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Self portrait shot on assignment with @suitcase in borneo whilst documenting coral farming and planting #suitcasetravels @reefcheckmalaysia . . a traditional coral farm is very much like an underwater garden, with row after row of corals growing in aquatic nurseries, under sunlight and with a constant flow of seawater. coral farming is the process whereby fragments of corals are collected from the local reefs, raised in nurseries until mature, and then installed at the restoration site. after decades of scientific, small-scale, and community-based projects around the world, its been shown to be a viable method for restoring degraded reefs. . . . #conservationphotography #conservation #gorilla #endangeredspecies #animalkingdom #wildlifephotography #wildlife_seekers #wildlifeonearth #wildlifeplanet #natgeo #natgeoyourshot #natgeotravel #natgeocreative #natgeowild #reportage #photojournalism #photojournalist #portrait_ig #portrait_shots #portraitphotography #reportagespotlight #conservationphotography #coral #coralreef #borneo #oceanconservation
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Owls and people (part 3) many owl species can live alongside of and even benefit from the presence of people, but each has unique requirements. short-eared owls, like this two-week old juvenile, leave the nest when they are only 12-14 days old and require tall vegetation to hide them from predators. mowing or grazing that might benefit a burrowing owl could doom short-eared owls. learn more about how to encourage owls to live alongside you in my ongoing multimedia owl programs and in “owl: a year in the lives of north american owls”, the book upon which the programs are based. i will be in boise idaho this coming saturday. @paulbannick @audubonsociety @braidedriver #paulbannick #owlayear #shortearedowl #shortearedowls #owl #owls #birdsofinstagram #birds #goldeneagleaudubon #conservationphotography
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Shelter for the flightless snowy owl nestlings huddle together for warmth while their parents hunt. these young snowy owls will soon leave the nest but will be flightless and gray a green/yellow tundra. how will they hide and remain safe from predators? learn more about the lives of north american owls in my new multimedia owls program in boise and the chicago area in the months ahead. @paulbannick @audubonsociety @naturesbestphotomagazine #paulbannick #owlayear #snowyowls #snowyowl #owls #owl #conservationphotography #goldeneagleaudubon #indianadunesbirdingfestival
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Corsica 2007
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Corsica 2007
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Jens Hauser
4/12 of #top12 sunrise over the pristine jungle i got inspired so i thought of selecting my top 12 photos of 2017. some of them i selected because i liked the photo and others the experience in taking them but for all of them it is a way to remember some of the places i have visited but mostly the people i have met. my fourth photo is taken from the bukit supu besar peak, borneo, malaysia one really early morning looking over the pristine jungle. i and my guide mohd faijan mustapah had set up camp, or rather put up our hammocks between some trees and hung a tarpaulin over it to protect us from the heavy monsoon rains. it wasn't too bad because we had a nice breeze during the night so there weren't that many mosquitoes and other flying biting insects that could munch on us. the peak is about 100 meters above the river level and it is perfect spot to get above the forest. during sunrise there are such a beautiful light but it is even more magic when the forest wakes up. you can hear everything from the birds singing to the gibbons getting vocal with their ‘hoo’ and ‘whoop’ calls. you think they are close by but their loud calls can travels kilometers across the forest. my thanks goes to each and everyone that works so hard with conservation and have the energy to continue doing year after year. #borneo #malaysia #sunrise #batuputeh #light #bestof #landscape #forest #jungle #nature #nopalmoil #conservationphotography #costofphotography @
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Beautiful landscapes
🌍🌋🏜⛰🌅 ⠀⠀⠀ awesome scenic image, shout out to @this_is_scotland @misshanlovett for posting this! ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ we ask that if you enjoy this pic you check out the original account too at @this_is_scotland where you will find the original post and caption.⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ #naturephoto #instanaturefriends_ #naturelovers #landscapelovers #naturegram #naturephotography #natureperfection #instaview #wildanimals #marineart #scenerypic #wildlifeconservation #conservationphotography #igscwildlife #instatree #instacolors #naturereservepark
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Kiwi Birdlife Park Queenstown
This is molly, our beautiful morepork (ruru). unfortunately new zealand has lost over 40% if it’s species. she is the only truly native species of owl left here, and the only morepork in a live bird show! 🦉come see her and support conservation here at the kiwi birdlife park.
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Arlaine Francisco
Rainy day on the atlantic forest. the most diverse life forms take a special glow. the atlantic forest, a brazilian biodiversity hotspot, is heavily threatened by human activities and the frenetic urbanization. many of its endemic species are still unknown and has risk of disappear before being discovered and studied. #hotspots #atlanticforest #mataatlantica #frogs #conservationphotography #womenphotographers #arlainefrancisco #forest #biodiversity #brazil #saosebastiao #cambury #ferns #tropicalforest
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Jim O'Donnell
Ice is the past. at a bare minimum ice is made of water that fell many months ago. more often than not it is water that fell centuries or millennia in the past. that makes ice a time capsule. the streaks and stripes melting from this ice into the rio san antonio are of sand and algae caught up and held at the start of winter. because ice melts it’s can never be the future. it is always the past. san antonio wilderness study area, new mexico.
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Cerro torre, la montaña imposible | the impossible mountain. la historia del cerro torre jamás dejará de ser legendaria. su cumbre es una de las más difíciles del mundo. excelsa, desafiante, elegante, creadora de leyendas. la aguja de granito llamada cerro torre se levanta en el hielo continental y sus 3.133 metros sobre el nivel del mar serán siempre desafiantes. si bien la existencia del fitz roy muchas veces opaca su brillo, el torre supo ganarse su fama de “montaña imposible” a base de desalentar a los mejores escaladores del mundo y convertir hipotéticas victorias en trágicas leyendas en torno a quien conquistó su cumbre por primera vez. cerro torre, parque nacional los glaciares, provincia de santa cruz, patagonia argentina.
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James Hyde
If i had a dollar...
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