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Legs taking a break yesterday, we took a rickshaw taxi to tivoli , 175 years old themepark, beautiful and lovely right in the heart of the city, we were told that walt disney was inspired by it and then built disney 😁 tiring but fun day for all with the boy playing nth times on his favourite roller coaster and galley 🚢. from day to night, we had a whale of a time ! 🤗
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Some creative work in progress. #sorenhertzas #sørenhertzas #workshop #copenhagen #painting #contracting #builder #webuildcopenhagen
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...the last one... 😋
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Ce ciel sur le chemin du travail 😍 ... ça donnerait presque envie de rester dehors s’il n’y avait pas autant de vent 💨 #picoftheday #potd #denmark🇩🇰 #copenhagen #mycity #sky #thatview #wind #timetowork
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C o p e n h a g e n;
our inspiration and our favourite city! we actually met when we were both on an exchange year in copenhagen and the rest is really history. i totally think that you should fill your home with what makes you happy (and candles definitely make me happy) as it really is the most important place in the world. as much as i would still love to stay in different cities across the world, i am also such a home bird. there’s nothing better than getting home, getting your pjs on and cuddling up on the sofa. we hope that once we set off on our handmade candle venture that our range will eventually grow to be able to sell more products we are in love with to be able to share our passion with the world!
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So i think everybody can agree that headlines are important. they attract customers and trigger actions. .
in marketing in general, great copywriting is one of the most desired skills. using the right wording can make up success or failure for an otherwise similar campaign.
but how do you know which words your tribe loves?
i will be talking headlines today in my free facebook live teaching and i will give you a tool that can help you find the exact headline that will make your tribe follow you. .
one of the things you will learn is that there is are different vocabularies to trigger three kinds of emotions: intellectual, empathetic and spiritual.
join me live on facebook at 7.30 pm cet, in my facebook group "glorious course creators hub". .
link is in bio 🌸🎥
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On-going collaboration with the multipurpose space, @kedbeirut since 2017
project - pool industrielle - ked, beirut - 2018

using an approach of set design, the purpose is to create a strong contrast between the space and its urban and industrial surrounding. a playful game of a gateway from the city with a super colorful space and greenery, while in the same time being surrounded with highways and cars.
the colors used are inspired from luis barragan’s work.
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Some more action from the same spots as we posted yesterday - this time by mr. thorpe 👌🏾
fun fact: we were actually part of the winning team for the park project in the second clip (mimersparken), doing the overall conceptual layout and disposition. the actual design and construction was handled by someone else, though! well done on the very unique playground design 👍🏽
#repost @oliver_thorpe
second summer is here and i love it! 🌞🌞
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After work trip to the aquarium.

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