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So happy to have my parkinson's regeneration training ® instructor family in attendance at the 4th annual barefoot strong summit in new york city this weekend.
attend a parkinson’s regeneration training workshop and change lives!
early bird pricing on domestic workshops ends soon.
• chetumal, mexico: 10/20-10/21
• e. brunswick, nj: 11/3-11/4
• london,uk: 11/3-11/4
• paris, france: 11/12-11/13
• scotland:11/17-11/18
• washington dc: 11/17-11/18
• huntington, ny: 12/1-12/2
• houston, tx: 2/2-2/3, 2019
register at link in profile!
attend a workshop and change lives
1.4 nasm/14 afaa cec’s
through hands on application, learn optimal exercises that will help the person with pd to improve:
▪ stability
▪ balance
▪ agility
▪ strength
▪ flexibility
▪ grip
▪ posture
▪ mobility and movement
▪ overall functionality ▪reduce falls
also experience intensive hands-on/interactive learning, including:
* neuropsychomotor training
* vestibular system assessment and reset (to improve movement and strength)
▪ advanced neurological  fall risk assessments
▪ advance myofascial release techniques to improve flexibility and work towards relieving some rigidity
▪ advanced cognitive training / dual tasking / prolem solving training techniques to improve  movement, mobility, overall functionality, and reduce falls
▪ advanced techniques to simultaneously activate visual and vestibular systems while  exercising on a proprioceptively enriched environment (to stimulate deeper  brain activation)
▪ discover the many benefits of group fitness training for the person with parkinson’s
▪ learn dozens of effective group fitness training techniques
▪ the power of music during exercise for people with pd
▪ voice training techniques
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Start the biomechanics method corrective exercise trainer certification for just $99!
network’s popular corrective exercise trainer certification course, the biomechanics method® is now on sale for one week only.
purchase module 1: the fundamentals of structural assessment for only $99 (a saving of up to $160!) or
save $200 off the full course (all five modules).
the biomechanics method corrective exercise specialist certification is the industry’s highest-rated corrective exercise specialist credential. become an expert in corrective exercise today. visit http://bit.ly/tbmm18 for more info (no discount code needed).
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🍑 are you having trouble engaging both glutes? .
🆘 you do countless amounts of repetitions but still feel one glute more then that other, or you can feel either at all. .
🔐 it sounds like a positional issue
◾ trust me, stop wasting your time thinking another 100 reperitions is going to be the solution to finally feeling that glute fire. .
🔐 think of it this way....... your driving a race car on the track at top speed when all the sudden the track becomes grass instead of the typical concrete. do you think that you're going to be able to drive as fast and with the same amount of control as you were when you were on concrete? doubtful, because it's not longer on the same track that it was built to be on. it is the same thing with our muscles. if our muscles and joints are not in the proper position that they were intended to be in then they will no longer be able to generate as much power. .
⚠️ these exercises that i posted are not the entire solution to your positional issue. this is just one thought process that may need to be implemented in order to get that glute to fire. you may need to meet with myself or another practitioner who can give you the tools reposition your hips (im not talking about a chiropractic adjustments) through correctional exercise.
🔅🔅🔅🔅there are so many variables that can directly effect the position of your muscles. next time i can dive in deeper about why your pelvis, rib cage, and the way you breath can directly affect whether you feel your glutes or not🔅🔅🔅🔅
📬 @therehabprocess 📮
📬 @therehabprocess 📮
📬 @therehabprocess 📮
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On sundays i like to reflect on the things that happened in the past week that i'm grateful for... and i must say @danceplacedc @dancemetrodc dance summit is in the top 5 of my gratitude list.

having the opportunity to meet and teach some amazing dancers in my performance enhancement workshop closed off my week on a high note.

thanks to all the dancers that attended and please don't forget to utilize those injury prevention tools.
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Extend your #spine safely and gently with the help of the #oov. available in #hongkong. new stocks here: http://ow.ly/ssw930lubqf

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Started a new job this weekend.💸
bought my first pairs of lulu’s to congratulate myself.
moving in less than 2 weeks. spending this week finishing up packing, and going to start looking for another job for during the week. #adultingsucks jk i’m so pumped to start this new adventure.
what are your plans for the week?👇🏼🖤
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Finally, i have an opening to take on 3 new personal training clients in north york(or greater toronto area)! message me to get started!.
set your appointment with me for a fitness convo and get screened if you want to gain muscle symmetry, bulletproof injury, or enhance performance!
get screened in 15 minutes! you’ll see where your areas of strength/weaknesses are and a simple strategy to get you to your best using convenient online tools and individualized programs fit for you! . .
no this doesn’t mean i’m going to have you do squats on a bosu ball. that’s injury training. functional training = barbell squats! .
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A little trx action 💃💪
try this combo:
neutral grip row (go as low as you can that you can still pull your bodyweight all the way up)
wide row (pretend like you’re carrying a huge box)
kneeling super(wo)man (keep biceps in line with earlobes)
12-15 of each 👏 2-3 rounds .
give it a shot and let me know what you think 🎉
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I see a huge problem with the fitness industry more and more every time i look on social media. far too many practitioners such as personal trainer, physical therapist, movement coaches and other related practitioners in the industry with large accounts continue to overlook root causes and simply address external factors. the two biggest trends i’ve been seeing that need to be brought to attention are these.
1. practitioners telling people there is right and wrong way to move by using these ❌✅ followed by their interpretation of the correct way to move. first off, every single human beings biological makeup is different from the next. this means that no one person will move exactly the same way as the next even if looks so.
2. trainers and therapist giving out corrective exercises for common/popular dysfunctions seen in todays society. there is no such thing as corrective exercise or preventative exercise. strengthening your back will not just make you stand more upright in fact you can cause more disfunction by not addressing the root cause which is your body no longer feeling safe in an upright posture. external force alone will not train your nervous system to feel safe in a particular movements
although we can’t prevent injury we can better prepare our body for any giving demand asked of it. our bodys are made up of tissue all the way down to our bone. the mass majority of neural receptors can be found in our joint capsule. these neural receptors tell our brain that this particular movement or rom (range of motion) is safe or not!
the solution
this is where change truly takes place. deep within the body. we must retrain our nervous system. train our body’s in every available rom we have and continuously expanding on these rom. stop restricting yourself from moving certain ways because your coach says so. our bodys are extremely adaptable to stress which means we can biologically change the way our body perceives what types of movements are safe and not safe. i have so much more to say, unfortunately ig limits the amount of info i can write in here lol please drop a comment or dm me so i can further elaborate on what i mean.
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Hamstring mobility
contract-relax with resistance band

resistance bands are a amazing accessory to your workouts and warmups.🔥 resistance bands give an ascending resistance during the movement and i really like to use
them to help me during bodyweight exercises and mobility drills.🤸

for this exercise we’re incorporating the resistance we get from the band and use it during
the contracting phase of the movement.🏋
contract-relax is a known method of stretching and it is a form of pnf (proprioceptive
neuromuscular facilitation).🔎

contract-relax method is usually done with an isometric contraction but in this case i prefer
to use larger range of motion.💫 you don’t have to go all-out with the hip extension because the contraction only needs
around 20% of force.💪

lay on your back with a resistance band strapped around your foot.
contract your hamstrings by going into hip extension.
relax your hamstrings and let the resistance band pull your leg up into hip flexion and stretch your
try to increase the range of motion with every repetition.
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Hey guys,
📌 here’s what’s on the plate for this week. all four posts planned will be videos rather than my usual blend
🕛 i’m changing things up a little this week based on my schedule and anticipate dropping each post between 7-9pm cst rather than in the morning.
😇 also, my current gym has told me at least twice that i can’t take video there, so the later posts this week will be a little dependent on how sneaky i can be 😂
👍 hope you enjoyed your weekend!
👫 have a friend who could benefit from any of this weeks posts? tag them!
🙋‍♂️any questions or comments? drop them below
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I accomplished two things today: .
1) finally running the #percywarnerstairs - where looks are incredibly deceiving, the incline was brutal in the rain.
2) reaching my toe in a pistol squat- been really working on these. just need to keep working mobility, hammies love to stay nice and tight from lifting 😂
with that said, today was a rainy day and those sometimes get me down. i like the rain, i guess i just don’t like being limited to staying indoors. so i went and played in it! what do you do on rainy days to stay motivated? 😊☔️🌦📚🖍🚴‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️🎥📸🔫

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👉🏽see this? 👅 it means turn sound up 👍🏽⬆️📡. how you perform an exercise or movement can give you a lot of feedback about where you are structurally. that’s why it’s so important to reach the standard of everything you do. oftentimes, an inability to reach the standard is your first clue in how to “fix” it 🛠👍🏽. it’s not uncommon to see external rotation of the femurs in conjunction with glute contraction. it probably comes from a history of deadlifting, where emphasis on the strong hip extension and glute contraction at the top builds strong external rotation of the knees 🍑😱. without an equal amount of work on adduction (let’s face it, what average lifter works on hip adduction? 🤷🏻‍♂️), externally rotates knees becomes the norm. at its worse, bowlegged (genu varum) becomes the norm 🤦🏻‍♂️😫. well at its worse, surgery 🙏🏽🚫. little things like this are why we stress form form form. it’s not to be nit picky. it’s to make sure that a hidden potential future injury reveals itself before it’s too late. please be mindful in your training, check your ego, realize that regressing is a tremendously mature approach to training, and that it will serve you well with all your goals, physical and in life in general 🙏🏽. please know that it comes from a very well intentioned place- train hard, train smart, and be honest with yourself all the time 🙂👍🏽. you’re your own worst enemy, or absolute best friend 🕺🏻. (for full video, visit our facebook page 😎) ______________________________ #selfawareness #christophersommer #gymnasticbodies #gst #bodyweight #mobility #core #correctiveexercise #hipmobility #bodyweighttraining #handstand #yoga #crossfit #health #fitness #workout #train #training #mobility #calisthenics #exercise #gymnastics #adultgymnastics #arlingtonva #alexandriava #northernvirginia #weighttraining #lifestyle #washingtondc #motivation #getstarted
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I have had the privilege of experiencing a lot since i graduated high school. i’ve traveled the country, i’ve met amazing people, and i’ve had countless incredible opportunities.
but, with that—it’s so important to remember where you came from. my mama is the only reason i got into bodybuilding. she’s the one that inspired me to change my career path from criminology to exercise science. without her, i would have had none of the opportunities i do today, i wouldn’t be half the person i am today, and i wouldn’t have found my true passion for life.
living life to fulfill both of our dreams with my mama at my side is how i’ve overcome adversity and struggle through everything in the past 15 months. i miss you a lil extra today❤️
know that i am grateful for your presence in my life and i hope to make you proud every day. #1stphorm #mcsawareness
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First real leg day in over 12 weeks. crazy exactly 12 weeks ago today is when i ruptured my achilles tendon. definitely going to be paying close attention to swelling in my foot and ankle the next few days and that’s going to be my gauge of how i progress each leg session. worked up to 225lbs on stiff legged deads for 2 sets at that weight, getting a deep stretch in the hams and focus on explosion through the hips for more gluteus activation. then went to a front squat, elevated heels as i obviously have lack of rom in my ankle so to correct my slight hip shift to the right, and it also help my gluteus and hams stay in the movement longer by preventing the “booty wink” ! corrective work is so much fun but it’s not fun when you’re correcting your own movement patterns and all you wanna do is get swole 😂! but it’s all up hill from here 💪🏽💪🏽! #crunchfitness crunchseminole #crunchtv #functionaltraining #functionalmovements #correctiveexercise #fitnessprofessional
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🍃fascial stretch therapy &
yoga 🧘‍♀️ are two peas in a pod! 👯‍♀️ 🍃fst releases areas of opportunity locked 🌅
within your muscles & fascial trains. by doing so you can gain all new ranges as well as deeper strength in your flexibility! 🍃bonsai physical wellness provides you with resources to discover all the areas of opportunity within your body. we use of a variety of painless & simple assessment techniques to decipher mobility restrictions.
programming & corrective exercise stretch therapy
are then used release the locked potential.💫
🍃reach your mobility goals by expanding your ranges & setting your body free 🤸‍♂️ 💌 dm or email kari@bonsaipw.ca for questions & bookings ☑️

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