of making french toast for dinner. then i realized i never got the bread at the store 🀦🏼‍♀️
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One of the things i love most about this business is the friendships and sense of community it offers. it feels good to be understood, supported and a part of something that is both exciting and rewarding. are you longing for something more? a new challenge? a plan b, a sense of belonging? let’s talk to see if this might be the right fit for you. πŸ’ž#ineedmore #rfjourney
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My homemade 6ft kitchen art piece/decor..
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Happy monday 🌻
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Today i had the loveliest time at the @bellevuebotanical gardens, first photographing the cutest young couple, then walking around hand in hand with my husband. 🌸 the words honestly escape me - i've been living in feelings. the feeling of a warm autumn day. the feeling of being loved and loving someone unconditionally. just feeling. πŸ’—
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So how has your week started??? isn’t it bonkers how it’s monday again already blink and the week flew by... mine was amazing got in a fab brisk walk and i even got a bit more of a run in - yep i usually don’t run but i’m trying to teach myself again how to run.. anyone else a runner for some hot tips let me know but in another beautiful note mustard lovers this beauty is for you! jade is one super talented lady why not head over to her page show some love and check out her beautiful work and this stunning pic is by her @madebymissjade showcasing my soy candle which adds that bit of sparkle to this photo don’t you think? love it. 😍
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When do we lose our first love? when we lose our delight in the lord. when he and his presence become familiar/routine and we forget how truly awesome, worthy + holy he is. all of a sudden, we also lose sight of who we are in him. this year has been a journey of the lord reconnecting me to his heart and refocusing my life’s purpose in him. this conference came to cement that work that he had started in my heart and brought me back to the place of awe, wonder, and delight. just one touch, just one moment in his presence is enough to transform our lives! if you’re walking into worship gatherings, serving + even pouring out songs to the lord but no transformative work is happening in your life, it’s time to ask whether the lord is truly in the place he deserves to be in your heart. god is so kind, patient + loving but it’s time the church strips itself of all weight, burden+ sin and truly rise up to the divine purpose the lord has for us. i want to encourage you that it’s never too late, you’re never too far, + god’s love is never out of reach. just call upon his name and follow his lead. #bestillandknow #aweandwonder #thebelongingco
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Fall equinox has come and gone so i broke out the amethyst and tried to find a little balance this week. πŸ‚ today i got to attend an event focused on authenticity hosted by @dallasgirlgang and i have to say i learned so much! connecting with women at these meet ups has been so exciting. hubs has been so good about giving me a few hours every weekend to center myself and get out of the house. i love my new role as a mama but sometimes everyone needs a little adult conversation and these events have been such a good release for me! β˜•οΈ
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Who is #teamascotmanor one hell of a group of creatives with a goal to be associated with some of the top athletic brands that sponsor our tennis pro's but in support of skilled underprivileged junior ranked players!
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Psl anyone? πŸ™‹πŸ»β˜•οΈ
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Blonde balayage and cut by alicia @aliciaatl15
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Put your old unfinished paintings back on the wall. then either finish them or paint over them...
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I'm not at all one to use gazebos in photos– we were only under there because of the rain. despite this little old gazebo, this is still one of my favorite wedding photos. there's just something about the way he's holding her. something about the moment they're caught up in. something about their love.
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As we close out the weekend and go into our work week i want to leave this with you.
god will use your your circumstances to fine-tune your character. so whatever hardships or setbacks you face this week, embrace them and use them as growth opportunities. comfort rarely exists when growth is present.
goodnight everyone!! 🌚
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