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What did the moon say to the streetlight? make way, i've got it covered. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
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the purpose of art is washing the dust of
daily life off our souls. —pablo picasso
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Dubai & uae!🙌 who do you want to see featured on the site or get involved in a #tdktuesdays event? tag them below!😍👏⁠
we've been checking out abu dhabi-based designer and illustrator @avavictoria.co featured here. we love her cosmetic dispenser packaging study for isla cabana, as well as the beautiful tones and color palettes on her feed 👌⁠
are you in dubai? come hang out! 🙋head to the tdk dubai city facebook group for all the details on next month's #tdktuesdays event or follow the link in bio!⁠
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{ the lord of the rings } • the man who sells the rings at my village street market has crossed the sea on a raft, his skin has been burned by the southern sun and his life has nothing to envy from tolkien's stories. his stall tells a thousand adventures. try reading them in this texture.
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We are back after 3 weeks off!! 😊🙌i am so so so pumped to bring you this new episode!!!
steve jobs famously said “you can only connect the dots looking backward.” and i have to agree. i hated my high school job working at the movie theatre, but it fired me up to take the task of finding a career i was passion about super seriously. i hated my college job at subway but without it i would have never met my wife and deeply essential parter in crime in this crazy creative journey. i hated my early graphic design work i had to do to keep the lights on, but it was those low stakes environments where i experimented in ways i wouldn’t have in my illustration practice that gave me pivotal early style breakthroughs that i couldn’t have had any other way!
what am i saying? that even if you can’t see it now, the path to you achieving your goal is training you to become the type of person that can accomplish it when you get there.
in episode 240 of the creative pep talk podcast i want to share 3 things that help me get back on the path when these obstacles have me stuck!
lots of good feedback on this episode already. hope it fires you up and gives you the exact piece you need for today’s breakthrough!

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Bathroom goals.
rate this design 1-10.
designed by @constantinfrolov.design.
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