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Return to centre meditation

this guided meditation transcript is designed to help you return to your centre, ground in your true self and rest in the space of calm and peace that exits within you.

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I’ve always loved animals, and always knew they would be in my life when i got older, but never thought it’d be just as pets. i miss riding and training, but with the canine work i’m getting into it keeps me busy and i can just enjoy a horse’s company❤️
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What brings you joy? studies have been conducted through out the world measuring nation's happiness quotients. countless books have been written on the pursuit of happiness and living with joy. but what brings you joy?
for me, i see a direct correlation with connection. when i feel connected deeply, heart to heart, with god, with a friend or family member, with a group where i feel accepted and loved and free to be myself, life is so much fuller, happier. and i don't think i am alone in that. i have read connection is one of the key factors in battling depression. so it's actually not only fun and meaningful but powerful!
and just getting outside, going for a walk, creating, using one's gifting, learning or discovering something or somewhere new, accomplishing something i have put off forever(!), seeing (really seeing!) the beauty around me, expressing my gratitude, getting to know a new friend, sharing memories and laughter with an old friend...living intentionally to me means all of that. it means living creatively, purposefully, doing what i am called to do. none of those are necessarily hard things to do. too often, though, i forget... i forget to make time for what is most important.... @unumdesign #unumfam #taketimetoconnect #hearttoheart #love #connection #gratitude #simplethingsinlife #joy #happiness #intentionalliving #livejoyfully
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🌬hızır and ilyas will met on earth tonight🌀take a moment and catch your breath❣️celebrate what you have learned 💕celebrate your growth💗celebrate how far you have come.💓
🌹under a rose make a wish🌹be aware that the nature is awakening💫 •

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Our website is in the final phase & we can’t wait to share it with you!
we hope that you’ll join us!
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dancer || @itsmerylieb 📷 || @wheatkracker
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Find out where 15% of all proceeds from beginners windsurfing retreat will be donated 🌺
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Happiness is opening your fridge to a beautiful bounty after traveling and eating out for days on end!
and a little fridge advice for my green friends....store your herbs upright in a small jar with a hint of water in the bottom, also your larger leafy greens like kale and chard etc like to be stored this way.
stay green, stay fresh, eat the rainbow 🌈
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I am very grateful for the day i had yesterday.☀️my mama came to visit me, and my love and i brought her to the @salemjazzsoul festival. 🎷🎼🎸we chilled on a blanket for 4 hours and alternated between chillin’, napping, and dancing by the stage. 😌 i met the sweetest soul, kate, who makes jewelry (like this groovy piece i had to get for myself!) who told me, “i am so happy that this necklace went to you.” this statement made my day. she’s a hardworking mama who was carrying her sleeping daughter around all day in a carrier on her chest as she operated her booth and talked to customers. that’s badass. 👑 i find it very important to support local artists. there are so many of them in every community! people who have a gift, and work very hard to have it be something they can share with the world while making a living off of. respect. 👊🏻throughout the festival, i kept bumping into someone my man and i met that same morning. we bumped into this person about 10 different times, no exaggeration. it seems that we connect with warm souls everywhere that we go. it feels so incredible to live life in an open way, turning my heart towards each being and welcoming them into it. 99% of the strangers i smile at return this gift to me, if they haven’t beat me to it already. 😊everyone i shared space with yesterday was full of life, music bringing us all together. 🤙🏼 we must seek out things that bring us all together every chance that we get. there is so much good in the world, so much potential for healing what hurts. we are here to live in community and harmony. we are here to love, because love is what we are. i am thankful. ✨ if you dig this necklace, you should check out kate’s shop: a simple twist. she can be found on facebook, where the places her jewelry is sold in are listed. she also makes custom orders! she was the nicest human i’ve met in a while, truly. 💕 what are some of your favorite local jewelry makers? i’m always looking to add to my fun, colorful collection! ~ i send my love and gratitude to you all today. may you remember the blessings in your life and look forward to all that are yet to come! ✌🏼
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Feel so emotional tonite #stay gold#my forever most beauty#love saves all mankind#connection above#my balam☄️☄️💫❤️❤️🖤❤️🖤
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i unfollowed 300 peeps today. i feel so light! strangers, acquaintances, past friends, even some family. buh-bye.
they won't know it, though, b/c they unfollowed me first. it's so odd, trying and failing to connect; at first attracting, then repelling you strangers. maybe i was too flirty, angry, glib, or atheist (if you believe in god, i will, sooner or later, offend that puerile pastime, with good reason, sorry not sorry), or too candid, or too pervy, or forthcoming. tmi is a thing. however i alienated you, i have some shame over it, i'll just add that to my growing collection.
how did this happen? well, if you follow, i probably followed back (unless you're all about memes); if you sooner or later unfollow, my feelings get hurt. i'm a baby about such things, you see.
but don't worry, i'll survive without you,
somehow, but first, i’ll savagely unfollow you, too. i'm a baby about that, too.
maybe one day fondly hoped for, i'll survive without any social media at all. maybe when i'm famous, and no longer need your attention. at that point i expect i'll just be trying to hide from you. don't let me.
have no fear, though, real friends, for i will never not need you. ❤️💕
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This 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻mindset is the game changer and you are in direct control of yours!
the space between stimulus and response.
our tool to navigating the human experience. ·
perception vs. reality.
in what ways are you struggling with reality? ·
what stories have you created around your beliefs? ·
how is this showing up in your life? your practice? your birth? your parenthood?
find a #birthfitprofessional to guide you in your journey. 💚
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Connections must be deeper than sexual...
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This moment, this weekend, this mission, this feeling- is one that i’ve prayed for, searched for and fought for.
as i was lying in meditation after yesterday’s yoga practice, allowing the seeds that had been planted in the preceding hours to settle in- a thought rose up inside of me:
i am not alone anymore.
not in my beliefs of inherent good and limitless possibilities. not in my pursuit of my own and other’s highest good. not in my reverence for the force that works in and through all of us... and for the pain we have to transcend to get here.

and in that moment, @lizawitonis grabbed my hand and confirmed the truth that the moment had come for me to realize- that clenching my fists has been a surefire way to stay alone and disconnected.
but as soon as i opened, as soon as i reached my arms out and opened my palms- someone was waiting to hold them.
there are people out there in your life, just waiting to be let in. beyond your defenses. beyond your pretenses. beyond your mask and shows and need to feign perfection.
it’s you- imperfect, awkward, floundering, shifting, beautiful, unique and human you- that they want to love and support... and all you need to do to feel it, to accept and experience it- is open your hands and let them.

photo cred: @jenniferldesrosiers
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Sometimes we forgive people for ourselves, not for them. as this says, it doesn’t mean the behavior is and/or was ok, it’s just means i’m not going to attach myself to it and in order to move on, i must forgive... for me. i forgive for me.
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