Yseult Francq 🕊️
14 hours ago
yseultfr *we love films because they make us feel something. they speak to our desires, which are never small. they allow us to escape and to dream and to gaze into eyes that are impossibly beautiful and huge. they fill us with longing. but also. they tell us to remember; they remind us of life. remember, they say, how much it hurts to have your heart broken. remember about death and suffering and the complexities of living. remember what it is like to love someone. remember how it is to be loved. remember what you feel in this moment. remember this. remember this.* [#ninalacour#everythingleadstoyou#movie#quotes#photography#vibtage#hand#pocket#movielover#feel#remindys#life#hurt#love#remember#complexities#living]
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I was lost, the kind of lost that’s exactly like being found. #lifeimitatesart#sadcore#streets#feels#complexities#lost#humans#themeaningoflife#love
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Daniel ❤️s Beers
daniel_rootman Bloody big brew by @garageproject , across the ditch in nz. @ 7.5% and presented in a big boy 750ml vessel. mango, mint, chilli and lime gee wiz beer is a complex beast now days 🍺 #craftbeer #newzealandbeer #wellington #acrosstheditch #beersnob #kingbrown #complexities
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Heartfulness Oslo
3 days ago
heartfulnessoslo What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you. #ralphemerson. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #diwali means #festival of #lights. most rituals have a significant purpose behind them. worshipping and adoring a statue of our revered deity is supposed to transport us to feeling the #essence of that deity, wherein we move from form to #formlessness. - - likewise, the external #light lit with reverence in a worshipping mood triggers thirst, an #authentic #search for the #innerlight, #innerguidance and #innerwisdom. we #celebrate rituals like diwali by finding the time to renew #family #harmony, allowing #newbeginnings. what was originally a very simple harvest festival when farmers honored the #generosity of #lakshmi, the goddess of #prosperity, has now become a multi-million dollar industry around the world. this diwali, let’s go #backtobasics and share the #realspirit of this joyous festival. - diwali is the indian subcontinent’s most significant religious celebration, symbolizing lord rama and mother sita’s return to ayodhya after fourteen years of exile. on their return, the people decorated the whole city with lights to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness, hope over despair and good over evil. - to fill the #emptiness is very easy, but to fill the emptiness so as to remain #pure and light is only possible #throughlove. #heartfulness is the #path that facilitates us to continually empty our hearts of #complexities and keep filling them with purity, light, and love. there are no dogmas, rigidity or compulsions in heartfulness. - read more: http://daaji.org/inner-light/ @kamleshdaaji @practiceheartfulness @heartful_inventure
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Andrew Mostella
2 weeks ago
mo_stellar Ever notice how the #simplethingsinlife are the most #beautiful ? take this mushroom for #example . most people would never notice this because they are too caught up in the #complexities , #stressing out. allow yourself to get #lost sometimes because when you #stop trying to #figure everything out, suddenly the #answers show themselves. this is because when you stop #expecting you begin to humor the #infinitepossibilities and furthermore reduce the #pressure you put on #yourself , which in turn makes it a whole lot #easier . don't forget #simplicity . it will #changeyourlife for the better.
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2 weeks ago
kloseview The many layers of klose-my hairdresser washed and massaged my head with shampoo and essential oils that tingled today. it was probably the first truly relaxing moment i have had in a while. i have been thinking of all of the wild things i could try to do to my hair all week for this show coming up- but then i kept thinking about how much i would have to listen to people talk about my hair out and at work---so many tourists-and i changed my mind. my hair looks beautiful. but...it looks like me and how i feel on the inside. i feel very laid back and as normal as someone such as myself can be. i have a very complex mind. i am just generally easy going and the word i hear most throughout life is sweet. but on the inside, there is so much that goes on. that is one reason why i am an artist. it is my outlet for maybe a small percentage of what i think. and feel. have you ever really needed yourself? it may sound odd to say that. but i gave all of my time to another for 4 years-pretty much all of that time. i think it f****d me up in the head-because he was not the right one. so comes the saying tread lightly in the aftermath...well, been so long since then...and so much has happened. you can love someone else and still love yourself. and still be yourself. and still decide on your own what you want to do to your hair- and also-what you want to do with your life. my family told me when i visited thailand last year i couldn't put color in my hair- so just to feel free i put one piece of purple in it anyway- i have had no one tell me anything-i could do anything. i chose simplicity. i could have gone to a brand new cool nightclub out of town tonight...i chose face masks and mindhunter. finding myself over and over is weird. but i am feeling good about the next year. i have grown out of myself, and sometimes i don't feel like many people understand me. but soon it will all come together. best self is not acquired without many discoveries, failures, and changes...oddly, my change with my hair is to just keep it pretty much the same. it's just what i felt like deciding on.
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Art & Soul
2 weeks ago
artnsoulmumbai There is a dynamic energy that is almost palpable in his figures, you can feel the emotional stress and the latent energy, which brings alive stories of existence, crisis and complexities of relationships,” - nalini malviya (art critic and curator). don't miss the opportunity to meet padma bhushan awardee shree jatin das at his "figures in motion" exhibition at the jehangir art gallery until october 16th. #dynamicenergy #jatindas #thelearned #emotional #emotionalstress #nalinimalviya #padmabhushanawards #awards #existence #crisis #complexities #relationships
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Jennifer DeSantis
2 weeks ago
ladyjennd The complexities of human thought and emotion - is a 16"x20" mixed media collage depicting - well, the complexities of human thought and emotion. you can view and procure this original piece at @javajoesabq until 10/30. feel free to dm me if interested 💛💛💛💛💛💛 #mixedmedia #collage #mixedmediaart #collageart #complexities #thoughts #feelings #emotions #layers #mixedmediacollage #uniquehomedecor #ladyjennd #ladyjenndart #javajoes #javajoesabq #art #abq #albuquerque #supportlocal @downtownalbuquerque
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